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Hacksaw Gaming
Hacksaw Gaming Slot Machines

Hacksaw Gaming is an ambitious young company with goals to rejuvenate interest in some classic online games. Founded in September 2018, they have already managed to produce an impressive games library. They have 30+ scratch card games available to play right now and have recently launched their initial slot game portfolio with a promise of many more to come in the future.

They like to create games with kooky mechanics and massive jackpots to entice players in. Hacksaw is also committed to delivering a high-quality mobile gaming experience. This is a key aim for them and is clearly displayed on their website.

A minor let-down is their website. It consists of a single page. Clicking a link up-top merely bounces you down the page. While they do have social media, it is also extremely underused. Both will need to be improved greatly as Hacksaw gains more attention. However, it is the games which truly shine for this brand. Keep reading to find out what makes them so interesting.

Free to Play Hacksaw Gaming Slot Machine Games

Simple Graphics and Mechanics

From the moment you visit Hacksaw Gaming’s website, you will be greeted with bright colors and simple cartoons. This is a real throwback compared to the 3D slots favored by many other providers. Their cartoon characters are simply drawn. They are very reminiscent of characters from some of the TV shows many players would have loved as children. For example, their character Canny the Can from the Stick ‘Em! slot game would not look out of place in a Mickey Mouse short.

Their designs are memorable and help them to stand out in the saturated slots market. While there is always going to be room for crazy games with over-the-top graphics and bonuses, there is also room for simple games with clean graphics.

The choice of scratch card games over slots for their initial releases is also intriguing. It is a smart strategy since scratch games do not take as much time or resources as slots. This helps to account for why Hacksaw Gaming has been able to produce their games library in such a short amount of time. They have been able to build themselves up as a brand first. With a reputation established, they can now begin to focus on slots content alongside their scratch cards.

Scratch Cards and Slots

Hacksaw Gaming has produced many games so far. The most interesting of these is Shave the Beard.

When you launch this scratch card, you are greeted with a cartoon man with a Santa-like beard. If you are playing on a computer, you will notice that the cursor has become a razor. To see if you have a win, you need to shave the man. The winning numbers are hidden under his hair.

This is a simple mechanic but the execution is extremely fun. Although the razor does not appear on mobile, you still remove his hair in the same way. It can be quite amusing trying to remove the beard in a funny pattern. A twist on simple mechanics like this shows how innovative Hacksaw can be.

The winnings for Shave the Beard range from 0.50 credits to 50,000. Their inclusion of a jackpot is generous and helps to motivate players to try the game. Instant win games like this are incredibly popular and they have a loyal audience.

Stick ‘Em! is Hacksaw Gaming’s first slot game release. It is a simple 5-reel slot with the signature cartoon style Hacksaw has chosen to use. The game features free spins and a bonus game featuring a prize wheel. There is also the chance to win 2048x your initial bet if you manage to land the high-paying Thumbs Up across all 20 of the symbols. To help you do so, the Thumb becomes sticky and you will earn free respins as you try to collect them.

While the slot does not have any amazing ground-breaking gameplay, it is a fun start. It helps to establish Hacksaw Gaming as a brand which can make good slots. Many players will be happy to give this game a spin.

In the past few months they have introduced a small collection of POCKETZ series slots which they have optimised for mobile play, featuring the signature colourful, quirky feel of their past work, Cubes and Om Nom, to name a couple, are free slot machines that carve a space for themselves among other 3D games with unique features and original accents giving these games and edge. Some features include the expanding reels on Cubes where you start with a 5x5 reel, and could move up to an 11x11 reel with every win, and the random mystery symbols in Om Nom that could multiply your wins by up to 100x.

With an already solid track record and innovative games under their belt, we can expect to see more great games from Hacksaw Gaming in the future.

Strong Collaborations from the Start

One of the most difficult parts of launching a slots game can be finding a place for it online. Hacksaw has managed to solve that by selling exclusive rights to Stick ‘Em!. If you wish to try this game, the only place you will be able to play it for real money is currently at the LeoVegas online casino. They are one of the top online casinos. For Hacksaw Gaming to secure an exclusive agreement with them for their first slot shows that this company has a product worth investigating.

If you prefer their scratch cards, you can find them at the Wildz online casino. This is another brilliant partnership. Operators are happy to work in collaboration with this brand. As they attract more clientele, they will be able to build an even better reputation than the one they currently have.

A Commitment to Mobile Innovation

Hacksaw Gaming has one very clear aim. They want all of their games to be mobile compatible. They also admit that, while other developers claim to be interested in pursuing this, there is still a lot of development to be done.

Scratch cards are the perfect opportunity for innovation in mobile gaming. The scratching movement lends itself well to a touch screen. Hacksaw Gaming has the opportunity to pull ahead of their competition if they can focus on innovation in this sector. Big slots developers like NetEnt have made their mark by pushing revolution in mechanics. Hacksaw Gaming should look to these brands as examples as they expand.

Watch out for This Company

Hacksaw Gaming may have started as a scratch card developer but they are clearly ready to move into the world of slots. They have a clear aesthetic for their games. This will help to build them into a recognizable brand. Since they started in scratch cards, they also have some experience of reaching out to online casino operators to strike deals. Their collaboration with LeoVegas is extremely impressive for such a young brand. If they can find other similar deals as they produce games, they will do well.

With some changes to their website and social media strategies, they can start to improve their reputation with players. This will allow them to build up some of the brand recognition they deserve. It won’t be long before we see more slots coming from Hacksaw Gaming. Make sure you give them a spin; you don’t want to miss out on these games!

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