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Treasures of Egypt Slot Machine

Journey to another time and place with Treasures of Egypt, the online video slot where you can play on the reels to win instant cash. 

Well-respected developer MrSlotty has created this game, giving you the chance to explore the treasures that the ancient Egyptians left behind. 

But will you end up finding the buried loot? Here’s a look at Treasure of Egypt… 

Walk with the Pharaohs 

Treasures of Egypt gives you the chance to walk in the pharaohs’ shoes and experience what life must have been life for them many centuries ago. 

Visiting the site of their sacred burials means you could find ancient artifacts, long forgotten. And there's certainly no shortage of precious items as just one quick glance around the screen will reveal. 

The background is made from stone, with the appearance of a tomb that’s been broken into, as shown by the golden sarcophagus lying to the left. The reels are set back into the wall and are surrounded by a myriad of treasures, from the chest lying on the floor to the gold which drips around the room. 

And on the reels there’s just as much opulence, with more than a passing nod to Egyptian culture, which has inspired many slots before. A statue of Anubis, the eye of Horus, a scarab beetle and the Ankh cross are just some of the revered symbols that you’ll find. 

The exotic feel to the game is further heightened by the music, which offers a blend of African and Eastern, perfect for the Egyptian location. 

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Treasures of Egypt

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Tomb of Treasures

There's no doubt that there's plenty of gold and valuables to be found all around, so it’s up to you to check out the paytable to see exactly what you could win on the reels. 

The buttons on the main screen fit beautifully as part of the graphics, rather than being obviously plonked on top. This makes navigation easy and also aids the overall appearance. 

To score a win in Treasures of Egypt you’ll need to match at least three of the symbols on an active payline. You’ll get nothing for a match if it’s not on a payline that’s in play. The more symbols you match the greater your prize will be and you’ll also get more for certain symbols than others. 

The bottom valued prize is just 10 for matching three symbols but the wins start to climb sharply in value with the top prize worth 1,000 for matching five. 

The wild symbol offers the biggest win on the board, a payout of 2,000 for matching all five. However, the wild will also step in for other symbols on the reels, making it easier to match a winning line. The free spins symbol will hand out up to 10 free turns if you land them on an active payline. 

Claim Your Cache

Now that you know exactly what’s up for grabs, it's time to start playing but not before you’ve had the chance to set up your stake. 

The game is played on 25 paylines with up to 100 coins on each line; you can choose to change both of these if you prefer to play with lower amounts. You can’t alter the value of the coin however. 

Playing with fewer paylines means that you’ll have less chances to win, but you will have to spend less on each turn. An alternative would be to reduce the number of coins on each payline; this would give you the same chances of winning but the prize would be lower. Only you can decide what strategy is right for your budget - and you can change it at any time! 

If you’re hoping for a big win, the gamble feature might interest you but there’s a real danger attached to the play. It’s a game of chance and all you have to do to win is predict either the colour or the suit of the card waiting to be revealed. If you win, you’ll walk away with double or quadruple your cash but if you lose, you’ll leave with nothing. A high risk endeavour but one that could win you big prizes in one move, do you dare to make the leap? 

Collect Your Prizes

Treasures of Egypt by MrSlotty is a beautifully designed game with lovely graphics and immaculate attention to detail. Extra features would have made it even more attractive but nevertheless it can still entertain players of all levels of experience.

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