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JPM Interactive
JPM Interactive Slot Machines

With more than four decades of experience in the gambling technology industry, JPM Interactive can boast an impressive and illustrious history, and the company's story is far from reaching a conclusion any time soon. In fact, the UK based tech studio is beginning to make in-roads into the world of e-gaming, with a view to become a globally recognised force in the online gaming market.

Admittedly, this long-serving slot machine creator has a bit of catching up to do if it is truly going to challenge at the very top of the sector. That is because the company's catalogue of internet friendly fruit machines is noticeably outdated in appearance when put next to portfolios from more modern-minded studios. Nonetheless, this game-maker serves up some quintessentially British titles for UK-based punters to enjoy.

A Company with History

To many people, the world of slot machine design is still a young industry, filled with fresh-faced companies who are bustling for position at the top of the industry with their cutting edge artwork and innovative gameplay concepts. However, not every game-studio in the e-gaming trade is a new force in the business, and JPM Interactive is a prime example.

This company was first established in 1972, back in the days when slot machines were purely created for the land-based gambling sector. As such, the studio can lay claim to a huge back catalogue of slot machine titles, many of which fall into the 3-reel fruit machine category.

International Ambition

In its first manifestation, this company was actually known as JPM International. And like that name might suggest, the UK firm had ambitions which transcended national markets. In fact, the studio established a gaming empire which reached the European continent and, as a result, the company's name became synonymous with a dominant share of the land-based betting market.

It has to be said, however, the JPM in its current guise hasn't quite been able to replicate those glory days. In fact, the name is far from being on the tip of the tongues of contemporary gamblers. There are multiple reasons for this, most notably the fact that the rise of internet gambling has created a demand for slot machines with spectacular design features and new-fangled gameplay features. As such, the simple arcade games which this company has in its stockpile won't exactly cut it against the all-out action of modern video slots. That said, there will always be a demand for games with that timelessly retro style, meaning that this company still has some relevance in today's market.

Making Friends in High Places

As a matter of fact, JPM Interactive has been able to secure some partners from the top of today's gambling market. These business partners include a number of well-known UK betting brands, such as Ladbrokes, BetFred and 32 Red Games. These are all highly respected casino operators, some of which have an equally illustrious history in the British betting industry having provided safe and responsible gambling entertainment for many decades in the land-based and online sectors.

Taking Responsibility Seriously

Speaking of safety, JPM Interactive points out that it takes all of the necessary precautions to ensure that its games are socially responsible as well as being fun and entertaining. In honour of this duty to responsible gambling, the company makes sure that it provides information about charities and organisations which provide support for sufferers of gambling addiction.

This software firm also claims that it carries out all of the necessary checks to ensure that its games are compliant with the fair and safe gaming practises of the UK Gaming Commission.

3-Reel Slots with a Fruity Twist

As for the games themselves, spinners shouldn't get their hopes up for anything truly mind-blowing. That is because the company likes to keep things nice and simple with a catalogue of 3-reel games, many of which take on the style of a classic pub fruit machine.

Take Turbo Gold, for example, which is designed with a series of retro fruit icons like plums, lemons, oranges, cherries, grapes and watermelons as well as some lucky red 7s and golden bells. However, far from being a straight up classic, his fruit machine also offers some special feature icons, such as a cheeky joker symbol which acts as a wild to complete wins on any of the 5 paylines. What's more, players can opt to activate “Turbo Play” and “Turbo Gamble” which will offer extra prize-winning opportunities and added entertainment value. Other 3-reel games of a similar nature include titles such as 5ive Liner and Kerching.

If punters want to play some 3-reel classics from this company which truly ramp up the bonus power, then they should look to the “Max Power” series of games. This special collection of slots includes Turbo Gold Max Power, Daytona Max Power and Criss Cross Max Power, all of which include an ever-growing progressive jackpot which rises with every spin until one lucky punter gets to take the winnings.

Not every slot machine in the JPM Interactive portfolio falls under the 3-reel fruit machine category, because there are some titles which offer something a little bit different.

Take 4th Dimension and Full House, for example, both of which shake up the gameplay by adding an extra fourth reel into the equation. Then there are some slot machines which offer slightly different themes to diverge from the basic fruit style design. Those non-fruity games include the likes of Big X and A Pot of Gold, the latter being based on the popular lucky Irish gambling game theme. Then there is Al Murray's Golden Game, a 3-reel classic which features the comical pub landlord character from the UK comedy circuit.

Test Our Your General Knowledge

There are more titles in this software company's catalogue which pay reference to UK entertainment brands, giving British based punters an extra bit of incentive to take a punt. One such game is Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, taking after the hugely successful TV trivia quiz show hosted by Chris Tarrant. This game doesn't feature any spinning reels, however. Instead, players will have to rely on their general knowledge to get through each round and progress towards the jackpot prize.

Other games which draw upon the trivia style of gameplay include titles such as News Time, Battleships and Hangman, all of which allow players to test their knowledge to be in with a chance to win some jackpot prizes.

Where to Find the Games

If you fancy trying some of those games from JPM Interactive for yourself, then you can do so by having a look at the selection that is available on free demo sites such as And if you like what you while playing the games for fun, then you can look towards casino brand Tipos, which is specifically targeted at the Slovakian gambling sector.

40 Years in the Business

Any company which can last 40 years in any industry is worth taking very seriously. And that is no different when it comes to JPM Interactive, a software outfit that can rely on its illustrious back catalogue of land-based slot machines and branded trivia games to remain a considerable force in the UK and international gambling market.

However, it has to be said that this company is in some danger of losing its relevancy in a modern market that is developing fast than ever. The truth is that simple retro slot machines just don't quite cut it when put next to 5-reel video slots with spectacular graphics and exciting narrative elements.

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