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    Club 8 Casino

    Win credits at the free to play Club 8 Casino.

    Players from United States not accepted

    • Free to play Australian casino that dispenses virtual prizes.
    • Receive $5,000 free credits when you sign up and more when you log in daily.
    • Play top slots including Starburst, Wild Gypsy and African Diamond.
    • Table games ranging from blackjack to baccarat plus bingo.

    Club 8 Casino Review

    With games like NRVNA The Nxt Xperience and Savannah Storm, Club 8 Casino looks just like any other web-based casino. It’s got slots, table games and bingo. It’s got promotions, leaderboards and all the other trappings you’d expect of a self-respecting virtual casino. But what’s all this chat about credits and loyalty bonuses? Where are the dollar symbols, or the Euros or pounds for that matter? Scroll to the homepage footer and it will all start to make sense.

    Club 8 Casino, it transpires, is a free to play website. That’s right: there’s no real money. If Club 8 Casino was a nightclub, it would be one hosting an under-18s disco; all the tunes and misbehaviour but none of the alcohol. Which leaves a question: is it possible to have fun at a casino without any alcohol – i.e cash – to lubricate matters? There’s only one way to find out. One oddity about the site by the way: despite being an Australian operation, it’s hosted in Nevada.


    About Club 8 Casino

    Sign up at Club 8 Casino and you’ll instantly become a thousandaire. That’s because all new players receive $5,000 of virtual credits. Because this place is all about entertainment rather than enrichment, this cash won’t get you far outside of the site. But within the realms of Club 8 Casino, you can live like a king and play like a whale, laying down fat stacks of virtual cash on every slot and table game that takes your fancy. It’s just like selecting the play for free option at a virtual casino, only here you’ll never be tempted to play for real cash because that provision has been disabled.

    In addition to the $5k bonus that new players are awarded, there’s a login bonus doled out every day you return to the site. Of course, it’s easy for Club 8 Casino to be generous; this is play money after all. Still, the games are very real, and even with the prospect of real world riches removed, there’ll still be a frisson of excitement every time you scoop a jackpot...followed by by a crestfallen sigh as you come to terms with your bumper prize being worth the square root of zero. The site is operated by Queensland RSL Clubs, an Aussie conglomeration of real world casinos.

    Club Promotions

    You may be wondering what the point of promotions is when all of the games at Club 8 Casino are essentially free to play. Well, there still needs to be an incentive for players to get started, and make believe as it may be, virtual dollars still have an intrinsic worth while you’re playing at Club 8 Casino. From the real world casinos’ perspective, Club 8 Casino builds some brand goodwill and gives players a taste for casino excitement before hopefully coaxing some of them to make the transition to a bricks and mortar casino.

    The welcome bonus of $5,000 credits will enable you to put in some serious playing time on top slots such as Gonzo’s Quest and Savannah Storm. Play the site’s game of the month and you’ll be awarded up to 100,000 bonus credits every week. You’ll be granted 1% of your total stake placed in the preceding week. What’s more, every Sunday you’ll be given the chance to spin the wheel and claim a bonus of up to 50,000 credits. Credits seem easy to come by at Club 8 Casino. It’s almost as if they’re worthless, but don’t think that for a second.

    Club 8 Casino Bonuses and Promotions

    Welcome Bonus


    If there’s no real money to won at Club 8 Casino, how do you determine a winner? By checking out the leaderboards of course. The site has hourly, daily and weekly tables detailing the top performing players. Put in an inordinate amount of time playing the game of the week, for example, and your name will appear in first place along with your cash award of $250,000 – that’s $250,000 virtual dollars. A countdown timer reveals the amount of time remaining in which to enter the weekly slot challenge.

    There’s another leaderboard for the weekly table games challenge. Claim top spot and you’ll be rewarded with $100,000, with half that amount going to second place and half again to third. Finally, there’s a weekly VIP slots challenge, which looks remarkably similar to the regular slots challenge, right down to the $100,000 first place prize.

    Excellent Slots

    You’d expect a free to play casino to offer substandard slots, the sort that are just there to make up the numbers, but not so: Club 8 Casino’s games are excellent. They’re not all classics of course, but there are some great games in the mix including Night Survivor, American Gold Rush and Reel Rush. These slots appear at many real money casinos and are characterised by excellent graphics and innovative features.

    Table Games and Bingo

    As a fully functional casino, there’s no shortage of table games to be played too. Video poker features prominently alongside a few versions of roulette such as Jackpot Roulette and Pro Blackjack, Baccarat and Hi-Lo Solitaire. A couple of lottery games are also featured here including Keno and Mega Ball Action. Speaking of lotteries, Club 8 Casino also hosts VIP and 90-ball bingo which, like everything else on the site, are free. Just like a proper bingo site, there are chat games, mini games and the option to create a fully customised player profile.

    Not Everyone is Equal

    Not all players are created equal at Club 8 Casino; become a VIP and you’ll get to enjoy exclusive access to games that are off-limits to regular players. These include Starburst, Blood Suckers, China Shores, Jack Hammer 2 and Total Meltdown. Some of these slots are discernibly better than the regular slots to be played on the site, it’s true.

    What’s more, the number of exclusive VIP games available is extensive, running into several dozen titles. It’s worth remembering of course that you can play most of these games for free at regular casinos too, but at Club 8 Casino you can do so without the temptation to advance to real cash.

    Our Rating

    Club 8 Casino is a functional and well-stocked site that can be played on desktop, tablet or mobile. The only thing limiting it is the fact that you can’t play for real money. If your interest in casino games is dictated by the prospect of winning money, Club 8 Casino ain’t gonna be your kind of place. If you enjoy the games themselves as much as the potential payouts, however, this free to play site is perfect.

    It also serves as a handy primer for the thrills and spills of playing at a real virtual casino. Get the hang of the games and betting rules while playing at Club 8 Casino before advancing to the real thing elsewhere on the web. Free to play websites, by their nature, are only of interest to casual players. Still, if that’s you, there are ample games here to provide many contented hours of entertainment.


    This casino is restricted in your country

    Here are some alternatives for you:

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