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    Logispin Slots

    Boasting of “innovative software development”, Logispin are a confident company with every reason to be cocky. The firm specialises in developing gaming software that’s designed to work at the top level; software that’s scalable, reliable and highly versatile. From sportsbook to casino, Logispin do it all, anchored by comprehensive back office modules, reporting and analytics.

    Mastering each of these gambling niches is a complex and demanding feat. For Logispin to have tackled all three, taking on front and back end functionality and providing complete iGaming solutions, shows that the software firm are to be taken seriously. These cats know what they’re doing and what’s more they’ve got the client list to prove it.

    The Beginnings of Logispin

    Logispin was founded in 2009 as a bespoke software development agency and consultancy. Boasting “over 100 years of combined experience”, Logispin certainly isn’t short of know-how. Its top team of developers, mathematicians, financiers and managers have a wealth of experience to call upon.

    Logispin understand the industry from the inside out, and this nous is apparent in the products they’ve brought to market. B2B is naturally the firm’s target market; primarily operators or would-be operators of betting platforms and virtual casinos.

    What Logispin Can Offer

    As a bespoke software development firm, Logispin can offer everything from turnkey solutions to bespoke software. In other words, if you can dream of it, Logispin can develop it.

    From off-the-shelf gaming platforms to proprietary slots and social gaming, Logispin can handle it all effortlessly – or at least that’s the impression they convey.

    The company specialises in the design of multi-language games that are made to work on multiple platforms. This includes social gaming, for networks such as Facebook, and of course mobile gaming. Wherever and however your customers would like to play – be it for fun or for real money – Logispin can develop a solution to suit.

    Software developers have to be fluent in more than just computer code. In addition to C++ and HTML5, Logispin are fluent in multiple languages and multiple currencies, in keeping with the global nature of web-based casinos and sportsbooks.

    Management Services

    Management is a huge part of running any gambling website, and it’s an area in which Logispin excel. The company’s central customer management system provides operators with all the tools they need to keep tabs on how their business is faring and on how customers are interacting with the site and how they’re spending their money.

    A powerful suite of tools enables webmasters to process payments from multiple sources, operate multi-level affiliate schemes, administer bonuses and engage in customer tracking and targeted marketing. Detailed back office reporting naturally comes as standard.

    Other tools that Logispin’s clients can look forward to include fraud management, data warehouse and API integration with third party software, allowing operators to seamlessly host games from other developers. Auditing and security are also prime provisions that come as standard.

    While Logispin are understandably keen to attract new clients, their duties towards them don’t end when a deal has been inked.

    Logispin’s after-sales team work tirelessly to ensure that high levels of customer satisfaction are maintained across the board. This includes offering to help out with subsequent projects, identifying areas for improvement and troubleshooting problems as and when they arise.


    The sportsbook that Logispin provide is the culmination of years of development. Few software platforms can rival a sportsbook for complexity, including the need to complete thousands of calculations a second in order to process bet levels, live sporting incidents as they happen and countless other variables that can all affect the odds that are offered.

    Thanks to the proliferation of in-play betting, sportsbook management is a dark art that’s not for the faint-hearted. In other words, only the most confident and capable of software developers would attempt to bring a product such as a sportsbook to market.

    Live match coverage is at the forefront of Logispin’s sportsbook. The software the firm have developed allows for hundreds of matches to be covered live, with odds available on everything from the next goalscorer to the next card, free kick or corner.

    Detailed analytics are provided on pitch conditions, form, previous encounters between the two teams and all the other variables that a sports bettor might conceivably want to know.

    Logispin’s system is designed to be able to handle multiple bets and multiple bet types, including high stakes bets, the most desirable type of all from the operator’s perspective.

    Casino Games

    There are two elements to every online casino: the platform that powers it and the games themselves. Logispin’s games platform is designed to give operators the flexibility and freedom to integrate games from the developer of their choosing. Using an API, clients can have 3D video slots, video poker, table games, bingo, scratch games and much more all running off the platform Logispin have developed.

    The client can choose to keep everything in-house, relying on a suite of games that Logispin have provided to run on their platform. Alternatively, they can mix and match, using a combination of Logispin games and third party titles. Logispin’s in-house titles include slots, poker, bingo, live casino and multiplayer games.

    Because they’re a bespoke software house, Logispin are only too happy to customise games to suit the needs of the client. This may be something as simple as adding a custom logo and branding to a handful of video poker games, or it may involve the development of a proprietary game from scratch, complete with graphics and theme of the client’s choosing.

    Back Office Tools

    Regardless of what’s going on in the front end, the back end is where the numbers are crunched and the big decisions are made. It’s essential, from the operator’s perspective, that back office software is easy to use and equipped with all the features that will empower the client and enable them to make informed decisions – decisions that will aid in everything from customer retention to marketing campaigns.

    Logispin have developed an extensive suite of back office modules, any number of which may prove valuable to casino and sportsbook operators. Clients are naturally free to pick and choose the modules they require. While some, such as payment systems and fraud management, will be essential, others, such as API integration with third party software, will be optional.

    Other modules to choose from cover auditing and security, trading console and data warehouse, reporting and statistics.

    Logispin Summed Up

    Logispin are a no-nonsense company that does three essential tasks and does them well. Sportsbook, casino and back office are its domains, and it excels at all of them.

    Whether operating a sports betting site, live/virtual casino or a combination of both, operators can look forward to availing themselves of powerful software that’s been thoroughly tested and been shown to be both reliable and scalable.

    From providing real-time betting odds to facilitating high stake bets, Logispin can handle it all, getting the job done with the minimum of fuss. It’s a similar story when it comes to casino games, whether utilising the company’s in-house poker, bingo and multiplayer titles or introducing third party content, which Logispin’s API can handle. Throw in customisable back office modules that include detailed reporting and statistics and it would be fair to conclude that Logispin have left nothing out.

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