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Spinmatic Slots

Spinmatic is an online casino software provider that specializes in the creation of slot machines, both for the iGaming industry and for land-based retail outlets. The company was founded in 2015, and is based out of Malta, from where they have created a portfolio of about 30 games for their various clients.

So far, this studio hasn’t made much of a name for themselves throughout the gaming industry: it’s hard to find all that much information out there about them beyond what they provide themselves. But that may change in the future, as they’ve done a great job in developing a number of exciting and engaging titles that are among the best looking slots in the industry today.

Take a Spin

Spinmatic is a relatively small company, but they pride themselves on the quality of both their development and design teams. The firm uses these expert teams to help create games that fit the needs communicated by their clients, taking ideas that operators might have and fleshing them out into fully-developed projects complete with stunning graphics and slick animations.

One of the keys to the success of this studio has been their commitment to creating all of their products in HTML5. This has allowed for cross-platform compatibility to be built into their games from the time they are launched. Whether you want to play at an online casino on your mobile phone, or you are in a retail outlet with video lottery terminals, the latest releases are always ready to go for all platforms on day one.

While we noted earlier that this firm hasn’t made many waves, we do know that they’re becoming a more active part of the gaming industry. In 2017, the company had a booth at the Global Gaming Expo, a move that should help them gain a bit more visibility among potential clients – and given the quality of their software package, we think that the more people who see the, the more work they are going to get.

Video Slots

From what we’ve been able to tell, Spinmatic currently work exclusively with slot machines, though that’s hardly unusual: since these are the most common online casino games, it makes sense that many smaller developers would focus on them. This studio has done a masterful job in developing their library of titles, choosing creative, varied themes and exploring them with top-notch graphics that truly express the different styles you would expect from each of these ideas. These games aren’t just clones, all built on the same framework; instead, they are unique creations that do a great job of melding form and function.

One great example is Rooster, a game that takes a different angle on the traditional Chinese-themed slot. Based on the Year of the Rooster, this 243 ways to win machine offers players the chance to win free spins (with egg scatter symbols, naturally), and random prizes during that bonus round if they can find “element stones.”

Other games similarly mix creative ideas with supporting presentation and gameplay elements. Those who love superhero movies and comics will enjoy Real Life Super Heroes, a five-reel, 30 payline game that features a cast of colorful costumed crusaders against the backdrop of a dark and crime-ridden city. If you’re looking for something more fantasy-based, check out Fancy Jungle, a machine filled with some exotic animals who are truly living the high life. And if you’re looking to solve a mystery, try out the adventures of Mr. Hat, with two versions: a creepy unsolved crime in London, or a much sunnier beach destination that might just be a little less friendly than it looks.

Success Seems Almost Automatic

If you want to make a great online casino slot machine, it takes a few things: an excellent base concept, interesting gameplay functions that keep players engaged, and a commitment to a theme that makes the entire machine feel like a cohesive package. What impresses us most about Spinmatic Entertainment is not that they’ve managed to put those elements together once, but rather that they’ve done so time and time again, a rare feat for such a young company.

There’s a good chance you haven’t seen these machines in your favorite online casino lineup just yet, but given how impressed we were with their collection, we’re sure that many operators will want to include these slots in their offerings before too long. And when they do, we think gamblers will definitely want to check out these creative and interesting games, which are strong enough to stand next to the best products in the industry.

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