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Betsense Slots

Betsense is an online casino games provider that has a modest but growing collection of top slots and other casino titles. They’re best known for their work with Adjarabet, one of the largest iGaming operators in the nation of Georgia.

While the company hasn’t produced anything spectacular or groundbreaking just yet, they have made a solid collection of unique slots, many of which featuring themes we haven’t seen elsewhere. Some of their portfolio is available in English, but given their home market, it’s hardly surprising to find that much of it is specifically designed in Georgian as well.

While they may be restricted to one market for now, however, Betsense definitely has some bigger ambitions. They’re hoping to build a differentiated product that will allow them to go worldwide, and from what we’ve seen, we wouldn’t be surprised at all if they at least move to other jurisdictions in the region in the near future.

It Just Makes Sense

While we’re not sure just how old Betsense is or exactly when it was founded, we know that their current CEO, Zakaria Khitarishvili, has been on the job since January 2015. Before then, he owned a Flash design studio, as well as Adjarabet – a background that definitely makes sense, as he now helms a firm that supplies Flash games to Georgia’s biggest operator.

Based out of the capital city of Tbilisi, this firm has built a team of more than 20 staff, and currently has a portfolio consisting of more than 20 games as well. Along with slots, they’ve also produced table games, skill-based products, and some social games as well. All of their titles are developed in Flash for desktop play, and feature HD graphics to give users the best presentation possible.

Over the past few years, Betsense has emerged as one of the major players in Georgia’s developing iGaming industry. They have become a regular attendee at the annual Georgia Gaming Congress, with Khitarishvili himself often giving presentations on developments in the online gambling sector.

Video Slots

The heart of this collection is in the slots lineup, which consists of nearly 20 different titles. As we noted above, many of these are completely built in the Georgian language, though others have English versions – a sign both of their current focus and the fact that they might be targeting the international scene before too long.

Many of the games in this library are fairly traditional in scope. For instance, there are no less than five titles in which fruit is the main theme. These range from the simple Frozen Fruits – a five payline game with no special features outside of one multiplier bonus – to the more complex Slice Fruits machines, which come in 20 and 40 payline versions.

Some games in the collection are…more unusual, to say the least. Our favorite example of this has to be Dictator, a five-reel, 20-payline game that “stars” such historical figures as Hitler, Stalin, and Fidel Castro (we imagine that this one won’t be coming to a worldwide audience anytime soon). Most games in this portfolio include an optional gamble feature after winning spins, and there is a four-tiered progressive jackpot system on all of these machines, giving players random opportunities to win anything from the tiny bronze prize to the huge platinum jackpot.

Table Games and More

Betsense offers more than just slots, though their other offerings are a little slim right now. There are a couple of card games they’ve developed that can be found at Adjarabet: Russian Poker and Japanese Joker. They’ve also produced some skill-based games that allow players to go head to head with each other. These include classics like backgammon, dominoes, and checkers, along with more casual tabletop games like Sea Battle and Farkle.

A True Georgia Peach

Right now, the audience for the Betsense collection is fairly limited: if you live outside of Georgia, you might never encounter the company, and even at Adjarabet, there are better-known international software providers that overshadow them a bit. But their games are actually quite good: you might not see anything particularly innovative in this portfolio, but the products are solid and fun to play, making them a good addition to any casino.

That has the company set up well for the future. We can’t guarantee just when this growing studio will find its way out of Georgia and into the wider iGaming world, but we expect to happen before too long. If they continue to create compelling games and make them available in a wider selection of languages, they’ll have everything they need in order to compete with other providers in the region.

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