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Mutuel Play
Mutuel Play Provider Review

Mutuel Play is a company that was founded in October 2016. This gaming brand offers everything from game development to design. According to their website, they also offer consultancy, which makes them stand out a bit more.

You don’t always find out a lot about a casino game provider from their website but this isn’t true for this one. Mutuel Play want their visitors to know how much they offer and this comes across well on the website. The games section of the page indicates that they have created some interesting slots with demos of all being available.

The Mutuel Play site promises a lot so let’s see what they have to offer in our review below.

Bold Colors and Unique Themes

Right off the bat, our reviewers thought that the look and feel of Mutuel Play’s website were very inviting. With shots of the team and some graphics from their games, the company comes across well. We like the way that the site is laid out as everything is easy to find.

In terms of social media, Mutuel Play don’t really have much of a presence. It appears that they have a LinkedIn page but there isn’t much to go on. This is interesting in comparison to their well-designed website. A lack of social media coverage is disappointing for a brand that has quite a lot to shout about.

The games that can be seen on the main page of the site appear to have a similar style. While the themes are different and innovative, the graphics fill the screen and are detailed. They even have a slot on there that’s branded with Buzz Bingo, indicating a collaboration with this bingo site. There are 10 slot games in total on the site but we expect more to come soon from this promising developer.

Some games have bolder color schemes than others depending on the theme. The games that stand out to us most are Juicy Fruity and The Wild Mob. Juicy Fruity is clearly based on the classic fruit machine while The Wild Mob is more unique. The graphics in both appear to have had a lot of work put into them.

Free to Play Mutuel Play Slot Machine Games

Games with Big Features

When looking at the games on Mutuel Play’s website, we were immediately drawn to Juicy Fruity. It has the traditional fruit theme but it is designed in a unique way. The fruit have personalities and they stand out from the white background.

Juicy Fruity is really easy to play and the bonus features are exciting. Interestingly, once you trigger the bonus, you’ll play an old school slot. While they have gone for the newer version of the fruit machine, they haven’t let the traditional game slip through their fingers. Their game maths and game design services are clearly showcased through the strong presence of multipliers.

Amongst the slot selection on Mutuel Play’s website, we found a slot called The Wild Mob. This slot has a unique theme with a robbery at the forefront. Of course, the robbers are animals and are very well designed to bring the theme to life.

The Wild Mob slot is fast-paced and interesting. You’ll need to crack the safe to win the fortune. In this slot are free spins and some random bonus features including a catapult. The theme and the graphics make this a game we’d like to see at our favorite casinos.

Huge Collaborations

As we have previously mentioned, Mutuel Play have a slot game amongst their catalogue branded with the Buzz Bingo logo. This indicates a high-profile collaboration, which could be something that happened around the time that Buzz Bingo rebranded.

On the Mutuel Play website, the news section talks about a collaboration with Jumpman Gaming. They recently launched their Bingo Millions 90-Ball bingo game, which has already been rolled out across the Jumpman sites. This is a huge deal and any Jumpman fans will have probably played this game already.

While they have some other exclusive games with Buzz Bingo, including Cash ‘n Cannons, the Bingo Millions game launch is arguably their largest achievement to date. They have attended the Which Bingo Awards and talked about the collaboration in depth but we can’t find much on social channels promoting this. You can find out more about this on the News section of their site.


Mutuel Play might not be as well known for their games as some big developers like NetEnt or Red Tiger Gaming but they are certainly getting there. With huge collaborations already under their belt, our Mutuel Play review experts think you can expect big things from this developer. Their game mechanics are smooth and their designs stand out.

In a cluttered market, it can be hard to come up with new themes. Mutuel Play does this very well and we look forward to seeing what they come up with in the future. Bingo Millions is a huge game and is live across so many Jumpman sites. This is only going to improve their reputation and set Mutuel Play up for more collaborations in the future.

Look out for Mutuel Play on your favorite casino and try out some of their other games such as A Ladd ’n a Lamp and The Showman. You might just find that this developer impresses you like they did with us.

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