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PearFiction Studios
PearFiction Studios Provider Review

PearFiction Studios is a brand which claims to do it all. Based in Montreal, Canada, they offer services to casino operators and fellow game developers in several areas. Whether you are a developer searching for help in one specific task or you are a player looking for a memorable game to play, this brand could be the one for you.

From the moment you enter their website, you know that this is a brand which can deliver great results. Their webpages are slick and easy to navigate. They provide plenty of information about both the company and the services on offer.

Though they have social media, it is underdeveloped. If they would build their online presence more, they would be able to attract many more fans to their amazing games.

So, what can PearFiction Studios offer their audience? Keep reading to find out!

Free to Play PearFiction Studios Slot Machine Games

Unique Games

When launching slots, some providers like to first develop games to fit into the most popular slot game themes and genres. PearFiction has shied away from this formula and instead is out of the gate with unique and memorable slots to entice many different players.

The first game our review team tried was Outerspace Invaders. This is a fun slot based around the invasion of Earth led by the evil alien Zerk. Our protagonist is Rachel, and she needs your help to beat the aliens and get her fiancé back. The symbols for this game include brilliant cartoons of Rachel, Zerk, and the rest of the cast against an amazing backdrop of the invasion.

Rachel will help you grab great wins with her expanding wild. There is a free spins round with entirely unique symbols where you and Rachel take on Zerk head-to-head. There is also an instant win picker where you select alien ships from a radar screen to build up your win multiplier.

The other game our reviewers tried is the acclaimed video slot, The Smashing Biscuit. This is one of the biggest games PearFiction has released so far. You play as the three Biscuit Brothers – Tiny, Crunchy, and Soggy – as they try to win a Battle of the Bands.

This game is packed with bonus features. It features a randomly triggering bonus from the Biscuit’s long-suffering father and the brilliant Battle of the Bands free spins. With the “Band Goes Wild” feature, you can turn the boys into wild symbols to help boost your free spins even more. To top it all off, the base game also features a win multiplier which, in the spirit of the heavy metal movie “This is Spinal Tap”, allows you to dial your amps (and your wins) up to 11!

Big Name Collaborations

PearFiction Studios has secured several impressive collaborations to help boost their reputation. The biggest by far is with the game developer Microgaming. They worked together to produce The Smashing Biscuit so you will often see this game on sites which use the Microgaming platform. They have also worked alongside Leander Games, another great brand.

You can find PearFiction’s games on several popular casinos including Casumo, Jackpot Joy, and Slingo. If you want to try one of PearFiction’s games for yourself, you are not going to be short of places to play!

Not Just a Slots Brand

One of our favourite things about PearFiction is that they are not just a slots brand. They actually started as a mobile game developer. If you are looking for a fun game for your phone, check out what they have to offer. From simple puzzles to old-school platformers, they have it all.

Their position as a mobile game developer is fantastic as it allows them to know exactly what is needed to make the perfect mobile-compatible slot games. Many players nowadays love to spin a slot from their smartphones. PearFiction already knows how to create great games for this device which puts them in a great position for future innovations. As the demand for mobile slots play grows, we can expect this developer to meet the challenge head-on.

Not a Work of Fiction

If you are searching for great games with interesting themes and graphics, PearFiction should be your first port of call. They offer unique games with plenty to keep your attention as you play. Their games’ bonus rounds take classic mechanics and dress them up in the theme to create something which will stay with you for a long time. Though they currently only have a few games in their portfolio, they promise that new ones are coming soon. We can’t wait to see what new innovations they include with their next few games.

We would love to see PearFiction take the time to develop their social media a little more. While they have a great base, this is too good an opportunity for them to build a solid reputation for them to miss. In particular, their Instagram could be a great place for them to push behind-the-scenes snippets and the concept art they spend so much time on.

PearFiction is able to offer a complete package from start to finish. If you are searching for the perfect game for you to play, check out what they have to offer now!

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