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AllBet Slots

AllBet is an online casino software company that primarily creates slots. The company is active in a number of regulated jurisdictions, offering a small suite of games that cover a variety of standard themes, creating a nice package that can add depth to any casino’s slots lineup.

While that might sound pretty run of the mill, there are a couple of things that help set AllBet apart. For one, they have designed their games to be as user-friendly as possible to a wide range of players, thanks to support for a multitude of currencies and languages. In addition, they have tried to make some innovative gameplay choices, including one title that incorporates arcade action without requiring any skill to play.

All-In on Gaming

While AllBet doesn’t provide a wealth of information about themselves on their website or through other sources, they appear to be a UK-based company, or at least one that operates extensively in the UK market. The information they provide about themselves is fairly generic: they talk about working with a team of experienced professionals, tout their innovative features, and so forth. They do talk about emphasizing quality and assurance, and a commitment to following regulatory rules is clear throughout their operation.

The AllBet collection has been created entirely in HTML5, which ensures that their games are available in a browser-based format that can be accessed regardless of platform. That makes these titles entirely mobile compatible as well, and also means they can easily be integrated into existing casino systems or apps.

One of the biggest selling points here is the fact that these games are available in 46 different currencies, which the company says is more currency options than anyone else offers. They also make their titles available in 13 languages. That means that these slots can seamlessly be added to casinos in just about any market in the world, though they do note that licenses are required – and with AllBet featuring licenses from both the UK Gaming Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, we believe that they take their regulatory responsibilities seriously.

Video Slots

Until recently, AllBet was exclusively a slots company, and those games are still their bread and butter. The company has more than 15 slots in their lineup, covering some of the classic themes that we expect to see in any sizable casino games collection. From fantasy to ancient Egypt, from Vegas to outer space, most of these games hit the areas that have been proven to be player favorites time and time again.

That’s not to say that there aren’t a few surprises or innovative ideas in this collection. For instance, Ghostie Postie is a five-reel, 20 payline slot that’s all about a friendly undead postal worker. With a couple of mail-themed special features, this might sound like an oddball title, but even serious gamblers will appreciate the chance to win 1500x their bet on every spin.

Many other games were both enjoyable and memorable, with colorful themes and quality art really making these themes come alive. Honeypot Slots features bees and bears in a bright forest setting, with players looking to win big on 20 lines of action. Meanwhile, Alien Fusion offers up three exciting bonus features that add different types of wilds on the screen, along with guaranteed random wins being awarded if you are unfortunate enough to lose on at least six spins in a row.

Arcade Action

One of AllBet’s latest games is their most innovative effort yet. Air Fighter is an arcade-style game in which players fire bullets at aircraft, shooting them down in order to win prizes. The machine features gorgeous video game style graphics, fast gameplay, and a progressive jackpot that can be won if you manage to shoot down the Big Boss Plane during play.

While this game is definitely targeted at a younger audience that isn’t interested in traditional slots, don’t be confused into thinking this is a skill-based game. This is still a fixed-odds machine where the results are completely random, so don’t worry if your aim or reflexes aren’t so good. Each bullet you fire is a bet, and each plane offers a random reward, making for an exciting moment every time you claim another victim.

One for All

While we may not know all that much about AllBet as a company, we do know that they have a solid collection of games to offer casinos in regulated markets. While their slots aren’t groundbreaking, everything we’ve seen has been enjoyable and professionally made, and many players will like the fact that these machines offer large top payouts, making it possible to score jackpot-style wins even without a progressive component.

For those looking for something just a bit different, Air Fighter definitely supplies that. While the gameplay in this arcade-style machine is pretty repetitive, it still manages to be engaging: there’s nothing quite like the excitement of a dogfight to bring any game up a notch. If you come across this game at your favorite online casino, it’s worth a look, as are any AllBet slots that hit the thematic notes you’re looking for.

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