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Spieldev (Vibragaming) Slot Machines

Spieldev (rebranded to Vibragaming in 2020) is a fledgling online casino software provider that has just begun to produce slot machines for online gambling sites. Formed in 2016, the studio is based out of Argentina and has specialized completely in slots, having yet to branch out to any other part of the gaming world.

According to the company, they were founded by a team of expert developers who had a particular goal in mind when they started producing iGaming products: to find the “something special” that could help make their games truly unique and stand out from the massive crowd of titles that are released every year. They strive to challenge themselves, bringing exciting new games to the market that satisfy players on every level, from the visual and sound design to the intricacies of their gameplay. They also describe themselves as perfectionists, which definitely shows when it comes to their work.

Small Studio Thinks Big

Because they’re not a major provider just yet, Vibragaming hasn’t been able to create the kind of gaming portfolio that could support an entire casino, nor build out a platform designed specifically to bring their games to clients. Instead, they’ve worked to develop partnerships that will allow their games to be distributed to the iGaming world, allowing their smaller team to focus on creating the best slots possible.

The first partnership that the studio has fostered is with Leander Games, an established provider that has been bringing games to top casino sites for several years now. Through their LeGa remote gaming server, they deliver content to clients that include many of the biggest names in online poker, sports betting, and Internet casinos. From the perspective of Vibragaming, this is an arrangement that allows their games to appear at top tier operators without having to make individual agreements with each site, a huge win for a new provider that is still getting their feet wet in the industry.

Slots First, Nothing Second

When it comes to their portfolio, Vibragaming is fairly one-dimensional. Right now, they’re only focused on making the best online slot machines they can, rather than delving into other aspects of the industry (or even other related areas like video poker or table games). While this limits exactly what they can offer to their clients, it means they can focus on truly mastering one area of the business, and providing the best experience they possibly can for players.

This shows when you start to look into their first couple of releases. Not only are the graphics top notch, but the developers have taken the time to make sure they these games work on as many operating systems as possible. Each machine is available for play not only on your desktop computer, but also on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. For the handheld versions, the game will work in both portrait and landscape mode, with each perspective featuring a slightly different layout that will allow as much information to appear on the screen as possible without making the screen look cluttered or difficult to navigate.

Video Slots

At the time of this writing, Spieldev has only released two games, but video slots – a limited collection, to be sure. But despite the lack of quantity, we already feel like we have a pretty good idea of what this company is all about. Both of their initial rollout titles feature cutting-edge graphics and slick animations, which comes as a pleasant surprise from a brand new provider. The presentation of these games really shows off the commitment to perfectionism shared by the team at this studio, as their creations can easily fit in quality-wise with games from much larger suppliers.

The first of these games is known as Codex Jackpot. The entire machine is set up to look like something out of The Da Vinci Code, a puzzle that must be solved in order to unlock some incredible hidden secret. In fact, this five-reel, 20-payline slot even features a bonus game where you’ll have to unlock a coded box known as a Cryptex to discover additional prizes. With a steampunk aesthetic and several multiplier wilds that can appear on the reels, this is a great combination of presentation and substance.

That pattern appears to be continued in their second release, Fruity 7. This time, the product is designed to appeal to traditional players who long for the days when slots were all about fruits and other standard symbols like sevens and bells. That said, this isn’t a virtual version of an old mechanical stepper that you might find on a casino floor. This is a full five reel game with 25 paylines and lots of special symbols designed to spice up the action, including larger symbols that can cover a 2x2 or 3x3 grid of positions all by themselves.

While they haven’t produced much in the way of content just yet, the early results of Vibragaming's work are definitely promising. The company also has a list of future products, with five more slots scheduled for development including diverse themes such as Quake, Robin in the Woods, and Make a Wish.

A South American Treasure

Argentina isn’t a traditional hotbed for online gambling suppliers, but that hasn’t stopped Vibragaming from putting together an excellent team of artists and developers that have already produced some quality work. It’s rare to see games that are quite this polished from a brand new studio, and the fact that they’ve managed to get their library out through Leander so quickly suggests that the industry is already taking them seriously as a contributor.

That said, there’s still a lot of room for this group to grow. They haven’t yet made a presence for themselves at trade shows or conferences, so we suspect that even most industry insiders don’t know all that much about them yet, to say nothing of players from around the world who haven’t learned about their games. Once more players get the chance to try out these slots, we think Spieldev will develop a strong reputation, making them one provider you’ll want to keep an eye over the next few years.

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