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Arcadem Provider Review

Arcadem is an incredibly young provider, having been founded in 2020, but they have all the tools they need to offer some great games that casinos everywhere are going to love. They are based in Malta which gives them access to many of the other top developers and the chance to build some great connections.

As they grow, it will be interesting to see how they create a wider brand. Their first game is already polished and fun to spin. If they can continue to build and expand the existing library of Arcadem slots games, this is definitely going to be a brand to watch.

High-Quality, Detailed Graphics

The Arcadem site is the first indication that this is going to be a high-class brand. They have some Arcadem slots demos to help people who are new to their brand to discover their games. Meanwhile, the layout of the wider site makes it easy to explore.

They keep Einstein’s philosophy of “Creativity is intelligence having fun,” at the center of the business and this can clearly be seen in their site and gamer design. Out of the planned Arcadem slot machines, only one is currently live. This pulls on cyberpunk themes to great success. Anyone familiar with the genre will recognise it instantly, and it sets a brilliant precedent for what this provider might be able to achieve in the future.

Free to Play Arcadem Slot Machine Games

Step Into the World of the Samurai

Though there might be many online slots from Arcadem currently in development, the only one they have released thus far is the Neon Samurai Kawa slot. This is a beautiful 5-reel game and it makes for the ideal debut for a brand.

First of all comes the symbols. All of the symbols have been beautifully decorated – even the lower-paying ones like 10 or Q – and this level of detail will prove to be very attractive to the best online casinos.

The choice to make a cyberpunk game is also incredibly interesting. Many brands choose to pick something a bit more typical like a pirate-themed game, or an Irish one for their first. That the first of the online Arcadem slots fits into a niche genre is a bold move. It helps to showcase the amount of passion behind each and every project, and it makes our experts interested in what might be coming next.

The bonus features included in the Neon Kawa slot are pretty standard – free spins, sticky wilds, and a gamble game to name a few – but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t well-designed. Overall, this is a brilliant slot game. If the other Arcadem games are half as good as this, we can expect them to be a stellar brand that enjoys a lot of success.

Well-Placed for Connections

As a newer brand, Arcadem has not had the opportunity to strike out and make some of those key industry connections that are so important in a brand’s initial growth publicly. Of course, our experts also have no idea what is happening behind the scenes.

What we do know is that the founders of Arcadem both have a lot of knowledge and experience from working in the iGaming industry before. Though they have yet to announce anything, we would love to see a big collaboration with another developer. Games like these get to pull on the expertise of both companies to make something really unique.

If the game artists of Arcadem got to create a slot with a company that specialises in unique gaming engines like megaways, it could make for a really special game. Our experts will certainly be watching closely for any such announcements.

Keeping Mobile Gaming at the Forefront

One important thing to note about the Arcadem slots is that they are all mobile compatible, and they always will be. It is incredibly important to this slot developer that they ensure that their games can be played across all devices.

In this day and age, there are some players who like to use their smartphones, while others still prefer to sit at a laptop or desktop to play. There is no knowing how a player might want to access a game, so it is incredibly important that this infrastructure is in place to help them.

By ensuring that all Arcadem slots online can be played on any device, the owners are casting the net wide so as many players as possible can try their games. For a young brand like this, this is an excellent move to make.

A Brand Destined for Greatness

Though they have only released one game so far, our experts are certain that Arcadem is going to be able to propel themselves upwards to become a very well-known and well-respected slots company. The one game they have released so far is impeccable and offers a great insight into what they can offer as a brand. With more games on the way, we can only hope that they will be able to keep up the standard they have already set themselves. Check out what they have to offer players now!

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