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Caleta Gaming
Caleta Gaming Online Slots

Is Caleta Gaming the dark horse of the online slots world? Rather than fire out of the barrel at top speed, this casino software developer is taking its time to build a solid foundation. Having launched in late 2017, this savvy iGaming developer has grown in strength and reputation.

This software company has a multinational focus with a base in three countries. It has a large portfolio of free to play slots, which are proving a big hit with online fans. Plus, the team offers a great range of bingo and keno titles, as well as the odd lotto game.

If software developers dream of iGaming domination, then Caleta Gaming's tactic is: slow and steady wins the race. Will the strategy pay off? Our Caleta Gaming review team were keen to find out.

We, at VegasSlotsOnline, bring you the company lowdown and expert appraisal of all the developer's slots games. Join us as we explore just what Caleta Gaming has to offer, and unlock the chance to load up its slots and play for free.

Free to Play Caleta Gaming Slot Machine Games

Caleta Gaming
Video Slots
Caleta Gaming
Video Slots

Discover an Ambitious International Presence

Caleta Gaming enjoys an international reach with a base in three countries and across two continents. You'll find a team in the south of Brazil, amongst the glorious beaches of its Santa Catarina Island. There's a further team based on the rock of Gibraltar and a third in the bustling city of London, in the United Kingdom.

This international presence hints at a complex infrastructure and an ambitious outlook. Caleta Gaming has certainly been building in presence since its launch in 2017.

The developer has secured big growth funding from an enterprising venture capital firm. Vereeni Investments specialises in providing seed capital for go-getting new iGaming firms. Seeking a partnership with Vereeni shows Caleta Gaming's steely determination in a competitive market.

More recently Caleta Gaming has scored a winning deal with The developer celebrated the partnership by relaunching an exclusive version of its Football Pro slots title with exclusive promotions for a handful of players to enjoy live UK Premier League soccer games.

The Caleta Gaming review team certainly gets a strong sense of ambition from this company's strategic plan. The developer shows a combination of strong initiative and big cojones in its choice of partners and its marketing campaigns.

The company may have been on the scene for a few years already but Caleta Gaming is showing all the signs of deliberately building a solid foundation from which to flourish.

Keep an eye on all of Caleta Gaming's developments and its latest slots releases right here on VegasSlotsOnline.

Enjoy Top Games from a Big Portfolio

The Caleta Gaming review team found a large portfolio of games for a whole host of players to enjoy. At last count there were 32 slots games, many of which arrived in a flourish of recent releases.

Themes for Caleta Gaming's slots are varied, if very familiar. There seems to be a title for every genre of all the typical slots games. Have a scan through the list of games available and you'll find the one with cute kittens, the one with leprechauns, the one with crazy scientists in a lab, the pirate one, the magic fairy forest one and many more besides.

Caleta Gaming, it seems, like to play it safe when it comes to themes for slots titles. We haven't been that impressed with any original or innovative ideas but what the team does do well is fun and appealing graphic design.

Amongst the titles of Caleta Gaming slots there are bright and colorful layouts, sleek and sexy images, as well as crisp and detailed graphics. These games focus on fun and are already proving to be a big hit with fans.

Popular titles from this catalog include the Chinese-themed China Charms and Dragon Rising, plus spooky slots like Hollowinner or Fright Night. There's also the soccer-themed Football Pro, which appeals to sports fans and, in particular, the huge number of European football fans.

Discover Slots with a Variety of Features and Structures

To understand why these slots are popular, the Caleta gaming review team tested them out. What we discovered was a broad choice of features, structures and bonus games to enjoy.

Players will find features such as wild reels, sticky wilds, multipliers, tumbling reels and progressive multipliers, to name a few.

Plus, many of Caleta Gaming's slots enjoy bonus games and gamble features. A popular bonus found in a lot of the developer's titles is a free spins bonus with the possibility of 15, 20 or 25 free spins.

The occasional game, such as Cutey Cats and Hallowinner, has a great bonus, which offers players a choice of volatility. Trigger the bonus game for these slots and you'll be offered a selection of 10 free spins with a 2x multiplier, 7 free spins with a 3x multiplier or 5 free spins with a 4x multiplier.

Whether you're a player who enjoys high volatility swings, or you prefer to stick with low volatility regularity, you're bound to enjoy the thrill of potential wins from Caleta Gaming.

The developer's variety of structures also offers something for every player to enjoy. Most titles host a payline structure, with 30, 40 or 50 paylines proving common. There are, though, a good handful of ways to win structures and a couple of what they call 9 spot games, where a 3x3 reel set offers 9 individual reels.

All games are designed to be played on any web browser and are optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop alike. You can load and enjoy Caleta Gaming slots on any device to play for free or to play for real money.

On average the developer's slots offer an RTP somewhere in the mid-90s. That said, there are a couple of exciting new releases for January 2020 with impressive RTP ratings. Beach Tennis promises an RTP of 97.50% and the beautifully illustrated Forest Legends boasts a 98.75% RTP. Definitely two slots to load up and try for free right here on VegasSlotsOnline.

More Than the Sum of Their Slots

Caleta Gaming offer players a broader casino package than just a slots catalog. Besides the many slots games on offer there is also a collection of bingo and keno titles for online gambling fans to enjoy.

There's a range of 11 bingo titles, 3 keno games and an instant win lottery game. For online gamblers who like to mix their play up a little, then Caleta Gaming offers some promising options to boost your bank balance.

Load up Caleta Gaming Slots to Play for Free Now

There's good reason why Caleta Gaming has been establishing itself slowly but steadily in the iGaming market. The company has a bold strategy, which it is taking at a measured pace. It is producing a good selection and an impressive quantity of fun online gambling games.

We would like to see some of the company's boldness reflected in its innovation and originality. The development team is sticking to tried and tested formulae for slots so far. We predict that, if it's serious about iGaming domination, it's going to have to do more to stand out from the crowd.

To check out the variety of solid and fun slots that Caleta Gaming offers, you just need to load up the reels to play for free right here. When you're ready to play for real money, we recommend choosing one of our favorite casinos listed below.

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