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Ameba Entertainment Provider Review

Ameba Entertainment might only have been founded in 2018, but that does not mean that they are not ready to make an impact in the iGaming industry. Based in Asia, the Ameba Entertainment slots games are aiming to continue expanding so they can bring their games to a wider audience.

Though they are a smaller brand, they have concentrated on ensuring that their games are as well-rounded as possible. Ameba Entertainment slots are constructed from the ground up. This ensures that the math models and coding used are as solid as possible. Overall, this appears to be an incredibly promising brand.

Simple Website, Clear Vision

The Ameba Entertainment website consists of just a single page laying out their key aims. It is available in English and other languages – no doubt to help appeal to multiple audiences above the world. It also gives us a clear indication of the sort of service we can expect from them as a brand. If you are searching for more information about this company, you should hopefully find some of what you seek here.

However, one thing we were disappointed to see is a lack of Ameba Entertainment slots demos. As this is a brand that is very much on the rise, it would be helpful to see and try all the games they have currently made. They have promised some unique features and innovations in their coding, and it would be fantastic to try these upon visiting the website.

The graphics of the games themselves are to a good standard. Everything has obviously had a lot of time and effort put into them. With highly detailed artwork and smooth animations, our experts think that the very best online casinos will want to grab many online slots from Ameba Entertainment as they are released. If this is the standard they have set for themselves so far, they should produce some beautiful games in the future as they maintain it.

Free to Play Ameba Slot Machine Games

Try These Beautiful Slots

Our experts were only able to find one game available for Ameba Entertainment slots free play so far; an inventive 3-reel game called 777. This game has an interesting setting that mixes the best of slots and another famous casino game – poker – to grab the player the best wins.

You don’t need to have played a hand of poker at the latest online casinos to be able to master this slot. Wins in this game are awarded if the symbols meet the conditions for a pair, flush, straight, 3 of a kind, or straight flush. Symbols include all those typically used in a poker game like this.

It is a simple 3-reel slot that still manages to offer plenty of chances to win big. Though it has just the one payline, there is a chance to grab some fantastic wins plus a small fixed jackpot worth up to 777x your total bet. The 777 slot is a fantastic example of what other Ameba Entertainment slot machines could look like, and what they could offer players in terms of both wins and gameplay.

Already a Winner

If you were in any doubt as to the quality of the games from a smaller brand such as Ameba Entertainment, then they are ready to prove you wrong. The Ameba Entertainment games have already won prizes within the industry, with the team as a whole walking away with the Asian Slot Provider of the Year award at the 2019 SiGMA World iGaming Festival. For a brand that is as young as Ameba Entertainment is, it is incredible that they have already achieved an award at this level.

At a prestigious event like SiGMA, there is no doubt that they would have been up against some of the biggest providers in the world. That they were able to compete and win against these providers is no easy feat, and it shows the quality of the games that they are able to produce.

Innovating Mobile Compatibility

This company understands that all games in this day and age need to be mobile compatible; that is why you will find that all of the online Ameba Entertainment slots use HTML5 that is supported by both mobile and PC technologies. However, they have chosen to take it one step further.

Ameba Entertainment is trying to bring together players from everywhere to enjoy their games in new and interesting ways. The primary way they are doing this is through their “Real-Time Tournaments” that could see Player vs Player introduced in a slot format for the first time. PvP does not really exist in the slots industry at the moment, so it will be incredibly interesting to see what form this style of gaming takes. It could be one of the next major innovative steps in the iGaming world.

Eyes on Future Growth

It is clear that Ameba Entertainment has many plans in motion for their future. They are a young brand but an ambitious one. The quality of their games is fantastic, and the innovations they are promising are certainly intriguing. If they can pull everything off, they will have other providers and players alike queuing up to work and play with them.

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