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    Zimpler Casinos

    ZimplerIf you’ve been following the latest trends in online casino payment solutions, you may know that mobile phone payments have become a growing segment in the field. Early on, one of the leaders in this arena was PugglePay, a Swedish firm that worked with a limited number of sites for customers based in Sweden and Finland.

    Unfortunately, PugglePay no longer exists. However, a newer, more flexible solution has sprung up in the ashes of that company, servicing (at least for now) the same markets and offering a larger variety of ways for players to set up payments. The new firm, Zimpler, hopes to push the envelope on mobile payments, giving players even more options when it comes to funding their Internet casino accounts.

    Using This Service

    Zimpler is a Swedish payment system that is currently available in both Sweden and Finland, though expansion is likely in the future: already, the firm has announced plans to jump into the lucrative UK market. There is no prior setup required in order to use this service; your initial account activation can be completed at the same time you make your first deposit.

    If you want to make a deposit at a Zimpler casino site, it’s easy to get started. First, when you choose this as your payment method, you’ll need to enter your mobile phone number. The company will then send you a verification code as a text message, which you’ll need to use to confirm your secure deposit. Next, you can choose to use one of several deposit methods through your phone. The exact options will vary depending on your country and the site you play on, but will include methods such as credit cards.

    Finally, it is time to confirm your deposit. Assuming your transaction is approved, the money should hit your casino account almost instantly, allowing you to get started right away. On future deposits, you won’t need to input all your payment information again if you want to use the same funding method; instead, Zimpler will simply send you another verification code to ensure that you’re really the person making the deposit, after which they’ll process the payment for you.


    PugglePay was only available in Finland and Sweden, and that limited focus was transferred over to Zimpler as well. However, as we noted above, a UK launch is expected sometime in the second half of 2016, which will greatly increase the number of people who can use this service. While it would be nice if this service has wider availability, we can appreciate the careful and steady expansion at play here: it’s better that the group ensures they are in compliance with all regulations and has a handle on the security concerns in each market than for them to rush into things and potentially cause themselves (and their customers) unnecessary headaches.

    Still, despite this limited geographic range, this is a system that has already found its way into a large number of sites. According to their website, you can use this method at more than 200 gaming websites, a number that should continue to grow as the group expands their reach.

    One area in which you will see limited usage is in non-gaming applications. Like PugglePay before it, this is a solution tailored to the gambling industry, and the company has made it clear that they are mostly interested in providing services for individuals looking to make gambling deposits. That doesn’t mean that they’ll never branch out, but for the moment, you’ll be using Zimpler only for casinos and other gaming sites.


    When Was Zimpler Launched?

    This company was launched in April 2016 by A Swedish group known as Smart Payments Nordic. However, the group has been around for much longer; Smart Payments was also the parent company of PugglePay, which was founded in 2012.

    Where Can I Use This Method?

    At the moment, only casinos in Sweden and Finland are accepting this payment option. However, the company has announced plans for expansion into the United Kingdom in 2016, which suggests that further expansions may also be in the works.

    How Can I Control My Spending?

    One of the great things about Zimpler is that the company has shown a commitment to responsible gambling. The service allows you to set up a monthly budget that limits how much you can deposit using the service during that time frame. Players are free to change this budget, but while they can instantly lower it at any time, there is a week-long delay on any attempt to increase the amount they are allowed to spend. Users may also permanently block themselves from the service if they feel that are abusing it, and the firm has provided information on healthy gaming practices on its site.

    Are These Payments Secure?

    One of the biggest advantages to using this service is its security. Because you no longer have to input your personal financial information on every site you play on, you severely cut down on the risk of issues such as identity theft. In addition, the fact that you will receive a new confirmation code each time you (or anyone) attempts to make a deposit with your account ensures that you always have an added layer of security over your payment method.

    What Are Some Similar Alternatives?

    Other companies have also been hard at work developing mobile payment systems. Boku is a system with wide reach throughout much of the world, including partnerships with many of the biggest commercial carriers on the planet, for instance. Many of these alternatives bill deposits directly to your phone bill, rather than utilizing other payment methods. Another option for those who like having an extra layer between their financial instruments and the casinos themselves is an e-wallet like Skrill or Neteller, which will once again allow you to make deposits (and withdrawals) without having to constantly share your card or account numbers with the world at large.