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Shock Provider Review

Shock is an innovative developer that is hoping to break into the industry with a brand new style of gaming. While there are a limited number of online slots from Shock right now, they have decided to create something unique with their Swipie games.

This developer specialises in creating HTML5 games that work well on mobile devices. It is expected that they will soon be appearing at some of the top online casinos as this company gets some notoriety. Each of the Shock games are loaded with features such as free games and blitz mode.

An Asian Influence

The Shock website is very simple and doesn’t tell us much about the company. We are told that they offer unique games but we don’t hear much about when they were formed or where they are based. This is quite mysterious and the website could do with some work as it's just one page. 

While this isn’t mentioned on their site, the style of the Shock slots and the Swipie games appear to have an Asian influence. There are two games with anime characters and another with Chinese coins. The graphics are well designed and there are Shock slots demos on the site.

Free to Play Shock Slot Machine Games

Swipie Games That Are Unique

On the Shock games website, we found some demos that we were able to try out. There are four games on offer with one being a slot game and the other three Swipie games. We thought we would review the Swipie Games as these are so unique.

Coin Swipe is a Chinese themed game that features some coins that we see in many slots of a similar theme. This game is only available to play on mobile devices but it's worth your time. This game is quite straightforward to play but mobile slots fans might be a bit confused at first.

In Coin Swipe, stakes can be as high as 200 credits per game, leading to big payouts if a player gets lucky. There is 500x jackpot up for grabs in this game and a chest feature that can trigger a larger win. Players must swipe the symbols and try to get three in a row to get a payout.

Another of the Shock slots demos that we tried out was SwipeGF. This is an anime-themed game that also follows the Swipie format. In this game, you will initially choose your girlfriend from a list. This then acts as a feature if you manage to land her when you swipe.

In SwipeGF, there are a few bonuses including the date round and the bonus round. Players can bet as high as 200 credits per game on this Swipie, leading to large payouts for matching girls. This is an interesting game and one that is worth a try.

Something Different for Players

Shock is a relatively new brand and they have only released their first volume of games so far. Players at the best online casinos often get bored of playing the same games so it comes as no surprise that this developer has tried to come up with something different. They have not strayed away from slots, however, with one of the Shock slots appearing on there. This indicates that there is more to come on this front.

The Swipie games are unlike any others that we've ever tried before. We were impressed with how the games work and how bonus features and free spins are still included. If you're looking for a reason to play games by this developer then the Swipie games are a great one.

Mobile Games Are a Priority Here

In a world where everyone lives on their mobile phone, mobile compatibility in slots is key. It is clear that Shock has seen this and has decided to really bring forward a new wave of mobile games.

Amongst the Shock games are Swipies and these only function on mobile devices. It is clear that this developer is not worried about neglecting those who only play on desktop devices. This is something that we are seeing more often.

Give Shock a Try

Shock might not be the biggest name in the industry right now but they are on their way to great things. Their products are unique and they have clearly come up with something quite impressive with the Swipie games.

We are expecting to see some great new slots come from this developer as well as new themes explored in Swipies. Make sure to keep an eye on the Shock slots as they start to really break into the industry in the coming year.

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