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    Live Sic Bo

    Live Dealer Sic Bo is a classic Asian casino game that can be played online at top gambling sites. The game lets online players gamble against a real-life croupier using real-life dice. There is no computerized RNG, and the action is fun and reliable.

    With Live Sic Bo, you can place bets on your computer but follow the action completely live from a studio setting. You can even chat with the human dealer in real time and ask advice.

    If you are familiar with Craps, Sic Bo is the next best thing. This popular game is played in casinos right across Asia. And if you've never experienced Sic Bo in a live setting, these live casino games put you right in the heart of the action.

    Discover the top Sic Bo live casino rooms. You can watch the game before committing to a bet, and once you're comfortable with the rules take advantage of a super welcome bonus worth real money.

    Find the Top Live Dealer Sic Bo Tables

    Live Sic Bo games vary from casino to casino and developer to developer. Playtech's Live Sic Bo is broadcast live from the firm's Asian studio base, while other developers have in-house broadcasts. Examine our top-rated online casinos today and find a Sic Bo live casino game that's right for you.

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    How to Play Live Dealer Sic Bo

    It's easy to learn Live Sic Bo rules. The game is similar to Craps in that you are betting on the outcome of the roll of dice. However, Sic Bo is much simpler in that there are no complex Come Out or Point rolls as in Craps. Each roll of the Sic Bo dice is independent of one another. Dice are "rolled" using an electronic shaker rather than other players.

    Some developers have dedicated environments for their Sic Bo Live Casino games. A few have real-life tables to bet on positioned in a casino somewhere in the world.

    Table Layout for Sic Bo

    It's good to open a table and scan the layout before you place a bet. The table will be divided into Small bets and Big bets. Players place chips on the outcomes they want to bet on. You can bet on the outcome of two dice, a single number, or a combination of all three dice. You can also play safe and bet on whether the total number rolled is lower or higher than the limits displayed.

    You will also see an on-screen history display of the last few dice rolls, plus any “Hot” and “Cold” numbers that are frequently coming up.

    Placing Bets

    Once you've selected your chips and placed your bets, the dealer will call: “No more bets.” Players only have a limited time to complete their wager. A simple container with the three dice is shaken electronically and a special camera follows the action. The dealer inputs the dice numbers and any winning bets are paid out accordingly.

    Live Sic Bo Odds and Bets for Players

    At a Sic Bo live casino, the game is played with a single croupier and a set of three dice. Before the dice are rolled, players get to place bets on the table layout. Simply select your chip denomination and the bet area you want to place chips on. All good real money online casinos allow a range of stakes on Live Sic Bo. Always check the minimum and maximum wagers in the lobby before you open a table.

    Common Live Sic Bo Bets/Payouts:

    Small/Big Bet (1/1): A Small Bet is on the three dice totalling 4-10. A Big Bet is a wager on 11-17. If the dice are all the same (three of a kind), the bet loses.

    Number Bet (1/1 to 3/1): A bet on a specific number. If one die comes in, you win 1/1. If two dice match your number, you win 2/1, and 3/1 if all three dice match the number.

    Pair Bet (5/1): A bet on one of 15 two-dice combinations. If both numbers appear, you win.

    Total Bet (6/1 to 60/1): This is a bet on the total sum of all three dice. 3 and 18 don't count.
    9, 10, 11, or 12: 6/1
    8 or 13: 8/1
    7 or 14: 12/1
    6 or 15: 17/1
    5 or 16: 30/1
    4 or 17: 60/1

    Double Bet (10/1): A bet on a specific pair appearing (e.g. two sixes).

    Triple Bet (180/1): A bet on three of a kind (e.g. three twos).

    Any Triple (30/1): A bet on any three of a kind appearing, regardless of number.

    Live Dealer Games

    Online Sic Bo vs Live Casino Sic Bo: Know the Differences

    You will find great Live Dealer Sic Bo games at the top-rated casinos on this page. But if you are used to regular online Sic Bo, there can be small but important differences in gameplay.

    Limited Game Time: In online Sic Bo, you are in control of the game. You can take your time placing chips and set the dice rolling when you want. In Live Sic Bo, there isn't that freedom. The croupier handles the action, and when they are ready to roll, you must be too.

    Dealer Interaction: The beauty of Sic Bo live casino games is the human interaction. A live casino version puts you in the heart of the action, and you are free to chat with the dealer and ask questions.

    Choice of Camera Angles: The best Sic Bo live casino software lets you pick your own camera views: zoom into the dice to enjoy a thrilling up-close ride or zoom out for the immersive casino experience.

    Is Live Sic Bo Rigged? Stories of Live Sic Bo cheats are rare in Asian casinos. But with online Sic Bo live casino games, the action is overseen by a trained dealer and a pit boss. There are never any players in the casino environment.

    In the event of a die landing on edge, the pit boss in attendance will order a re-shake of the dice. That's one issue you don't get with classic online Sic Bo.

    Range of Developers: Not every online casino provider spreads a Live Sic Bo game. Playtech has dedicated Live Sic Bo tables while Opus Gaming has a standard version of Sic Bo for live casino play.

    Games can always be found in English, but live dealer providers like HoGaming have tables beamed live from both Manila and Europe.

    Live Sic Bo Strategy & Tips for Gamblers

    Live Sic Bo rules are easy to pick up. But how can you make your bankroll go further? With some good Live Sic Bo strategy, you're well placed to take your money to the next level.

    Hedging your bets is an important Sic Bo tip. A Small/Big, or High/Low, bet is a good way of making long-term gains. They are the most frequent bets to come in and pay 1/1.

    As in roulette, however, don't be afraid to mix things up a little. Consider a large Small Bet while placing a few smaller wagers on 6/15, 5/16, and 4/17. This means you can cover a few high totals if the dice fall the wrong way.

    Get the Best Sic Bo Live Casino Bonuses for Real Cash

    Once you have mastered the Live Sic Bo odds, you are ready to roll the dice. Discover some top sites boasting the best software and put your bankroll to good use.

    Most live casinos online offer good deposit bonuses for players. With a simple deposit, you can get your money matched 100% just for playing your favorite Sic Bo games. Find the right stakes for you at the most reputable casinos. We hope the dice are falling in your favor.

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