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Sizzling Stars Slots

You’ll be thanking your lucky stars when you play this retro slot machine from Wazdan. This 5-reel and 10 paylines matrix may look like it’s going to be a disappointing experience, but it’s actually a surprisingly uplifting and easy to adapt to activity. What is more, it gives you some much needed time away from the more complicated aspects of life.

Busy slot machines are all the age, and yet they have so much going on that they can give you a headache; there’s a talking dog there and a space age robot over there, and all of it seems to be trying too hard. Sizzling Stars doesn’t need to impress you, it just provides a space in which you can decompress and potentially get some money back.

If you’ve never wished upon a star, now is your chance to do it, and this one star is a big red one that has a very unique ability – it can pay out anywhere on the grid. Alone. That’s right, Sizzling Stars main attraction doesn’t need multiple matches to sprinkle some magic across the reels.

Born to be a Star

Some of us are just naturally gifted, charismatic from birth, we know how to get what we want and what we want right now is the chance to win a progressive jackpot. To do that though, we can’t just stomp our feet and shake our fists, we need to approach the slot like an adult and bet like everyone else. Stars don’t just get given everything, you know.

When it comes to betting, the way to increase it comes via a plus button next to bet display, while a minus button acts as a means to decrease your total; the range you actually have to engage with is 0.10 to 100 credits. If at any time throughout the title you wish to alter your bet, you can do so once the reels stop spinning. Furthermore, there is a maximum stake option to try out if you want to say damn it all and risk every bit of cash you have.

Customers can also shake things up around here by reducing the winlines, essentially making the game a lot more compact. This will probably be the route that most newbies go for, opting to ease themselves in slowly. It’s a good and logically tactic, but why not be brave and play with the full amount? In Sizzling Stars you can afford to do this as your final bet isn’t split across the reels, meaning there’s no nasty surprises.

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Sizzling Stars

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Are You Feeling Lucky, Punk?

As is the Wazdan way of the slots, there is a double or nothing type mini game within the base game, triggered when you make a successful combination. It doesn’t launch automatically, and will instead wait for you to select it - if you’d rather not have to deal with a side quest right now, merely carry on gaming as before.

Should you click it though, you will be shown a card, with the choice of red or black presented beside it. As you’re now in the hot seat, risking it all for a few extra bucks, you need to carefully consider what colour you think the card will change into after your selection. There’s no takebacks with Sizzling Stars, you live with your choices.

Even though it’s a decent feature, it hardly ever rewards you; most of the time you pick wrong and it closes down, your win now lost back into the system. If we sound bitter it’s because we are… we want just one win at the gamble feature.

No Smoke without Fire

If something is sizzling it’s cooking, and if it’s cooking it’s going to burn if you don’t watch yourself. No, we haven’t gone mad, we’re just trying to make a point of driving home how important it is to keep your eyes on the reels at all times. At any moment a win could swoop in a change your fortunes.

Should you be looking for big money, we have to inform you that there isn’t any to be had here, however there is a payout of 50 credits from the glowing red 7 which is the next best thing. This, combined with a successful gamble, on top of the jackpot, can mean you leave with a substantial booty.

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