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Betixon is one of the newest names in the online slots world, having just been formed in late 2016. Headquartered in Seychelles, the company has created a handful of slot machines, but has made themselves best known for providing a cheap and quick platform solution for operators who want to get a casino working on a budget.

So far, this company has only been able to get their software into a handful of websites, but that’s only natural for such a young firm. Similarly, they’ve only been able to produce a small number of slot machines, but more titles are on the way in the near future.

For now, Betixon offers an intriguing option that has tried to stand apart from the competition not in terms of innovative features or high quality, but rather in terms of affordability. It’s a gambit that could pay off in the world of regulated gaming, where high licensing and compliance costs often deter new operators from entering the market.

A Platform for the Thrifty Casino Mogul

The main offering of Betixon is their software platform, which is designed to host not only their games, but offerings from a variety of third party operators. Created with a mobile-first approach in mind, the software is designed to integrate games that are developed in HTML5, and contains most of the major features you’d expect to find in a backend management system, including player management systems, tournament support, an affiliate program, and promotional offerings.

But that’s not the main selling point that this company promotes. Instead, they speak of accessibility, both in terms of how fast they can get things up and running and the low financial barriers they pose for their clients.

If you look at most companies that offer software systems like this, you’ll see a lot of promises to get sites up and running in months, or weeks. But Betixon goes further than that, claiming they can get their turnkey solution fully functional for a new site owner in a matter of days. That’s an incredibly quick turnaround, one that could help companies efficiently enter new markets at a moment’s notice.

Perhaps even more interesting to potential buyers is the cost. Running an online casino isn’t an inexpensive proposition, and one of the biggest issues in starting up a gaming website is the initial startup costs. According to Betixon, their fees start at just €4,000 – a cost that pretty much anyone who has any business running an iGaming business should be able to afford.

While these are certainly attractive properties to operators, “cheap and fast” may not be the kind of words that inspire confidence in players. Thankfully, the team that works on this software has years of experience in both game and platform development, as well as much of the legal and regulatory background necessary for success in today’s market.

So far, this package hasn’t found itself on a lot of different websites. However, there are examples of sites that have implemented this software already, including Wikiwins.

A Few Slots, More to Come

Like many new software developers, Betixon hasn’t had time to produce a full library of casino games just yet. In fact, it’s not clear that they plan to do this: after all, their platform is their signature product, and if they can integrate third party titles into their system, then they can survive without a diverse collection.

Still, this studio has put forward a small number of their own, original slot machines, and they’ve continued to develop more as time has gone on. These games may be few in number, but they do show some promise and could be of interest of players when they appear on sites alongside better known portfolios.

At the time of this writing, the company boasts four slots creations on their page, with a fifth scheduled to go live very soon. In terms of thematic ideas, these games are rather diverse, but in terms of their gameplay features, they are quite similar. Each is a five-reel slot with dozens of paylines, but few special features: each has a free spins game that offers triple winnings during the bonus feature, and some sort of wild symbol, but that’s about it.

Still, the different themes might be enough to get you to try them all. The Sakura Legend is a sharply animated game that explores Japanese samurai culture over 25 paylines. The latest release, Tales of Alyara, is a 40-line machine that takes a fantasy fairy theme and adds in random wilds at the end of every spin as an exciting twist.

One of the more interesting ideas here is that of Gemonex, a new-age themed machine that combines a galactic setting with crystal symbols that can expand to fill entire reels and make them wild. Finally, there’s the holiday-themed Christmas Tales, a game filled with Christmas music and the kinds of family-friendly elves and candy canes you’d expect to see in an animated holiday special.

At the moment, these are the only slots available in the Betixon collection, though the company says more are under development. At the moment, they advertise no table games, video poker, or other options, and there is no indication that they plan to develop such offerings at this time.

A Small Start for a Promising Provider

At the moment, Betixon doesn’t have much to show for itself in either content or results. With just a handful of games and few sites that use their software, we can’t really talk much about their package in a practical sense, because it hasn’t seen much in the way of real world play just yet.

That said, this is definitely a company that is trying to find a new way to market itself to the iGaming industry, and those efforts have included taking the time to get their products in front of some of their peers: the company attended the Vienna International Gaming Expo 2017, a move that might earn them some new partnerships and clients in the near future.

Today, Betixon is mostly a company with potential, and not one that has all that much to offer the typical player who just wants to try out new and innovative slots. But they’re definitely worth keeping an eye on, as they look to have put together a package that will be alluring to many operators in the years to come.

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