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Gamblify Slots

Gamblify is a casino software and hardware company that specializes in the creation of slot machines and betting terminals. They work both with live venues and with iGaming websites, with their most notable online distribution so far coming at rø, a regulated online casino in Denmark.

This makes sense, considering that the company is headquartered in the country, and it shows in the fact that most of their gaming content is presented primarily in Danish. But this isn’t a mediocre studio that just pumps out games here and there for local clients. Instead, they have shown the capability to create some very memorable games, producing a small portfolio that could easily find an audience beyond their home country in the future.

Get Your Gamble On

Gamblify was founded in 2011 by Christian Uldall Pedersen. At the time, it was designed to be a division of Jack-Pot, one of the larger slot machine operators in Denmark. The idea was to create a new generation of high-tech slot machines for the Danish market, but that mission was later expanded to include both online casino solutions and live betting terminals. To this day, the company remains almost entirely focused on operations within their home country, and tend to only attend local and regional trade shows as a result.

From their studio in Copenhagen, this independent group has made a live by creating new and innovative products, most of which are slots. Their online games are designed to be integrated easily into any backend management system, and all titles are produced using HTML5 to ensure that both desktop and mobile users will have no trouble getting these creations to run on their machines of choice.

Their live software creations are just as versatile. Designed to work with just about any graphics hardware and drivers you can think of, as well as a variety of different platforms and gaming engines, these are truly games that can fit into any systems that a casino operator might be using.

Online Slots

The most recent addition to the Gamblify collection is a small library of online slot machines, which are currently in use by at least one iGaming website in Denmark. These games don’t always use the most complicated graphics, sometimes opting for a modern, minimalist approach instead, but don’t let that fool you: these are slick, attractive machines that feature great animation and art design, and often inspired sound work as well.

If you’re an English-speaking player, you might need some translation in order to understand the titles of some of these machines, however. For instance, if Monstre Fra Det Ydre Rum! Doesn’t mean anything to you, don’t worry: we’re sure you’ll get what’s going on once you realize that this means Monsters from Outer Space.

Like many of their games, Monsters from Outer Space features an all-ways format, in which players (given the 3x5 layout) have 243 ways to win on every spin. The game also features wilds, a bonus round, and a great respin feature that increases the multiplier applied to all winning lines after every spin that comes with a payout. Other excellent games in this collection include the space-themed Mælkevejen (Milky Way), the amusing Fitness Automaten (Fitness Machines), and one nightlife-themed game that needs no translation: Cocktail Nights.

Live Slots

When suppliers make both iGaming and live slots, there’s often quite a bit of overlap between the two, with games found in brick-and-mortar casinos being ported over to their online counterparts. That’s not really the case for Gamblify, however, which has developed unique games for each of these platforms.

When it comes to their live offerings, the studio has put together a group of games that – similar to their web-based library – covers a wide variety of themes with interesting presentations and memorable gameplay, once again all tailored for the Danish market. Games like Downtown Racer, El Dorado, and Jule Festen (Christmas Party) can be found at land-based venues in Denmark, where they have been enjoyed by countless players.

Betting Terminals

Another area of expertise for this developer is the sports betting terminal, a type of machine that allows gamblers to place bets on their favorite teams, leagues, and competitions from a convenient setup that looks a lot like the lottery terminals seen in many parts of the world. Players can enjoy a slick interface that makes it simple to place bets with bookmakers on a variety of different contests. The software is designed to be embeddable in a number of different devices, and like their other live creations, is easy to implement into a back office solution to help clients quickly get the system up and running. Rewards programs and membership cards are also supported with this system, and users can personalize their experience to quickly get to their favorite teams or sports.

A Small but Formidable Group

Gamblify may just be a single-market player at the moment, but don’t let that fool you: they are capable of creating products that are just as good as you’ll find anywhere else in the world. That makes them one of the top suppliers in Denmark, a reliable partner that clients know will produce excellent games backed by tested, solid software.

Thanks to this reputation, they’ve secured a strong foothold in their home country, though it’s an open question as to whether they plan to expand any further in the years to come. We’re not sure whether they’re interested in branching out to other markets (other regulated jurisdictions in Europe seem like a good first target if they do so), but we are certain that were they to try, audiences would welcome these creative and engaging games with open arms.

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