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    Neteller Casinos

    NetellerWhile there are a number of great ways to pay for purchases online, not all of them are made with online gambling in mind. But one that is most certainly designed to work with online casinos is Neteller, a money transfer service that has been one of the biggest names in the Internet gaming industry since 2000.

    Neteller is an e-wallet that works a lot like services such as Paypal. But while PayPal is very restrictive in which online casino sites it will work with, Neteller is available at a very large number of casinos, making it ideal for players who want a single source that can fund all of their online gambling accounts. If you’re serious about playing casino games, poker, or any other form of gambling online, it is well worth your time to open a Neteller account.

    How to Use Neteller at Online Casinos

    In order to use Neteller, you will have to open an account on the service by visiting their website. There is no charge for opening an account, and the service is available in over 200 countries around the world.

    Once your account is open, you will probably need to link it to a funding source in order to get money into your e-wallet. There are a number of different funding options available to players, ranging from bank accounts to credit cards as well as a handful of more exotic choices. After making this link, your Neteller wallet will be able to draw on funds from those sources when you make purchases or deposits.

    Now that your account is activated, you can go to the Neteller online casino of your choice and make your deposit. Just choose Neteller as your deposit option, put in your account information and the amount of money that you want to move into your casino account. The transaction will be processed instantaneously, and the amount should immediately be credited to you at the online gambling site.

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    Advantages of Neteller Deposits

    Neteller deposits offer a combination of speed and flexibility that is hard to match. Accounts can be funded from a variety of different sources, so no matter what banking or credit options are available to you, they likely can be funneled into Neteller, and then from there into a variety of online casinos. Often, a site that might reject your credit card deposit will accept Neteller, which can be funded by that very same credit card, making it a great way to work around these kinds of issues.

    Because Neteller is so widely accepted in the online gambling world, it also allows you to easily move money between sites. If you want to try a new Internet casino, you can withdraw your winnings from one site to your Neteller account, then use those same funds to make a deposit at a new casino. This makes it a great tool for managing your online bankroll.

    Neteller Deposit FAQ

    Is Neteller safe?

    Neteller is one of the safest ways to make deposits into an online casino account. One of the great things about Neteller is that you do not have to give out your credit card or bank account information each time you make a deposit. Instead, you will only give that information to Neteller, and then use your account data to make all of your deposits. While online gambling transactions are safe and secure in general, this adds yet another layer of protection for your financial information.

    How much can I deposit using Neteller?

    Your deposit limits will vary depending on a number of different factors. First, the amount you can get into your account will depend on the funding methods you choose, and whether or not you have verified those sources. In addition, the casino itself will have its own rules for how much can be deposited via Neteller or other funding methods. For instance, Club World Casino requires a minimum deposit of $35 and allows a maximum deposit of $1,000.

    I can’t use Neteller. What other deposit options are available to me?

    If for any reason you can’t use Neteller to make a deposit, there are a multitude of alternatives you can try instead. If you have a credit or debit card, they can be a very simple way to move money into your account, with Visa, MasterCard and even American Express being accepted by many casinos. Depending on where you live, you might also be able to make a deposit via PayPal. Skrill is also an alternative if you enjoy the idea of using an e-wallet but can’t use Neteller.

    Can I Withdraw Using This Method?

    Yes, this option is often used for withdrawals. In fact, virtually all casinos that accept Neteller will also allow you to cash out your winnings using this same method. That makes Neteller more flexible than a credit card, and the ideal solution for those who want to move money into and out of their online gambling accounts using a single product. Money can also be stored indefinitely in your e-wallet for future use at the same or other online casinos.

    Are There Any Fees?

    There are no fees charged to players when depositing with this method. Instead, casinos that accept Neteller will take care of any transactional costs that are applied when you are putting money into your account. That’s often also the case when you withdraw funds through this method, though policies at casinos may vary. Do be aware that when you choose to withdraw from your wallet using your Neteller Net+ Prepaid Card, additional fees may apply.

    How Fast Are Neteller Deposits?

    Like most e-wallets, Neteller payments are handled instantaneously. This means as soon as you confirm the details of your deposit, the money should hit your account, allowing you to start playing in a matter of seconds. Withdrawals also tend to be rather quick, with lower processing times than many alternative methods.