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Rocket Speed
Rocket Speed Review

With so many slots developers targeting just the online markets nowadays, it is great to come across one who is also focused on land-based casinos. Rocket Speed pride themselves on creating slots for online players and anyone who might feel like popping down to their local casino. These slots are great for anyone who wants a simpler slot that’s free of crazy bonuses.

As for Rocket Speed, they err on the side of mystery. Based in San Francisco, this company was once named Rocket Games. Their website has very little information about the company. Our reviewers could only find links to their games and where you can play them. If you like to know a little more about who makes your favorite games, you are going to be disappointed.

Let’s take a closer look at what this brand has to offer in our Rocket Speed review.

Going Old-School

Rocket Speed’s site is modern and clean – and also free of information about the brand. However, the slots on offer are completely different. In fact, if you are a fan of more old-school slots, you should take a look at the selection of games available from Rocket Speed.

Fire up one of their games to be presented with a traditional 3-reel slot. The controls will also always be super-simple. With clear buttons under the reels, you will feel like you are at the casino even if you are on your own sofa. Our review team thinks even the most novice of players are going to be happy to play these games.

Rocket Speed makes use of classic slot symbols like the bar symbol and the cherry. If you prefer games where every symbol is unique to that specific game, this is not the provider for you. They have a clear target audience in mind. Rather than try to appeal to as many players as possible, they are choosing to dig into their existing niche to create great games which appeal to a certain demographic of player.

Free to Play Rocket Speed Slot Machine Games

Focusing on App Development

Many slot developers choose to make great games without developing a platform to run them from. They will then distribute them through casinos directly or hand them over to a network for distribution. Our review team found that Rocket Speed has instead taken a different stance. They have chosen to develop their own app for you to access their game from.

From their site, you can check out their app Viva Slots Vegas. This has been specially developed to contain all the traditional slots Rocket Speed has chosen to develop. If you are searching for a one-stop-shop to enjoy some classic games from, this is going to be one brand worth checking out. Their app is available through channels you would expect like iOS or Android, as well as other app distribution points like Facebook and Amazon.

Some brands would rather create great games without a focus on where they are going to end up. Rocket Speed, however, is intent on controlling the player’s experience every step of the way.

Land-Based Representation

This app is not the only place you will find Rocket Speed’s games. They also have an extremely impressive partnership with Penn National Gaming Inc. This company is North America’s largest regional gaming operator. They have casinos all across the USA, including the Tropicana in Las Vegas. Rocket Speed develops the online slots for this prestigious casino. This is a great partnership as it allows Rocket Speed’s games to be experienced by lots of new players.

There are a few other brands which handle both online and land-based slots, with two of the biggest our reviewers could think of being Barcrest and IGT. However, this is quite a rare situation. Both Barcrest and IGT started out developing games for land-based casinos and then moved to developing online slots as this market grew. Rocket Speed was founded in an era of both land-based and online casinos. That they have decided to target both markets is rare for such a small brand. Most would instead choose just one, especially when the brand itself is relatively small. It is a testament to the skills of the Rocket Speed team that they are able to focus on both markets while still developing great games.

Championing Mobile Compatibility

In choosing to focus on an app to push their games on, Rocket Speed has demonstrated a commitment to mobile gaming. Some developers are still reluctant to explore some of the options available on this route, even with the leaps being made forward in mobile technologies. However, it cannot be denied that most players are choosing to access their games through a mobile platform nowadays.

The focus is now less on sitting down for an extended session on a computer and more on grabbing a quick spin wherever you can from your phone or tablet. If you would rather play like this, Rocket Speed is ready to offer you a selection of games to choose from.

Playing in an app also has distinct advantages over choosing to play on a browser. Everything is contained in one location, including important features like customer support. If you need to reach out with a problem, you can handle the entire claim from within the app. This can often be more reassuring than trying to jump between mediums like the phone and email when trying to solve an issue.

Ready to Blast Off?

Rocket Speed occupies a very particular niche in the market. Our reviewers are certain that this is not always going to appeal to every player. However, there are some who will appreciate knowing exactly what to expect from a game when they log on. They also know how to develop a game which appeals to a certain taste. If you are a fan of flashy slots with plenty of bonuses, this is definitely not a developer for you. However, anyone who loves a simple slot with no special features, just a player and some reels, is going to love what Rocket Speed has to offer.

This is not going to be a developer for everyone. If you are searching for easy games with great mobile support, you should take a look at the games on offer from Rocket Speed.

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