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Makitone Gaming
Makitone Gaming Slot Machines

The world of e-gaming is moving faster than ever, with new names and technologies being introduced to the online gambling circuit at a rate of knots. One of those new names is Makitone Gaming, a software company of which very little is known. In fact, the company appears to be so fresh into the market that it offers no more five video slots on its sparsely populated home website.

Nonetheless, fans of contemporary video slots are bound to be impressed by the top-quality standard of the studio's games, all of which present some familiar themes but with unique gameplay possibilities. As such, we are sure that there is still plenty more to come from this rising game developer.

New Company with Years of Experience

There isn't a lot of information available about Makitone Gaming, which is understandable considering the fresh nature of the company. However, we were able to get in contact with Martin Sieben, a representative from the software team who told us that the company is currently located in Estonia where operates a small independent game development studio.

He also enlightened us to the fact the the team of designers and technicians behind the products have overs a decade worth of experience under different brands, suggesting that they know their way around a slot machine.

Free to Play Makitone Gaming Slot Machine Games

Making It on to the Mobile Market

As a young and fresh name in the world of e-gaming, the primary emphasis of Makitone Gaming is to create games for the HTML5 market. That essentially means that the slot machines that this company develops are first and foremost intended for the mobile playing sphere, but they can also be played perfectly well on desktop devices as well. As such, players who have a smartphone or tablet device will be able to enjoy the spinning action, no matter where they are, as long as there device is powered by iOS, Android, Blackberry OS 10 or Windows Phone.

What to Expect from the Slots

There aren't many games on offer from this young game studio, but what Makitone Gaming has presented on its website shows plenty of promise. That is because the company has developed a spread of video slot machines that are all designed to a very high standard, providing spinners with a series of different themes to choose from, some of which are quite generic and others which are slightly more adventurous.

Secrets of a Geisha

To begin with, let's have a look at one of the game studio's most conventional video slots – Secrets of a Geisha. This 25-payline slot machine with 5 reels is decorated with an array of different cultural artefacts from traditional Japanese culture, all in honour of the famous female Geisha entertainers. The reels themselves are also set within a beautifully hazy and delicate Japanese garden, giving the game a very relaxed and dainty theme. Admittedly, this won't appeal to every spinner in the world, especially if you have an aversion to anything that is overly girly or frilly.

Still, spinners who enjoy anything that is associated with the Far East are sure to find some merit in this game, especially when you consider the fact that it has the potential to award 10 free spins with a x3 multiplier to boost wins. The game also features a wild symbol that will double wins.

Koi Garden

Another 5-reel slot machine by Makitone Gaming with a decidedly Asian feel is Koi Garden. Again, this video slot has 25 paylines and the chance to offer free spins (up to 15 this time) with a x3 multiplier. However, this time round, the spinning action is based on the tranquility of a koi pond within an oriental garden, paying homage to the preciously symbolic fish which play such an integral part in the imagery of Eastern philosophy. Did you know that the koi carp is often tied to the yin and yang symbol of Chinese Taoism, giving the fish a symbolic meaning that is related to harmony and happiness as well as good luck and good fortune.

Players might need all of the good luck they can get if they want to get their hands on some fortunes with this game. That is because the slot machine offers a specially designed side game in which players must choose their favourite koi fish from a pond in order the reveal random bonus prizes.

Vikings' Victory

In a complete contrast to the peace and tranquility of an Asian garden, Makitone also serves up some spins of a more fierce nature in Vikings' Victory. This slot machine is designed to the same high standard as the others, except that it presents a different viewpoint on the world's rich history by looking toward another geographical area and cultural heritage.

With that in mind, spinners can rightfully expect to find plenty of intricate engravings on the 5 reels, as well as some mighty warrior characters such as an archer, a swordsman and swords-woman as well as a pair of brutes wielding battleaxes and huge war hammers. The game also features one of the Vikings' infamous longboats, complete with a fierce dragon on the stern to strike fear into anyone who stood in the way of the vicious Viking hoards.

Punters who are brave enough to spin this 25-payline slot machine might just be able to get in on some of the bounty with line bet multipliers up to 5,000x. What's more, the game features a bonus game in which players can pick from different barrels of stolen loot for random wins before a special round of free spins in initiated.

Caesar's Triumph

From the brutish power of the Vikings to the political power of the Ancient Romans, Caesar's Triumphs is yet another game from Makitone Gaming to present a fairly familiar civilisation to the punters. This time, however, spinners will be in for some very lucrative rewards if they spin the reels in the right way, thanks to a special wild and scatter symbol that could potentially activate 20 free spins with multipliers that could multiply normal wins by 6x.

The Gang Job

Last in our overview of the games by Makitone Gaming, but by no means least, is The Gang Job, a 5-reel slot machine with 25 paylines. The theme is based on prohibition era America, focusing on a classy gang of wheelers and dealers who will stop at nothing to get their hands on riches and notoriety. The game plays in a very interesting way since it features a series of characters – The Boss, The Girl, The Goon, The Boy and The Doc – all of which will form a team to pay combined wins. They will also activate the game's round of 15 free spins if all five appear on the reels at the same time.

Making Some Friends in High Places

It is still early days for Makitone Gaming, which is why players won't find many of the company's mobile ready games available to play at a wide selection of online casinos. However, the independent game studio has been turning heads among other software companies in the business, most notably Oryx Gaming. This GLI Certified developer of casino platform solutions has listed the Estonian company as one of its third party game suppliers, suggesting that it shouldn't be too long before some of the above games are rolled out to a select range of respectable online casinos.

Plenty of Potential

Makitone Gaming may not have the same calibre of reputation and experience as a lot of other game-making outfits in the world, but that doesn't mean that the independent game studio doesn't have the potential to succeed.

The reason that we say that is because the Estonian company has proven that it has a very talented team of game-creators who have already produced a handful of top-notch video slots with excellent graphics and gameplay.

However, if the studio is to truly succeed and become the next big thing, it wouldn't be a bad idea to move away from those tried and tested themes and on to something a little bit more adventurous.

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