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Peter and Sons
Peter & Sons Provider Review

Peter & Sons are a small slots developer but they have already developed an incredible and unique style. The Peter & Sons slot machines are distinct and offer some interesting gameplay for players who love truly different games.

Based in Armenia, they have a strong team working on their slots, with artists and mathematicians at the heart of everything. Choosing to play the Peter & Sons games will give you the chance to experience a game from a small brand that is nevertheless high-quality and always fun to play.

A Distinctive Style

If one thing is clear from the Peter & Sons slots demos, it is that they have already developed an art style that works for them. This cartoon style will definitely help them stand out in the libraries of many online casinos across the world. On top of this, it will also help players find new games, as it allows them to instantly see which game will be from this provider.

Their site is neat and laid out well. There are demos for the other Peter & Sons slots games, and some information about what the company is up to. If you want some more clear information about what to expect from the brand, this is where you will be able to find it.

Free to Play Peter and Sons Slot Machine Games

Unique and Eye-Catching Games

Several of the online slots from Peter & Sons caught our experts’ eyes when checking out this ambitious brand. These are just some of the games available through this company, and the others are all worth investigating too. They have taken some of the most classic slot machine features and brought them together with innovative themes to create a game that is wholly unique.

The first they found is the Punch Club slot. This is a classic 5-reel game with 25 paylines. Players will also find that it has an RTP of 97.38% and a medium volatility. Lower-paying symbols include a standard array of A, K, Q, J, 10 that we see in other games. The high-paying symbols, on the other hand, are unique portraits of some of the fighters in Punch Club.

In the base reels, you can grab wild multipliers of up to 3x. Grab 10 free spins with three scatters, and you can upgrade your high-paying symbols into more wilds as they pay out.

The other game we check out through Peter & Sons slots free play was Filthy Pirates. Produced in collaboration with Mighty Finger, the Filthy Pirates slot still has the same distinctive art as the other games. This 6-reel game also has a medium volatility and an RTP of 97.38%. There are 46,656 ways to win thanks to the reel expansion in the bonus games.

Throw in free spins, random wilds and plenty to explore and it is clear that this game will be a hit with all those players who love pirate-themed games!

Securing Early Connections

Though they are still a relatively small company, it is fantastic to see Peter & Sons begin to make connections to other slots companies. In particular, they have already collaborated with Mighty Finger on several games, as mentioned above with Filthy Pirates.

These collaborations are great news for future Peter & Sons slots. They will be able to learn so much from other brands, and this will allow them to push their skills and begin to develop even more complex games. Collaboration like this is key for these smaller brands. By working together, they may be able to attract the attention of the larger brands with a wider reach.

You can already find Peter & Sons slots online at some fantastic online casinos, but these collaborations will only serve to push their brand even further. The more they can build these key connections with other slot developers, the more of a chance they have of attracting attention to their amazing games.

Mobile Compatibility as Standard

One of the most important things that Peter & Sons recognise is the need for mobile compatibility in their games. Most players nowadays use some sort of mobile device to play their favorite games online.

Any new games need to embrace mobile compatibility, so they are as accessible to as many players as possible. It is even doubtful whether or not a casino would accept a game from a smaller developer without it. Luckily, the Peter & Sons slots embrace this fully, so we should hopefully see them at a top casino soon.

A Great Brand to Watch

Overall, Peter & Sons is definitely a slots developer to watch for. Their games are kooky and fun to play with every spin. Even their games that use more typical themes like pirates are packed with unique details that players everywhere are certain to love. We are certain that many of the top online casinos are soon going to be bringing these fantastic games into their library for their players to enjoy.

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