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Whow Games
Whow Games Slot Machines

When was the last time you played a game that made you go ‘Wow!’? Or even ‘Whow!’? Coming straight outta Hamburg, Whow are a team of talented software engineers who are on a mission to make gaming great again. They want to put the wow factor back into iGaming, promising to deliver all the thrill and excitement of playing in Vegas from the comfort of your own home or wherever your smartphone may take you.

Whow Games certainly aren’t the first company to attempt this feat, but their commitment to emulating the authentic Vegas experience is genuine, that’s for sure.

A Man on a Mission

If anyone knows what it feels like to win – complete with the huge adrenaline rush that comes with it – it’s the company’s founder, Heiki Hubertz. The fantastically named head honcho was treated to the full Vegas experience as part of a lavish birthday party in which the Nevadan strip smiled kindly and lady luck made a special appearance.

After being wooed and won over by Las Vegas, Hubertz returned to Hamburg as a man on a mission. His first task upon getting back was to found Whow Games and the rest, as they say, is history. With current openings for interns, front-end engineer, backend and mobile devs and 2D artist, there’s a lot going on at Whow right now.

Based in Hafencity, in the very heart of Hamburg, Whow’s products can be seen on handsets at home and across the world. Their business is gaming and business is good.

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Whow Games
Video Slots
Whow Games
Video Slots
Whow Games
Video Slots

Working with Whow

Whow Games currently comprises a tight-knit and youthful team of around 25 who operate out of the company’s Hamburg office, conveniently located close to the Casino Esplanade. The firm’s employees certainly work hard – of that there is no doubt.

There’s also no disputing that they like to play hard however. New recruits, having completed a successful probationary period, can look forward to being flown to – where else? – Las Vegas to experience the bright lights and sprawling casinos up close. It may be labelled a work jolly, but the experience also promises to be an educational one. Every team member who returns from Vegas brings a little bit of the magic with them, knowledge which can then be sunk into Whow’s Vegas-inspired games.

In addition to engineers and developers, Whow are currently seeking an International VIP Support Manager and Economy Specialist.

The Whow Factor

Whether playing Whow Games’ titles on your smartphone or desktop, you can expect a highly convincing simulation of the Las Vegas experience. Slots and table games are among the various types of casino games the German devs have attempted.

Whow’s approach is to try and incorporate the social aspects of playing at a casino into their software. That’s why their games can be played for free. It’s also why they’ve devoted a significant amount of time and capital to perfecting a mobile app that players of both sexes and all backgrounds are able to enjoy. In addition to playing for free on their smartphones, in-app or in-browser, players can compete against one another and win prizes.

Not all of Whow’s efforts are focused inwards however: they also provide white label solutions to clients seeking to integrate top-notch casino games into their existing platforms.

Gaming Just Got Comfy

The needs of the modern gamer have changed considerably from those of yore. Whereas previous generations were content to remain in situ, putting in long hours in front of a console umbilically linked to a TV screen, the world has moved on. Today’s gamers – both video gamers and gamblers – expect the freedom to play on the go and on the device of their choice.

To facilitate this, Whow Games have developed the app, which is available on Android and iOS. The mobile app contains the majority of the games and features to be found on the full website, including such slots as Fancy Fruits, Ramses Buch and Explodiac. A blend of domestic favourites as well as Las Vegas classics keeps German players as well as an overseas audience entertained.

Whow claim to be Europe’s most successful social casino, and they’ve certainly got the stats to bolster their claim; according to Whow, its customers spend longer playing their products than those of any of its rivals.

Enter the Social Casino

It would not be hyperbole to state that Whow have pioneered the concept of the cross-platform free-to-play social casino. As they proudly proclaim, “What started in Vegas continues in Hamburg.”

As an example of how Whow’s social games look in action, check out 7 Slots. The 5-reel video slot looks crisp and clean, whether viewed on tablet or mobile. Spin the game’s 5 reels and a flurry of familiar-looking symbols will drop into view on the paylines. Bells, BARs and flaming red 7s are all part of the fun, with wild symbols and free spins thrown in to spice things up.

Whow like their fruits; Fancy Fruits is another 5-reeler, set against a background of tumbling grapes, plums, lemons, cherries and melons. The same fruit symbols surface in the actual game, along with the ubiquitous red 7s. With max bet, autoplay and start buttons across the bottom, Whow’s slots faithfully recreate those found in Vegas and every other hotbed of land-based gaming.

My Jackpot, Your Jackpot

To savour the full Whow experience, download the app or check out the site of the same name. While most software developers supply their games to third-party casinos, Whow have gone one better and built an entire online casino themselves. It looks just like any other online casino, albeit an extremely slick and attractive one.

There is of course one key difference: because this is a social casino, it’s 100% free to play and no money is required. If everything is free to play then how do Whow make any money?

By applying a business model that’s been extremely successful for a number of app developers – one that’s known as freemium. Users of can access premium features, if they so desire, by paying a subscription fee. These unlock a raft of additional features, and allow Whow Games to keep the lights on.

The Best Things in Life Are Free

Aside from costing nothing to play, mirrors a fully licensed and regulated online casino. Slots, table games and casual games can all be played in-browser including European Roulette, Double Bonus Poker and Pyramid Poker Double Jackpot. Head on over to the slots and you’ll be greeted by a handful of progressive jackpot games whose top prize is represented in increasingly large numbers: Super Duper Cherries’ jackpot stands in excess of 10 billion credits, followed by The Land of Heroes and Crystal Ball.

You might only be playing for fun, but the thrill of winning remains potent and intoxicating.

Whow Games’ business model is unusual, but it’s one with which they’ve enjoyed great success, as the firm’s many players, especially in Germany, will attest. Their slots wouldn’t look out of place in any online casino, but instead they can be enjoyed all in one place on

Their devs may not have succeeded in completely emulating the authentic Las Vegas experience (in fairness no software development company has), but Whow have given it their best shot and come up with a platform and product range that’s a whole lotta fun.

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