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Omni Slots

Omni Slots is a smart looking online casino that’s stocked with an excellent range of games from top software developers. Slots are naturally its strongest suit, and the site is home to some majestic titles from the likes of NetEnt,Microgaming and BetSoft.

But Omni Slots is more than just another casino serving up third party games – the site also offers the discerning player something unique: games that can’t be found anywhere else on the web. To all intents and purposes, these games fall under the banner of being Omni Slots-exclusive, with the online casino serving as the slots’ de facto developer and overseer.

All of these exclusive games have a number of elements that make them desirable over and above their scarcity. Like all of the games to be found at Omni Slots, these offerings are designed to work in-browser and on mobile. Forget wasting time with downloading software to your desktop PC; these babies work straight out the box thanks to the wonder of HTML5.

Given that Omni Slots’ proprietary games are rubbing shoulders with stunning 3D slots from the likes of NetEnt, you’d expect these games to offer something special, if only so that they don’t get shown up. As it turns out, all 5 of these Omni Slots games boast a range of admirable features, from clean, sharp graphics to interesting themes.

Omni Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

The Famous 5

The 5 games to be found at Omni Slots and Omni Slots only are as follows: Powerwin, Lucky Chips, Wild Runner, Super Chips and Omni Spinner. While the latter title is clearly an Omni Slots branded game, the others are less obvious.

Make no mistake, though, each one bears the hallmarks of being an Omni Slots product through and through. Oddly, Omni Slots hasn’t made a big deal of its proprietary games, with precious little in the way of identifiable information to be found on its website. Indeed, most players will probably play these slots with no idea of their provenance or of just how scarce they are.

Lucky Chips

The first of Omni’s proprietary slots is Lucky Chips, a 3-reel effort that features classic fruit machine symbols: cherries, BARs and bells, with poker chips thrown in to lend the game its casino theme.

Three-reel slots are in short supply these days, not least because most players prefer the afforded opportunities for scoring winning combos that 5-reelers present. Of course the RTP is the same regardless of whether you’re playing a 3 or 5-reel effort, but with more screen real estate to stare at, 5-reel games feel more entertaining. For retro nostalgia, however, 3-reel games are where it’s at.

The theme and layout of Lucky Chips may be old-skool but the graphics are anything but. Glossy, detailed and pretty darn gorgeous, they’re way better than anything you’d have found on a pub fruit machine 20 years ago.

Anything you win on the reels will be calculated by multiplying your win times the bet, which can be set at anywhere from 20 to 2,000. The entry level symbols are cherries, with a 1x multiplier (so no multiplier in other words), followed by any combination of BARs, which feature a 2x multiplier. At the opposite end of the pay scale, 3 triple BARs in a line will land you a 40x multiplier. In between, there are bells, poker chips and double BARs to collect.

In action, Lucky Chips proves to be surprisingly fun for a simple 3-reel game. The reels land with a satisfying thud that faithfully evokes the behaviour of the old-skool slots of yore.

Super Chips

Super Chips takes all the elements that characterise Lucky Chips and doubles them – literally. Instead of 3 reels, you’ve now got a pair of 3-reel layouts to choose from. Play with one of them or select Start Double to fire all 6 reels at once. The game allows you to switch seamlessly between spinning the left reels, spinning the right reels or spinning both sets at once. Any time you notch a win, select Collect Credits to add it to your balance.

The game symbols are the same as those found in Lucky Chips: BARs, cherries, poker chips and bells, but with twice the screen space to stare at, there’s a whole lot more to take in. While the sheer amount of information to take in can be somewhat overwhelming – the controls at the bottom of the screen form a dizzying array of flashing buttons – it’s a simple game to get the hang of, and one where there’s always something happening. It’s a shame that the paytable below the reels takes up so much space, but that’s the way it often was with old-skool fruit machines. In that respect, Super Chips is merely according to tradition.

Omni Spinner

Lest its name didn’t make it apparent, Omni Spinner is another proprietary game that can only be played at Omni Slots. This one takes the double 3-reel layout of Super Chips and flips it, placing the paytable at the top of the screen and the reels at the bottom.

Once again, the playing symbols are comprised of fruit primarily, with cherries as usual occupying the bottom rung on the ladder and triple red 7s claiming the penultimate spot. At the top, gold BARs are the ones to pray for.

One of the reasons why the paytable is so large is because it has separate columns detailing the value of each symbol depending on whether the bet is set to 2, 5, 10, 20 or a maximum 40. With the bet cranked to the max, 3 gold BARs will notch a win of 2,000. The sound effects in the game are as bleepy and non-offensive as you’d expect of a retro-style slot and the graphics are sharp and detailed.

The background image, featuring a blurred shot of a fruit machine gallery in a casino, is particularly impressive, making it feel like you’re really playing at a fruit machine terminal instead of a computer screen.

Wild Runner

Wild Runner is another Omni Slots game you won’t find elsewhere. It’s modelled in a similar fashion to Lucky Chips, only this time the 3 reels are complemented by a fourth ‘ghost reel’. This one’s blanked out, at least until such a time as you can activate the wild symbol that will bring it to life. That’s when the real fun and the real money commences. Till then, just keep spinning those reels and scoring fruit-based wins of all kinds – 3 cherries; 3 melons; 3 of all the fruit symbols that have always been found on classic fruit machines.

The second most valuable symbol is red 7s, reach of which will secure a 40x multiplier, while at the top of the chain it’s gold stars, 3 of which are worth 150x your bet.

Have a Spin with Omni Slots

Powerwin, Lucky Chips, Wild Runner, Super Chips and Omni Spinner aren’t life-changing games that promise the last word in gameplay and immersive entertainment. They’re pretty capable efforts nonetheless however. Given the preponderance of Starburst, Motorhead and Cleopatra slots to be found cluttering up the bulk of online casinos, it’s refreshing to encounter a handful of games you don’t see every day. Whether or not these titles justify creating an account at Omni Slots is debatable.

What can’t be disputed is that each of these games offers something different, and as any longstanding video slots player will readily attest, different is good. Different is a relief.

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