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Bet2Tech Online Slots

The hunt for new games providers can always be interesting. Sometimes you find a brand which looks promising at first. However, when you look a little closer, it’s not what you expected. This is what we ultimately found with Bet2Tech.

We would love to tell you all about Bet2Tech. Unfortunately, there is very little information on their website beyond the games they have already released. We know that they were founded in 2018 but don’t state where this company is based, and there’s very little about any upcoming games. If they wish to grow their brand, Bet2Tech need to be a little more upfront with some of the missing information.

It is clear from their website that Bet2Tech has some talent for design. The website is sleek and modern and is simply laid out. You can navigate it by scrolling or clicking a link in the bar at the top of the screen. However, we also found this sparse.

Read on to uncover what we did find out about this elusive slot provider.

Detailed Games and a Commitment to Uniformity

The high-quality we noted on the website is something which is carried into the games of Bet2Tech. Each one has been carefully designed with its own theme. This slot provider has chosen to provide all of their current slot games with symbols unique to that game. Instead of using common motifs like the card suits, this extra note helps to give the slot something special.

We also loved the attention to detail present in the animations of some of their games. In particular, Fishing Weekend features clouds moving across the skies, a fisherman bobbing in his boat, and symbols which wink and shift when you aren’t spinning the reels. These are all such tiny little details, but they help to bring the slot to life and make you feel immersed in the game. If Bet2Tech can offer the same level of detail in their future games, they are going to appeal to many on a visual level.

One thing which we liked about the games was the inclusion of a standard control bar. This is a brilliant addition as it means the controls do not change no matter which of Bet2Tech’s games you are playing. This allows players to quickly pick up other titles when they play them. It is a design technique we have seen from many of the major slot developers, such as NetEnt.

What Do the Games Have to Offer?

Two games stood out to us amongst the few offered by Bet2Tech, these being Fishing Weekend and Aliens Attack.

Fishing Weekend is a 15-payline slot themed around fishing. Lower paying symbols are the lures the fisherman can use to reel in a big prize whilst higher paying symbols include a worm, a rod, a slot, and the unlucky fish. The Wild is a bundle of dynamite and it is also the scatter for the free spins; a typical feature we have seen in many other games.

There are a few extra bonuses beyond the free spins. On any random spin, the fisherman may change the colour of all of the lures on the reels to match. He may also decide to throw a random number of sticks of dynamite onto the reels which could lead to some free spins being triggered. You need at least 3 dynamite symbols to earn the free spins, and you can get more free spins by landing more dynamite.

Aliens Attack is a retro title which is obviously inspired by the classic Space Invaders arcade game. Like Fishing Weekend, it also has 15 paylines. One feature we love with this game is that when you open the paytable, the reels fly up and the information pages slide down. This is a neat little transition which gives the game some extra flair.

The symbols in this game have an 8-bit design. The lower paying symbols this time round are the aliens. Meanwhile, the higher paying ones are their ships. The Wild is a pretty classic-looking Wild symbol. You also need to keep an eye out for the bomb symbol.

The disappointing thing about Aliens Attack is it has very few bonus features. Firstly, the Wild expands to fill its reel when it lands. Secondly, the bomb symbol explodes when it hits a reel, destroying the symbols around it and triggering a respin. These respins have a multiplier which increases by one for each free respin that passes.

Other than those, Aliens Attack is a pretty standard slot game. It is a visually stunning game but some players might find it too simplistic to play. While there is a market for simple slot games, Bet2Tech also needs to make sure that they diversify and include games with enough bonus features to keep other players happy.

Early Collaborations

Bet2Tech might be fairly new to the market but that hasn’t stopped them scoring a few partnerships. They have a collaboration contract with Idenon, a development studio from Ukraine which will see them produce many games together. They also have a partnership with Infingame, which is an iGaming platform that already works alongside industry-recognised slot developers like Red Tiger and Quickspin. These partnerships should help Bet2Tech to improve their games portfolio whilst also giving them some support as they build a reputation in the industry.

Prepared for a Mobile Market

One thing which Bet2Tech has nailed is their mobile compatibility. Understanding how important this is, they have made sure that all of their games are optimised for mobile play. They have also ensured that their games are compatible with a number of common web browsers such as Google Chrome.

A Developer Worth Trying?

Overall, Bet2Tech has potential. Their games, though disappointing in a few areas, show that the team is dedicated to producing some high-quality games in the future. However, they currently need to do a lot of work to improve their brand and make themselves a well-known developer. It doesn’t matter how good a developer’s games are, if they don’t put the work into making themselves an approachable brand then they won’t get the recognition they need. Unless they change their strategies, they are not going to get the audience they no doubt want.

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