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Skyrocket Entertainment
Skyrocket Entertainment Online Slots

Skyrocket Entertainment was launched at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival and promises a blend between the silver screen and iGaming.

This slots provider has designed its website to be accessible and easy to navigate. There are several, distinct pages which present everything you need to know about the company. Their social media is easily accessed at the foot of their webpage. From here, you can find out any news they’ve got to share with their visitors. They also use these channels to announce their appearance at various conventions.

While they have got profiles for each of their games in their play section, these are a bit lacking in information. Basic changes are needed to the copy to make it clearer for the reader and to give an insight into the appeal of each game.

Nevertheless, this provider has some interesting games which players will want to check out. Keep reading this review to find out more!

Links to the Silver Screen

The big draw of Skyrocket Entertainment is their connection to the film industry. They have the rights to several popular film franchises like ‘Rambo’ and ‘The Expendables’. They intend to use these rights to create slots themed around the films.

Slots themed around recognisable aspects of pop culture tend to be very popular with slots enthusiasts. They are also great for converting fans of the franchise over to playing slot games. With claims to the rights of 100+ films, Skyrocket has plenty to work with.

Free to Play Skyrocket Entertainment Slot Machine Games

Skyrocket Entertainment
Video Slots

Simple Slots Worth a Spin

To bring you a good look at their game selection, we took a few spins on a number of Skyrocket’s slot games.

The first we tried was The Last Drop: Golden Grenade video slot. This is based on the 2006 war film also called ‘The Last Drop’, which in turn was inspired by a real-life World War II military operation known as ‘Operation Market Garden’. The game itself is simple enough to play. It draws on the mechanics of many other slot games and utilises bonuses such as free spins and Wilds. We enjoyed the inclusion of the gamble feature as another bonus.

One of the biggest drawbacks of this game is the creative decision to play a portion of the film behind the slot game’s reels. While it looks nice initially, you can’t see much of what is going on because the reels are in the way. What’s more, there is a section of the film they have chosen which pans down. This can make the player dizzy as they are focused on static reels while the background is moving. This is not ideal and is something which should be addressed. If another scene can be sourced without this panning, it would make for a much more appealing game.

The other game we tried from them was KGB Bears. This game was developed in collaboration with The Games Company and is released through their network. It is a fun and slightly tongue-in-cheek 5-reel slot. The lower-paying symbols have been designed to match Soviet posters while the higher paying symbols are four cartoon bears.

One of the downsides to this game is, unfortunately, its simplicity. There are free spins and Wilds but few other bonus features. Some people are happy to play a simpler slot but others are going to want something more. With such an interesting theme, we would have thought that there would have been some fun bonus rounds included. The decision to include a burst of music with each spin is also jarring. There is too much of a delay between the spin and the win calculations. As a result, we are just getting short bursts of sound which could be considered off-putting to some players.

Successful Collaborations

Skyrocket Entertainment should be commended for the collaborations they have set up. Firstly, they have their partnership with The Games Company. This allows them to develop games outside their preferred focus of slots tied to films. With this, they are able to try out other themes and develop some fun games at the same time. Any games they do release under their own name will benefit from their extra experience.

They are releasing their own games through the BetConstruct network. Allying with networks like this gives them more visibility in the iGaming market. It might also help their games to get on some of the more well-known online casinos. This is a position they might not be able to reach on their own as a smaller brand.

Mobile Compatible and Looking to the Future

If you want your games to be successful, you need to make them as accessible as possible. A key way to do this is through ensuring that your game is mobile compatible across several devices. Skyrocket has ensured that this is one of the standards they are meeting.

As Skyrocket Entertainment grows their brand, this will no doubt help them. Players want a lot from their slots nowadays. If a provider can put together a great game which meets these basic requirements, there is always going to be someone who wants to play it. With such great concepts at hand, Skyrocket has an excellent chance of becoming a well-known slots developer.

A Great Start

Overall, Skyrocket has a lot of potential as a brand. They have a fantastic premise through their connection to the film industry. With this, they are likely to be able to put together some amazing slots which reach a wide audience of slot players.

The games of theirs we tried were well-put-together but didn’t offer much in terms of gameplay. If they are able to put together some fun slots with unique bonuses, we think this will help them to stand out from other small slots developers. Nevertheless, the games are still worth a spin; especially if you prefer a simpler slot. They have a great basis with their existing collection of simpler slots. However, if they wish to attract a wider spread of slots fans, they are going to need to start developing games which are appealing to different types of players.

Overall, Skyrocket Entertainment is a promising games provider in the world of slots. While some refinement is needed, they have a great foundation to build on to create memorable and unique slot games. We hope to see great things from them in the future!

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