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Charismatic Games Provider Review

Charismatic Games is the slots platform used by Bet Solutions. The brand itself is a little more difficult to place. Very little information is present on their website. To gain an idea of this company, our review team thought it best to look at some of the games they offer.

Their website is very much focused on these games. It consists of a single page listing the games. Though these profiles are comprehensive and let us know exactly what to expect in the game, more information would be preferred. There is a link to an “About Us” page but this just gives an error message. While they do provide links to their social media, these are just empty pages. 

Beyond the games provided, we have very little idea about how Charismatic is as a brand. If they are to grow, they need to address these issues so players can get to know them as developers. In the meantime, keep reading to find out what our expert reviewers discovered about this brand.

High-Quality Design

One thing that cannot be disputed is the level of detail that goes into Charismatic’s games. These are beautifully designed, and they are a real credit to the teams who made them. Not only are the symbols wonderfully designed, but the backgrounds of the games also all contain subtle animations. From candles flickering to waves washing gently, these are tiny details that help to give the games a little bit more life.

We might not know much about who is creating these games, but we can be certain that they care a lot about their art. A lot of time has been put into these games to make them as amazing as possible.

Free to Play Charismatic Slot Machine Games

Unique Slots

Of course, no review of a slot developer would be complete without examining how their games play.

The first we tried was Captain of Pirates. This is a high seas adventure packed with excitement. Pirate-themed slots are a popular genre among developers, yet Charismatic has taken this game to the next level. The symbols are a mix of the royal flush symbols popularly used by developers and unique piratical ones to tie into the game’s main theme.

The standout feature by far is the bonus round. Land 3 treasure chests to unlock it. First, you need to build your bonus. Visit three islands and pick several spins, a style of wild, and a win multiplier. The level of customization here means that every set of free spins will be different. You could play this game over and over and never see the same spins twice.

The other game we tried was The Mystery of Faberge. This game is based on the treasures made by the incredible Russian jeweler and his legendary eggs form some of the highest paying symbols. While gemstones and jewels are common motifs in slot games, it is rare to see a slot use Faberge. 

To unlock free spins in this slot, you need to collect the crystal scatters. The fuchsia crystal unlocks 5 free spins and expanding wilds, the green crystal unlocks 10 free spins and a mirror wild, and the indigo crystal unlocks 15 free spins and walking wilds. If you like to play with as many wilds and free spins as possible, this would be a great game for you to try. 

Part of a Much Wider Brand

Charismatic is the slots brand for a much larger parent company called Bet Solutions. This impressive company has fingers in many pies and, if their other brands are anything like Charismatic, they have plenty to offer their players.

They claim to offer over 3500 casino games amongst 110 providers. They also offer a selection of sportsbooks. Such a diverse portfolio means that Charismatic is just one piece of a complex puzzle. These are some very high-quality slots and they are sure to appeal to a vast number of players. 

With the right marketing, they could become one of the top casino game providers; able to compete with some of the biggest brands currently dominating the market. The quality of their games proves that they can make products that compete on this level, they just need the right drive behind them to get the attention of other online casinos. We are certain that there are players out there who would love what Charismatic and the other brands at Bet Solutions have to offer. 

Looking to the Future

One area Bet Solutions claim to be looking at is development into games for Virtual Reality platforms. While this platform has taken off in mainstream gaming, the iGaming industry is comparatively only beginning to explore their options here. Only the biggest of developers have made serious inroads into developing games for this platform.

If Bet Solutions could create some games for this area, they would be in a great position to reach a wide selection of players. What’s more, they might be able to reach new gamers who are currently not interested in trying casino games; thanks to the development of this VR platform. 

Bet Solutions has already started developing a VR casino. This is a fantastic starting point as it will give new players the experience of a real casino without ever having to leave their own homes, beyond even what a live dealer casino can currently offer.

A Great Start

Charismatic, and Bet Solutions as a whole, has got the groundwork they need to become a well-known iGaming brand. At the core of everything, they have a library of interesting and extremely playable games. Their next steps should be to improve this collection while also building their reputation in the community. With the right social media strategy and some powerful connections to the right casinos and developers, they will have everything they need to reach new heights. 

If you have the chance to spin a Charismatic game, you should do so. These are beautiful and well-made games that our expert reviewers thought were a pleasure to try. We look forward to seeing what Charismatic achieves in the future.

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