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TrueLab Games
TrueLab Games Provider Review

The iGaming market is booming with talented companies keen to show off everything they have to offer recently. TrueLab Games is no exception to this. Based in Malta, this ambitious young company is here to offer stunning new games to players. They have already established a clear artistic style and they are ready to incorporate it into their games. So far, there are seven online slots from TrueLab Games available to play but they have another 15 already in development. 

With a clear commitment to great games and mobile compatibility, we think they have lots to offer players. Keep reading to find out more about our thoughts on TrueLab Games slot provider!

A Clear Aesthetic

Overall style can make or break a slot. That is why TrueLab Games slots have a clear and cohesive aesthetic running through them. Regardless of what the theme of the game is, it will have the same design style as another. This is fantastic as it allows the team to create an instantly recognizable aesthetic. As they grow as a provider and attract new players to online TrueLab Games slots, players will be able to identify them from the style of the slots alone. This is a great motif to have, especially if they have plans to work in collaboration with some of the other top game providers out there, as it will allow them to put a clear stamp on their work.

Free to Play TrueLab Games Slot Machine Games

Games Across All Genres

With such an interesting library of games, we had to dive in and see what TrueLab Games slot machines had in store for us.

Robbie the Illusionist Online Slot

The first game we tried was Robbie the Illusionist. This game might appear to be your standard magic slot until you notice the titular Robbie is a swordfish and his audience is filled with other aquatic creatures. This is a beautiful 5-reel slot with 27 paylines.

Lower-paying symbols are the card suits whilst higher-worth symbols have been designed exclusively for this game. They include a rose, a paper crane, a deck of cards, a magic wand, and a green note. The wild and bonus scatter are one and the same, and it features a swordfish joker. Land up to 10 free spins when you land a wild in combination with high-paying symbols. While the free spins play out, the wilds will move randomly around the reels between spins.

You can also activate the free spins through the hat scatter. Land three of these symbols to either kick off 8 free spins or land an instant win of up to 3000 coins.

Chain’s Code Slot Machine 

The other game we tried was Chain’s Code. While this is not a traditional slot, it is a quirky game well-worth checking out. The mascot for this, Chain, is an adorable robot who can be seen in some of the other TrueLab Games slot machines. The play takes place on a small device with a row of six numbers. Pressing play will send the numbers spinning and how they land will affect your win. A single pair is all that is needed to grab a win, but 6 matching digits could grab you 100x your initial bet and all 7s will grab you the jackpot win of 2500x your initial bet! To cap it all off, there is a simple gamble game. Increase your win by guessing whether the next number in the sequence will be odd or even. 

Ready for Everyone

Many slots developers are focusing on mobile compatibility development and TrueLab Games is one of them. Their games are all compatible with HTML5 and mobile play across a range of devices. Most of the best online casinos have a strong commitment to mobile play. To make their games as attractive as possible to both players and platforms, TrueLab Games must continue to provide high-quality mobile games.

Not Just Slots

One factor that helps TrueLab Games stand out from the crowd is their development of other games. From the TrueLab Games slots demos, our expert reviewers could tell that they are always going to produce amazing slots. However, games like Chain’s Code show that they are capable of developing more than just slot games. These innovative games help to keep the industry fresh and interesting. We are always excited to see new ways to play and we cannot wait to see what TrueLab Games comes up with next.

A Brand to Watch

Overall, this is an amazing brand. TrueLab Games slots games are innovative and feel different from any we have encountered so far. Their beautiful graphics draw players into the game, but it is the gameplay that keeps our interest. Whether it is a traditional slot or some fresh style of play, the games from TrueLab Games are a fantastic experience. They have all the tools they need to begin to expand and establish themselves as top games provider. With new games on the way, we cannot wait to see what they have to offer.

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