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Aztec Gold Slots

The Aztecs were most dominant between the 14th and 16th century, and despite their long departure from our modern world, they’re still a piece of history we’re fascinated with. Just as Rome has inspired us so too has the Aztec civilization, and with it a string of interpretations have been created. Aztec Gold is one such example of this, and it’s from Mega Jack.

Although the theme has been imagined in a very specific and retro way, it has generated a lot of interest from the public, with its basic controls, simple imagery, and extremely large pay outs. Oh, and a very good amount of bonuses despite it being based on more classic slot machines.

Set within a 3x5 grid consisting of 5 reels and 21 pay lines, the latter of which is one of the more unusual number of win lines to play with, players are sure to strike it lucky more than once.

How to Play

Seeing as this game has a realistic slot machine appearance, figuring out the controls aren’t too taxing, but just in case you’ve forgotten what to do, we’re on hand with a refresher. As you know, if you intend to win cash you need to play with some, and so say no to the demo mode first and foremost.

Thereafter you need to work out how much of your money you’re willing to stake on this game; the jackpot is a gleaming 10,000 credits, so you may want to dip a little deeper into your pockets for this one. Regardless of how you play, the bet amount will start off at 0.10 per line and will increase to just 1 credit; both are small figures to be working with. Taking this into account, your maximum bet will never go over 21 credits.

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Aztec Gold

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In regards to the lines, there are two win line buttons, one with a plus and another with a minus; click to decrease or increase and then wait until the number sits right with you. Even though you can go all the way down to just 1 pay line, you’ll have a much tougher game on your hands. And seeing as the max bet isn’t out of the realms of possibility for most people, we’d recommend going with as many lines as you can.

As for the hold buttons, they don’t seem to come into effect unless you’re reading through the game information, which seems totally bizarre to us as it defeats the point of what a hold normally does in a slot game.

Double Bonus

There are 12 symbols in total, with the golden ornament in profile, finished off by green jewels, being the highest win upon those reels at 1,000 credits. If you intend to hit that money, you’ll need to find five on the reels, on an active pay line; should you get less than five the amount will drop down all the way to 0.20 for just two matches.

The magician symbol, another golden mask with eyes that open, is the wild and will remove other icons bar the pyramid. When it lands on your reels it works fast and lines up a lot of wins for you - we were impressed by the returns we received.

Speaking of the pyramid icon, it will launch the Pyramid Bonus. There is a large structure in the center of the screen and six smaller pyramids down the right hand side, out of them a bonus will be chosen for you. You can either collect it or risk it and select another - be warned, you could end up with far less money than you was first offered. A bit like in Deal or No Deal.

In addition to the basic bonus, there is The Brilliant Pyramid Super Bonus (what a mouthful!), a game where you pick your prizes from a 5x5 grid. The tiles can reveal staggering sums of money, all of which add up to 81,900 credits (holy wow!!!), or you can land on a snake. If that happens it’s game over.

Always Believing in Gold

Aztec Gold wasn’t what we expected, and in truth there’s a lot we’d change to make it suit our particular tastes, but as it stands it’s an average slot machine with an above average pay out. Customers can win some serious money, a scary amount even, so you soon overlook any issues you may have with the title in other areas.

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