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Omni Slots
Omni Slots Provider Review

Omni Slots is an online casino packed with games from some of the top developers in the industry, as well as exclusive games. Omni Slots games are compatible with both mobile and desktop devices, providing players with an excellent gaming experience.

Omni Slots was founded in 2015 and since then, has grown to offer more exclusive games. This developer is creative and innovative but doesn’t ignore the popularity of other great developers. The tagline at Omni Slots is ‘keep on spinning’ and this shows that their focus is on slot games.

Traditional Themes and Designs

When you head to the online Omni Slots site, you’ll notice that it is quite simple. The colour scheme is simply white and purple and isn’t as impactful as some casino sites that we have seen. At first glance, it isn’t obvious that Omni Slots also develops exclusive games but there is an ‘exclusive’ section with them listed.

While the Omni Slots site isn’t exactly bold and colourful, the games do add a bit of colour to the screen. The exclusive Omni Slots games seem to follow a traditional style of graphics that players might recognise from other top online casinos. The themes are simple but the design is done in a tasteful way that players will appreciate.

Get the Classic Casino Feeling

On the Omni Slots site, there are 6 exclusive games that are listed. Luckily, our experts were able to find some Omni Slots demos to try out these games. We have reviewed a few below that we think are worth trying out.

The Super Wild slot machine is a traditional slot that takes place right on the casino floor. In this slot, you’ll find the main game and the top game, along with plenty of bonus features that have been included. Like a few of the other online slots from Omni slots, Super Wild features the classic fruit machine symbols.

The most exciting element of the Super Wild online slot is the mystery jackpot that is progressive. Each time a player spins the reels, 0.5% of the bet is added to the jackpot. If this happens to pay out, players are in for a treat. This is something that players who have enjoyed games at traditional casinos will appreciate.

Another of the Omni slots online that we tested was Random Player. This is another traditional game that looks just like the slots that you would find at a traditional casino. This time, we have the paytable at the top of the screen and this adds a bit of excitement to the game. Players can easily see how their stake alters the possible payouts.

The Random Player slot comes with 5 paylines and plenty of fruit symbols. Lucky players can trigger the progressive jackpot in this game if they happen to get lucky. Traditional slot fans will enjoy this game just as much as we did.

A Bit of Everything for You

Slot developers these days seem to be focusing on creating new themes and new ways to play. While this tends to go down well, we don’t see as many traditional slots anymore and this can be disappointing. This is where the exclusive games at Omni Slots come in and change things up. Players can enjoy their favourite traditional games and get the true casino experience.

Of course, for fans of more modern games, Omni Slots also has a lot to offer. This developer has included slots from industry professionals such as NetEnt and Microgaming in an attempt to appeal to a large audience. This suggests that this developer has their finger on the pulse, despite sticking to traditional designs for their own slots.

Games That You Can Enjoy on Your Mobile

Mobile compatibility is key in 2020 and any developers not ensuring their games are compatible are making a mistake. The good news is that the Omni Slots games are compatible with mobile devices, as is the site as a whole. This means that players can enjoy their favourite games on their Android and iOS devices.

Mobile slots aren’t going anywhere anytime soon so we expect this to continue to be the industry standard. Players want mobile slots and this developer is providing them, as well as many other top mobile slots from developers.

A Lot on Offer

While Omni Slots online might not be the most innovative games, they certainly are popular with players. Experienced slot players tend to enjoy the traditional games, especially those set out on a machine that looks like these. It can be refreshing to see the top game come into action.

It is clear that Omni Slots are trying to give players a bit of everything and this is working well for them. They have recognised the draw of developers like NetEnt and have decided to offer their games as well. We hope to see more slots by this developer in the future. Keep an eye on them to see if they decide to branch out with some more modern slots.

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