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eGaming Slots

eGaming is their name and eGaming is their game. The Eastern European software development firm specialise in designing slots and other casino games characterised by sharp graphics and 3D effects. In addition to slots, they’ve released a selection of table games, video poker and dice games.

Based in Prague, the Czech firm are celebrating over a decade in business, during which time they’ve gone from dominating the domestic market to making a name for themselves on the global stage. eGaming are particularly known for their VLTs – video lottery terminals.

The company were one of the first to introduce VLTs to the Czech Republic, and has grown its network to some 13,000 terminals domestically and a grand total of 20,000 internationally.

Today, eGaming terminals can be found in Romania, Macedonia, Slovakia, Belgium, Spain and Mexico. In the last two years, eGaming has also expanded into markets in Panama, Colombia and Serbia.

All the Acronyms

eGaming have also released their own gaming system that’s known as multi-lotto Server Based Gaming or SBG. This secure gaming platform is designed to facilitate multi-channel gaming and to integrate with third party platforms. It can also facilitate progressive jackpots and can be easily integrated into land-based casinos and other gaming premises. Because it’s scalable, eGaming’s SBG is suited to casinos of all sizes and of increasing complexity.

The firm’s SBG allows clients to connect VLTs together and to access eGaming’s complete games collection, from slots to table games.

How to Contact eGaming

A genuine giant in their homeland, eGaming are headquartered in Prague and provide separate email addresses and telephone numbers for their customer support and manufacture and service divisions. There are also offices in Romania, Slovakia and Spain where local clients can contact them. eGaming also welcome approaches from enterprising designers and coders who believe they may have a skill set that would benefit the company.

In recent months, eGaming have advertised positions on their website for a digital 3D artist, service desk support engineer and IT administrator, with most of these roles based in their Prague office.

eGaming Systems

eGaming’s services can be divided into three categories: games, systems and slot machines. Systems covers the company’s linked systems for e-gaming. These use a multi-bonus, server-supported fully functional system comprising three video gaming machines connected together. The machines are designed to display progressive pots on a large screen for the benefit of players in the casino or games room where they’re installed.

eGaming have also rolled out their multi-lotto CLS to various countries, another server-based system that incorporates game logic and a Random Number Generator, with clients given the ability of operating games via LAN or over the web.

eGaming Terminals

In addition to their games, which include slots, eGaming design, develop and distribute VLTS, which carry a range of games including slots. These are designed for land-based casinos, betting shops and suchlike. The company currently has four models of video lottery terminal, with a number of useful features built in. These include high quality sound, area or local progressive jackpots, dozens of games to choose from and payouts via the hopper and note dispenser.

Clients can choose the games they would like to appear on the VLTs, with options such as Black Pearl, After Dark, Hunter’s Dream, Lil’ Devil, Sticky Four and Yellow Dragon.

eGaming Slots

Slots provide the best indication of eGaming’s prowess and vision. They’ve released a lot of slots during the course of their 10+ years in the industry, both for their VLTs and for virtual casinos that operate on the web. While many of the themes and features are in keeping with the status quo, others reveal more inventiveness and playfulness.

They’re not afraid to meddle with the formula either, switching between 3, 4 and 5 reels and incorporating bonuses and additional ways to win as they see fit.

Ferris Wheel is a good example of a standard slot from eGaming. The game’s 4 reels allow for a total of 256 winning lines, with players aiming to collect the spinning ferris wheel symbols as well as the wild symbols and mystery bonus which is represented by a gold star. Land 3 stars on the payline and the mystery bonus feature will be triggered, with a random cash prize generated.

The remainder of the game’s symbols are taken up by fruit, rendered in a style that’s reminiscent of Candy Crush. With its deliberately pixelated design and red digital display, Ferris Wheel is a sharp looking game and one that’s a lot of fun to play.

After Dark, meanwhile, sees eGaming dabble in the supernatural to shiver-inducing effect. This time there are 5 reels and 5 paylines, plus a wild symbol that resembles a set of fangs and some fearsome looking rams, cats and other creatures. After Dark isn’t revolutionary, but its sound effects and animations are enough to give it the nod over other 5-reel slots.

In Circus 64, meanwhile, eGaming have shown that even with 3 reels there is a lot of action to be had. With 64 paylines, bonus symbols, wilds and the prospect of a mystery win, there’s a lot crammed into this attractive video slot. The bonus game is a classic high-low feature, triggered by landing 3 bonus symbols on a payline.

eGaming Table Games

To date, eGaming have released just 3 table games: Blackjack, Roulette and Texas Hold ‘Em. The Czech developers certainly aren’t reinventing the wheel here, but their conversions of these classic casino games are more than fit for purpose. Faithful simulacrums of the real life games they’re moulded on, each one features detailed graphics, subtle sound effects, neat animations and a good number of customisable options.

In eGaming’s blackjack conversion, players can choose to go against the dealer with anywhere from 1-5 hands and can bet with each hand up to a maximum limit. Roulette, meanwhile, is stocked with all kinds of useful features such as autoplay and the ability to observe betting patterns and game stats.

eGaming Dice Games

Since releasing their first dice game, eGaming have wasted no time in following this up with a flurry of similar titles, albeit with distinctive themes and colour schemes. Some of these, such as Pearl Dice, are essentially slots but with dice instead of playing card symbols. In Pearl Dice, which has a subsea theme, there are 5 reels and 9 paylines, with dice accompanied by seahorses and other oceanic flora and fauna.

Treasure Cubes follows a similar format, with a 5x3 layout and a pre-game that must be complete before activating the main feature game.

eGaming Video Poker

eGaming have released 7 video poker games so far: Multi Poker 4 Cards, Deuces Wild Poker, Double Bonus Poker, Five Lines Poker, Hunter’s Poker, Jacks or Better and Video Poker. The games feature simple but clean graphics and paytables that clearly display the value of winning hands. Multi Poker 4 Cards has 81 possible winning lines, with 2 decks of cards coming into play. In Deuces Wild, meanwhile, there’s just one deck of cards, but players have the ability to replace one card per round.

eGaming’s video poker games have a neat synergy between them, with certain design elements retained throughout, ensuring that players who have mastered one of their games will have no trouble in getting to grips with the remainder.

There is no shortage of Eastern European firms in Slovakia and the Czech Republic doing what eGaming do. The company has had no trouble in establishing a foothold for itself in both the domestic and international markets however. Much of this success comes down to the LVTs that eGaming have rolled out.

Once in place, on casino floors and gaming halls, the terminals’ functionality and reliability has made them a hit with operators and players alike.

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