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BetConstruct Slot Machines

A single platform, unlimited opportunities. That’s the motto of BetConstruct, a company whose slick website suggests that they know how to sling a few lines of code together.

Betting products are naturally their speciality, but the firm also deliver gaming products, data feed solutions, retail solutions, gaming management systems and a bunch of other services that pertain to gambling in all its many forms.

BetConstruct don’t look like they’re struggling for customers, but they do look like they’re keen to attract new customers all the same. Visitors to their website are invited to start a 30-day free trial, while a live chat box will initiate conversation within 30 seconds of alighting on their homepage.

BetConstruct Products

Sign up for the free trial and you’ll be able to put BetConstruct’s many products through their paces before deciding whether they’re worth subscribing to. You don’t have to select all of their products of course; options include fantasy sports, native iOS and Android apps, live scouting data service and live sports video streaming.


BetCloud is a service that gives BetConstruct partners a means of sharing revenues by accepting large bets from high rollers. Become a BetCloud partner and the benefits are substantial, including of course the increased revenue that comes from being able to accept such hefty bets. It also opens the door to new revenue streams.

Operators can also manage the level of risk that they are comfortable with taking on. Because of the way BetCloud operates, the expenses associated with losing bets are handled directly by BetCloud.

How does it all work? Essentially, the scheme sees partners share the risk that comes with taking on larger bets, without the exposure. In return, there’s the option of acquiring bets that are sold by other BetCloud partners. The beauty of BetCloud is that it results in having to pay out on fewer winning bets. All BetConstruct partners can sign up for BetCloud and look forward to pooling their resources and boosting their revenue.

Skill Based Games

Skill games naturally attract players who are tired of spinning reels and leaving their fortune entirely down to chance. Games like Backgammon, Belote and Chinese Poker introduce an element of skill, giving good players a slight edge over the house, while still ensuring that games remain profitable for casino operators.

BetConstruct develop skill games software that provides a refreshing alternative to conventional games. The number of skill games that BetConstruct supports is steadily increasing and each of which provides a way to boost revenue.

Operators can fully customise the design of each skill game and activate features that include monthly tournaments. Skill games can also be released as iOS, Android or Windows compatible smartphone apps.

Chinese Poker is probably the most popular skill game that BetConstruct offer. Particularly feted in the South American and Eastern European markets, it includes four versions of Chinese Poker.

Other options include Belote, a card-based skill game that’s particularly popular in Armenia of all places. BetConstruct provides both open and standard variants of the game and allows for tournament play. There’s also Deberc, the Russian version of Belote, and Backgammon which is available in seven variants.

Fantasy Sports Software

Fantasy sports – soccer; baseball; American football – have gone from hobby status to serious business, with major money at stake. BetConstruct’s fantasy sports software allows operators to turn a profit while also giving players the realism and complexity they crave.

The firm’s software incorporates all manner of features including KYC and geolocation services. Payment gateway integration provides support for the likes of PayPal, MasterCard and Visa. Players can look forward to accessing live injury and sports news data along with statistical data. The service can be delivered by desktop, but there’s also the option of creating a bespoke Android or iOS app.

Financial Betting Software

Financial betting is an industry that hasn’t attracted much attention, at least not at web-based casinos and sportsbooks, but that trend is slowly starting to change and companies like BetConstruct are partially responsible. It all sounds so simple: bet on whether an asset market is going to rise or fall, and pocket the profit.

In reality, of course, the markets are never that easy to predict, and from the operator’s perspective, that’s where the money lies. BetConstruct’s financial betting software allows bettors to enjoy all the excitement of playing the financial markets without the learning curve that is normally commensurate with such a venture.

Features that come as standard with BetConstruct’s financial services software include access to over 35 asset markets. Betting time ranges can be set between 5 minutes, 1 hour, and 2 days, and odds can be set between moving, range and static. As the global markets shift, BetConstruct will provide detailed feeds that enable players to bet accordingly. There’s also an early cash out facility.

Gamblers who are familiar with the concept of binary and spread betting will have no trouble in getting to grips with BetConstruct’s financial betting software. The stocks that are available include major companies such as Rolls Royce, Coca Cola, IBM and Apple.

Casino Suite Software

BetConstruct’s casino suite software allows operators to add over 3,000 casino games to their site including titles from major suppliers. The software is designed to work as well on mobile as it does on desktop and includes a number of innovative features. A powerful graphics engine and 3D animation allows games from the likes of NetEnt and iSoftbet to run smoothly and exactly as their operators intended.

Back office reporting and monitoring tools come as standard, ensuring that operators have all the tools they need to optimise their casino and maximise profits.

BetConstruct also supply live casino software, which operates quite differently to the regular casino software, not least because of the need to provide high quality streaming. BetConstruct’s live casino software allows for games to be streamed around the clock, while the interface creates a thoroughly convincing real casino vibe.

With live chat enabled between dealers and players and life-like sound effects and animations, BetConstruct’s live software is some of the best on the market. It’s ideal for betting shops and land-based casinos just as much as virtual casinos. It can also be tailored for mobile users. Live games that BetConstruct cover include baccarat, keno, poker, blackjack and roulette.


What on earth is OGWIL? It’s an acronym that stands for Online Guaranteed WIn Instant Lottery. It’s a hugely enjoyable casino game developed by BetConstruct.

The chance-based game, whose concept is simple, nevertheless has enough appeal to retain player interest. Is there a prize concealed beneath the box? There’s only one way to find out.

There’s the potential for players to win the top prize with every single ticket they purchase and consolation prizes for players who reach the higher levels but fail to walk away with the top prize. OGWIL can be offered by casinos as a standalone game or as part of a rewards scheme for members, who can claim a free ticket every time they make a deposit.

Final Thoughts on BetConstruct

It’s rare to see a company tackle so many problems simultaneously and to overcome them so effortlessly. There are few niches of the gambling industry that BetConstruct haven’t dabbled in. From poker software to sportsbook and from financial betting to virtual sports, this sizeable and multi-layered company does it all.

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