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Oryx Gaming
Oryx Gaming Slot Machines

‘Born to play’ is the rallying cry of Oryx Gaming, a software development company with a finger in many pies. Oryx, FYI, is a type of antelope that’s native to Africa. The more you know.

Oryx the company are every bit as nimble as the mammal they’re named after, responding rapidly to changes within the ever-evolving gaming sector. With a modular platform all of their own and the ability to supply flexible and scalable systems, the company is primely positioned to serve the needs of online casinos.

All about Oryx

Oryx Gaming was founded in 2010 and from the outset the company had a fixed goal to focus on: developing a platform that gaming operators could rely on and come to depend on. This was no mean feat; gaming platforms are complex beasts with a plethora of systems to be integrated with third party applications as well as firewall, analytics and payment processing. It took the company two years to perfect its gaming platform, with the first iteration reaching the market in 2012.

To achieve its goal, Oryx Gaming has brought together a team of experts, not just in software development, but in all the disciplines that are part and parcel of developing and maintaining a successful business: lawyers, marketers, customer support, accountants and games testers.

Naturally, the company’s prime market is B2B, and its website and core operations are all geared around the needs of the clients it wishes to attract. Oryx Gaming have offices in the US, Slovenia, Estonia and also in the gaming stronghold that is Malta.

The Evolution of an Empire

As the demands of the gaming industry – and specifically of the customers who drive this change – have evolved, Oryx Gaming have kept pace. Social gaming, for example, has come on in leaps and bounds over the last three years, while mobile continues to dominate. Oryx Gaming has responded nimbly to these advances, configuring its platform to suit the needs of its clients and to facilitate their expansion and diversification into the realm of social gaming.

Oryx Gaming’s turnkey solutions are designed for all major global markets, allowing operators to seamlessly merge the firm’s software with their existing platform and to accord to the legal and cultural demands of their market.

The company’s products have also attracted the interest of land-based casinos, where they work just as well they do for web-based casinos. Oryx Gaming bill their software as ‘a fix-it-all-tool’, one that can accomplish everything that’s asked of it.

The Platform That Does It All

Oryx Gaming have designed a modular platform, allowing clients to pick and choose the elements they require and to forgo the rest. This allows operators to install a nimble and lightweight system that can be updated easily. The features built into the firm’s platform are extensive and include a multi-tier affiliate management system, designed to help clients better market their sites and to reward websites that bring traffic to them.

The platform also includes fraud prevention tools, an essential element in any online casino, as well as various marketing, CRM and support tools. Integrating payment solutions and administering various other financial services are all deftly handled by Oryx Gaming’s versatile platform. Reporting features are also built in.

Services and Software

Oryx Gaming’s e-gaming platform may be its prize possession, but the company has other assets to its name and offers other services beyond software and maintenance. Hosting and IT may are all part of the job for Oryx Gaming, along with web production and development.

The company specialises in supplying online casinos with all the tools they need to trade, including branding and releasing custom content. Oryx Gaming can also supply traditional web-based marketing including PPC, SEO and PR, acronyms that are synonymous with running a modern web-based business.

The Oryx Product Library

Oryx Gaming might have one platform, but the build that its clients receive can vary greatly according to their needs. Its sportsbook enables clients to successfully integrate all the elements that are required to operate a professional sportsbook, including live betting and odds updated in near-real time. The platform can also be used to integrate traditional casino services alongside the sportsbook; slots, video poker and table games. Oryx Gaming also supply lottery games, bingo, keno and scratch cards.

When it comes to designing their perfect platform, clients can pick and mix the elements they want thanks to Oryx Gaming’s modular construction. Card games, simple games, slot games and many more casino favourites are all available. Whether your customers are into video poker, blackjack, American roulette or classic slots, Oryx Gaming can supply the exact configuration you require.

Slots by Oryx

The company’s video slots combine attractive graphics and dynamic animation with realistic sound effects and some interesting bonus features. Thematically, the firm explores everything from fruit to Arabian deserts.

In Golden Dunes, for example, the bonus feature obliges you to pick 5 golden artefacts to reveal a prize. The graphics for the feature game are pretty special, with golden treasure glinting invitingly while the sun beats down from a cloudless sky. Other games that the company has put its name to include Fairytale Forest, Mundial Fever and Mini Panini.

Consultancy and Other Services

Having established itself as a major player in the gaming industry, Oryx Gaming has gone on to aid its clients by providing consultancy services, enabling them to expand into new markets and territories. The company can advise clients on how to go about obtaining operational licenses in gaming territories such as Curacao, Malta and the Isle of Man. It can provide a similar service when it comes to arranging regional banking and payment processing.

Clients who would like to release their own branded slot, video poker game or other casino game will find that Oryx Gaming are only too willing and able to help. The firm’s crack team of programmers, mathematicians, artists and designers have the skill and the flair to turn clients’ ideas into reality, with a short turnaround all part of the package. The studio will liaise closely with the client every step of the way to ensure that the final product meets their expectations.


Marketing and promotion also falls under the broad umbrella of services Oryx Gaming offers. The company can help clients retain customers and attract new ones, with a suite of tools at their disposal to fuel their growth. Affiliates, ad networks, email, PR and social media strategies are all part of the service.

Oryx Gaming can also help with player verification and registration. Closely linked to this is business intelligence, which can help clients boost their conversion and retention rates. Oryx Gaming’s tools also allow for real time monitoring and for making accurate forecasts about player engagement and profits. Fully personalised reports can be accessed from the dashboard of Oryx Gaming’s highly customisable platform.

The Rise and Rise of Oryx Gaming

Oryx Gaming is a company that is clearly proud of its success, but one which doesn’t appear prone to boasts or humble brags. The reality is most likely that the company is too busy doing what it does best to bother with blowing its own trumpet. With a steady string of regular clients returning for support, technical advice and software, the phones at Oryx Gaming are unlikely to stop ringing any time soon.

Already a multinational success, all Oryx Gaming can do now is keep perfecting its platform and keep growing as it continues to expand into the US, European and Asian markets.

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