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AUXO Game Slot Machines

AUXO Game is a Hungarian company that designs, develops and manufactures a range of gaming cabinets for land-based casinos, while also creating the slots, card and Poker games that are played on them. They promise an increased level of security with their products, which guarantee that casino operators or any establishment that features their machines, will be paid accordingly, with a stable income from each machine paid out over a long term.

It’s part of the larger BerkoTech Kft company that was founded in 2006 by experienced IT professionals and describes itself as a leading software vendor for the casino business in Hungary. There are thousands of BerkoTech machines in use around Europe, all using the AUXO Game slot machine board, which fits into the cabinets and brings an exciting collection of slots and more to players across the continent.

While AUXO Game claim that the control board is cheaper than many rivals, they also state that it’s perfectly reliable, which is perhaps a bold claim, but they invite visitors to their website to get a quotation from them, and we certainly haven’t heard of any issues with the control equipment. One missing factor however, is that the AUXO Game board, by its very nature, is exclusively for use in gaming cabinets and the slots that are played on these machines are not available to those of us who like to access games online or on mobile devices.

It’s a pity, because some of these are quite entertaining slots, in a somewhat basic way, but each comes with some interesting bonus features, nice styles, popular themes and good returns to players. They come in multiple languages, accept multiple bet sizes and currencies, while all being licensed to local standards, depending on where the machine is based, which ensures that payouts are fair and that results are always generated at random.

Free to Play AUXO Game Slot Machine Games

A Review of some AUXO Game Slots

There’s already lots of slot machines themed around ancient Egypt, but always room for one more, and Amon’s Table is a classic game that features as many temples, pyramids, pharaohs and scarab beetles that you can shake a sceptre at. It’s a 20 payline game where the symbols are laid out over 5 reels, and the design details extend to the golden masks and decorative columns that sit to either side of them.

The Pharaoh is a wild symbol and the stone tablet is a scatter icon that takes players to 10 free spins. A special bonus symbol with be designated throughout the extra games and once it’s been seen enough times, a multiplier award is paid out on top of any winnings in the free spins round. If the letters T A B L and E are seen across the reels in any spin, punters are shown a number of headstones which they can pick from to reveal further multiplier awards.

Funny Bugs is filled with lots of cartoon critters like caterpillars, ladybirds and beetles, which stop across the 5 reels and 20 lines, awarding some fun bonus rounds. The Beer Bonus game awards prizes of up to 10x the stake when the right glasses are picked from the bar, while a Darts Bonus returns prizes when virtual darts are thrown at the board, awarding multipliers of up to 7x the triggering bet amount.

Asian themed slot games are another popular attraction, and China Magic sees characters in traditional costumes helping to trigger a free spins feature where a random symbol acts as an extra scatter. When it appears in any places, the win is multiplied by the number of scatters seen, and as it will expand across any reel it’s stopped on, you could get a big multiplier award. There’s also a separate bonus round that starts when the word CHINA is seen across the game. In this feature, players pick from 8 treasure chests, collecting prizes until an empty chest ends the game.

AUXO Game Board

To play these games, we need a game board, and the ones provided by this company are promoted as stable, reliable and flexible enough to be programmed with the choice of games specified by the customer. There’s a couple of different game packs available across Europe that feature their most popular slots as well as Poker, Roulette and Blackjack, while clients in the Romanian market will be able to order the Craxos game pack, which features a smaller range, but all licensed for local players.

The specifications for the AUXO Game board sound very impressive, with dual video outputs, stereo audio outputs with built in speakers, Ethernet and USB connections for the maximum flexibility, along with a modular design that can be adapted to suit local regulations of preferences for games. It’s manufactured in Hungary to exacting European standards and meets all the safety, legal and licensing requirements in place across the EU. The actual cabinets are also manufactured within the BerkoTech group.

AUXO Game claim that their machines will reliably reward players with high returns, while also providing the site that host their machines with a steady monthly income that’s stable, predictable and can be paid out for many years. The software records statistics, keeps records of each spin, or card dealt, can be configured to show players the many games on offer and has an interactive graphical menu for operators and punters.

Supported peripheral equipment includes coin hoppers, banknote validators and touch screens, with clients able to design their cabinets in just they way that they want. It seems to be a winning combination for everyone, with players getting a good choice of fair and reliable games, operators receiving a steady return from the cabinets and AUXO Game profiting from the thousands of machines in place at casinos, bars, arcades and gaming halls across Europe.

Our Thoughts on AUXO Game

The software behind the games certainly seems to be highly regarded and although we couldn’t play online for real cash, the games can be tested via the AUXO Game website and provide a great mix of style, features and popular themes. There’s a few Roulette and card games to give punters even more choice and while the range of slots isn’t massive, it’s certainly adequate for people who are visiting a casino and want to try out a few rounds on rewarding games.

If there’s any issues for us, it’s the fact that English clearly isn’t the first language of whoever wrote the website and translated the paytables of the slots, but it’s better than my Hungarian and still quite readable. It’s just a pity that the range isn’t available to play at a real online or mobile optimised casinos, as there’s got to be opportunities for AUXO Game to extend the popularity of their titles into the virtual world.

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