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Gamevy Slots

Fancy testing your general knowledge for the chance to win prizes? With a number of entertaining real-money games in their repertoire, a license to partake in betting activity, and an award from the ICE totally gaming conference in 2015, Gamevy is a fresh and exciting software company that is turning heads left, right and centre in the e-gaming industry.

In fact, the start-up from London is a quintessentially modern outfit, made up from a close knit team of talented business entrepreneurs and game-making technicians.

The one niggle, however, is that the company doesn't really do slot machines, which is something that we are obviously a bit disappointed about. However, the studio does boast an interesting range of interactive games, combining elements of television game shows with luck-based betting games for some nerve-wracking and adrenaline-pumping gambling action.

Starting to Make an Impact

As a start-up software company, this London based outfit doesn't have the privilege of relying on a good reputation. Instead, the company aims to promote its name and brand by presenting itself as a young, vibrant, and exciting team of people. That isn't to suggest that there is no experience on show, with many of the people behind the company boasting illustrious careers in business, marketing, and digital design. All in all, the small team at this software studio have experience working for some well-known brands and worldwide corporations, such s Gap, John Lewis, the Daily Mail, The Guardian and BBC Worldwide.

Free to Play Gamevy Slot Machine Games

Licensed for the Uk Gaming Market

One of the most important aspects of the e-gaming world is integrity. Therefore, it is essential for software companies and casino operators alike to provide every bit of reassurance that their products are up to scratch with the expected levels of accreditation.

Thankfully, Gamevy have managed to that with a license to host gambling activity from the UK Gambling Commission – one of the most renowned and respected licensing authorities in the world of real-money gaming. As such, players who are based in Britain will be able to rely on a stringent legal safety net when they play games which are designed to comply with the highest standards of player safety and responsibility.

Award-Winning Potential

This software company certainly has the look of a professional outfit, but how have they fared in comparison to other rising stars in the e-gaming industry. Well, Gamevy can be proud to boast a prestigious accolade from the 2015 ICE Totally Gaming convention, where the company took home a the Pitch ICE award in recognition of the company's strong potential to succeed. What's more, the firm also pipped many other up and coming software companies to scoop the Game to Watch Award ICE 2016.

Your Own Gameshow

The game which picked up that promising accolade is called The Heist, and it is not your usual gambling game. That is because this game with real-money prizes doesn't feature spinning reels nor does it have a spinning roulette wheel, and there are no playing cards in sight either. Instead, The Heist presents a uniquely conceived and innovative playing format in which players become the contestant in an exciting game show – just like the ones you see every day on TV. The idea is simple, but it has never really been done before to such as great success, which is perhaps what makes Gamevy such a promising prospect.

In The Heist, players will still have to place a wager, but the gameplay itself offers a mixture of luck, skill and general knowledge, meaning that players can rely on more than just sheer chance to win some cash prizes. The game is designed to show a futuristic underground vault, into which players must enter by taking steps along a booby-trapped platform. Each step could result in a safe pass, a general knowledge question, or an alarm. Set off all five alarms by stepping on the wrong tile or by answering a question incorrectly and you will lose the wager and you will have to begin again. If you make it into the vault then you will be able to play for the top jackpot by selecting random cash bags to steal. However, be sure to cash out before you set off any more alarms!

Gears of Fortune is another game which combines general knowledge questions with a bit of luck, asking players to spin a science-fiction wheel with all sorts of weird and wonderful symbols. Collect five hazard icons and your game will be over. However, if you are lucky enough to match up a series of other symbols then you could be in store for some decent prizes. However, the real fun begins when players find the special key symbols, because this gives them the chance to answer questions to win different gear stars. Match three of the same coloured gear star and you could win up to £50,000, depending on your bet size.

Other games in the Gamevy repertoire which require an element of skill include titles such as Buzzword Bingo, in which players have to use their vocabulary knowledge and a bit of guesswork to earn bingo balls for the cash prize jackpot round. Diamond Deal, on the other hand, is a slightly more straightforward set-up, asking players to choose from a glittering grid of doors to find one of ten diamonds. Every unsuccessful pick results in the loss of a life. But, if you find a diamond, then your prize total will exponentially increase and your lives will be restored. Do you have the guts to keep on searching or will you cash out before you lose it all?

A similarly simple game in the Gamevy catalogue is Epic Gems, which offers some stunning gem symbols in a galactic setting. All players have to do is pick a gem to add a small boost to their bet, and if they pick 7 in a row then there bet will be doubled. Sounds simple, right?

Well, lurking behind four gems are some explosive mines, and if you happen to detonate one, then all of the gems will be blown away along with your accumulated prizes.

Players can also exercise their clicking fingers with Boss the Lotto and Boss the Ball, both of which take on lottery style aesthetics with gameplay that asks punters to choose random numbers to reveal additional wins or dud balls which will result in a loss.

One Slot Machine

The vast majority of the games offered by Gamevy may take on elaborate gameplay styles with unique and innovative ways to win. Which is all good and well, but what about the slot machines? Well, there is one game that spinners can enjoy, and it goes by the name of Spinlotto.

Now, this game isn't strictly a slot machine in the traditional sense of the format, but it does feature 5 reels and 10 paylines filled with random lotto balls number from 1 to 49. However, the game asks players to pick their own “lucky numbers”, with these five numbers being the only possible winning combination on the paytable. Sounds like wins will be hard to come by in this game, and they are relatively infrequent to be fair. However, players might just be enticed by the inclusion of a special sixth reel which includes a special “Star Booster” feature. Find a winning combination and correctly guess the star number from 1 to 15, and you could multiply your original win by up to 20x.

Another Innovative Company

Gamevy may appear to be an atypical software company, but the outfit is actually quite typical of the contemporary e-gaming scene. That is to say that by being innovative and offering something different to the table, they are following in the footsteps of many game makers who are shaking up the status quo of the online gambling world.

However, it has to be said, that Gamevy have gone one step beyond to produce an exciting range of games that give player every incentive to play since they have more control over the action, whether it is simply picking random objects or answering quiz questions. That way, there is not just luck standing in the way between your wagers and a jackpot prize.

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