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NetGame Slots Review

It’s always interesting to see what new providers have to offer, and this is certainly true with NetGame. Based in Kiev, Ukraine, this ambitious provider has made some impressive statements about their games.

Their website is a little sparse at the moment, but it does give you everything you need to know about their games. While most of their social media is also a little underdeveloped, their Facebook is quite active and gives lots of information about recent releases and any conventions they will be attending.

With these starting points, they have a brilliant foundation to add to as they expand their brand. Let’s take a closer look at their games to really understand their work as a provider. A commitment to beautiful graphics, plot-driven games, and fun gameplay shows they have plenty to offer to players.

A Commitment to Graphics

One of NetGame’s key principles is their commitment to HD graphics and this is clear whether you visit their website or load one of their slots. Their animation style is crisp, clean, and incredibly modern and it makes for some truly amazing games.

We love the subtle animation included when you visit their website. Once you visit their homepage you’ll be greeted by an animated header featuring two characters from their Vegas-themed slot.

Smoke coils from the man’s cigarette, the woman’s hair moves as if blown in a breeze, and both characters move very subtly as if they are breathing. In the background, lights glimmer and pulse and help to draw you in. It’s an impressive way to design a website and this detail carries on to each of their games.

Free to Play NetGame Slot Machine Games

Stunning Slots to Suit Everyone’s Taste

NetGame currently has 24 games on the market with several more in development. As one of the newer developers out there, it will be interesting to see what direction they take with their games. So far, NetGame has designed several slots with some of the most commonly occurring themes.

This is a smart move because no matter what a player’s preference might be, be it traditional fruit machines or Egyptian-themed slots, they will certainly find a game they’ll love.

We took a look at one of their most popular games, the Hit in Vegas online slot. The other two principles NetGame has built their company on is immersive plots and thrilling gameplay. Along with their commitment to superb graphics, the Hit in Vegas slot machine certainly meets these criteria.

This is a 5-reel, 40 payline slot, but the bonuses are what make the game entertaining. If you unlock the Bonus Wheel, you could win one of 16 bonus features! With instant wins and locked reels, NetGame has put everything needed to make a great slot in one place.

Another one of their titles is the Asian-themed Magic Dragons online slot. This offers 243 paylines, the chance of triggering six different bonus rounds, and the opportunity to land a Wild multiplier of 30x.

We love the design of everything, from the fearsome dragon masks which act as the game’s scatters to the colorful reels themselves. The dancing dragons in the background also add to the rich atmosphere of the slot. You’ll enjoy a jackpot feature, which is a nice bonus alongside the free spins. Overall, if you are searching for a classic slot in a stunning Eastern setting, you will find it when playing the Magic Dragons slot machine.

When we took a quick look at some of their other games like Golden Skulls and Space Rocks, we see a similar dedication to high-quality games. They have found the perfect blend of design and entertainment needed to create some brilliant games which players will surely enjoy.

Why Should You Play NetGame slots?

If you like innovative gameplay in a highly-detailed setting then you cannot go wrong with any of NetGame’s slots. They have made sure that they have covered all bases and have brought out some seriously impressive games. The graphics are sleek, the gameplay is interesting, and the bonuses help to add something truly special to each different game.

With some other developers, you get the feeling that once you have played one of their games then you have played them all. NetGame has shown that this isn’t the case for them.

They keep the controls the same across all games for a little cohesion but that it is it. When you play one of their games, you know it is going to be unique and very different from the other titles in their library.

Playing on Mobile

In the modern world, more and more players are accessing their favourite games from mobile and tablet devices instead of laptops or desktop PCs. These mobile games need to be programmed differently to function well on these devices. NetGame understands this which is why they have made sure that their games are compatible with various mobile platforms.

They have even gone one step further by making some of these games compatible with Linux operating systems. This opens their slots to new markets and allows them to appeal to people who might not have many options when it comes to playing slots.

Give NetGame a Play Today

Overall, the big let-down with NetGame is their website. They have the basics, but it is just that. Their social media pages are pretty lacklustre, and aside from the detailed graphics, the main website is lacking in features.

We do however appreciate that they have full breakdowns of the games plus free demos. This is an excellent way of testing the games for yourself before you commit to playing one with real money.

It is the games themselves which are the true winners for us, as it should be when discussing slots providers. They are well thought-out and jam-packed with features which we are certain players are going to adore. NetGame has some amazing games on their hands and we think that with the right support, this software provider could go far.

If you are on the hunt for an innovative new game, check out what they have to offer now and keep an eye out for their new releases. With promises of Egyptian and Oriental adventures, we can’t wait to see what they bring out next.

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