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Rampage Riches

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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Rampage Riches Slots

Casino slot games don’t have to be your normal glitz and glamour affair all of the time. In fact, repeating that theme would be pointless as it has been overdone to the point of exhaustion. Every now and then, there needs to be a fresh take on previously done ideas. Rampage Riches is that sentence brought to life. Instead of the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, Rampage Riches delivers a whole new twist on the genre. Simply put, you have never played a casino slots video games like this one before that’s for sure

Rampage Riches takes the casino slot genre and destroys it. From the moment you boot it up, you know that you have stepped into a different experience. Will the destruction of Rampage Riches lead you to ultimate glory? Let's find out…

All the Rage

You may remember me telling you how this slot game is unlike any other. When you start up Rampage Riches, you are introduced to a cut scene in the form of a comic book introduction. The premise of Rampage Riches is explained through this cut scene. It is drawn immaculately, with vivid colors and dark crisp lines.

When this introduction scene ends, you will then be taken to the game itself. The game itself is drawn beautifully. You can just feel the love and effort that was poured into this game as you view all the details of it. Nothing was left to waste as the boxes that display your winnings and current holdings, have screws on each corner to give it a metallic feel.

If there were anything that we say could be improved upon, it would be to make the reels themselves a bit larger. There is a bit of space left on the screen which could have been taking advantage on. Mastering on-screen real estate is a tricky art form and Lost World Games could arguably do a slightly better job here. However, this is minor in the grand scheme of things as the images on the reel themselves “pop” and have sufficient contrast.

Smash and Grab

How does the game itself stack up to its casino slot game counterparts? Well by the looks of things it stands tall and proud amidst the competition. The music plays as ambient noise in the background. The music is not what calls to your ears though. Instead, the sound effects that play are extremely satisfying. With each reel that lands, there is a satisfying stop sound that just demands to be paid attention to.

When you win free spins you get taken into a very unique side game, which is where the music truly shines. You can change your bet amount that affect how many paylines will be taken into account too. There is a rare addition that is not seen in many casino games, this addition is the use of achievements that track your progress within Rampage Riches.

The game itself is very polished and carries a complete feel. Every movement made moment faced is taken into consideration within Rampage Riches. Such as when you finish your free spins, a screen comes up showing the results of your efforts. When you win, there is a line that is drawn across the winning line that shows you just how your big win comes about.

Lost World Games are the creators of this game and it is clear that they had players need in mind during development, as they include several features that link to player performance. There is a bonus game within Rampage Riches that you can unlock too. The bonus game has you rampaging with a monster across several landmark cities. You choose landmark buildings to destroy in anger that results in bonus points, which at the end get added on to your winnings.

Unleash Your Inner Rage

Rampage Riches is a call to comic book culture and monster movies. It succeeds in capturing that feel and delivering it into the casino slots world. Rampage Riches will not blow you away, it will run right through you. It is an absolutely unforgettable experience that is extremely satisfying and rewarding. If you know someone who loves monster movies or comic books, then this is an easy recommendation for them. If you have a craving for some monster movie gambling, this game would satisfy that need and then some.

There is no other casino slot game like Rampage Riches. Do not miss out on this amazing title. We say check it out today!

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