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Kanegama Slots

Kanegama is an online casino software provider that has created at least a couple of machines that are in use at a major Bitcoin gambling site. Beyond that, however, we know little about the internal workings of the company. In fact, it’s hard to come across any information about the group at all.

The company’s website, it if was ever active, doesn’t currently host any public information. Other websites where you might expect to find information about companies in the gaming industry are equally silent about Kanegama, meaning most of our impressions come from the games themselves.

Little Background Available

The one thing that we have been able to find out about this company is that – like many firms in the online gaming sector – they are based out of Malta. It also appears that the firm was founded in June, 2016, as that is when Kanegama’s articles of association were first filed.

One other interesting detail is where you’ll find the games developed by this team. The main site we are aware of that hosts their offerings is MegaDice, the Bitcoin casino that was formerly known as SatoshiDice. That means these slots are going to be primarily of interest to those who enjoy gambling with cryptocurrencies, at least for now.

Kanegama has also designed their games to be playable on any device or operating system. That means that whether you prefer playing on your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer, these titles will be available whenever you want to place a bet.

Video Slots

Right now, Kanegama only has two games on the market, and just one of these is a true slot machine. That title, known as Mammoth, utilizes a prehistoric theme. It also lives up to its name in terms of its gameplay, offering players 1,024 ways to win on a 4x5 layout.

This machine features colorful graphics (we found them reminiscent of the Ice Age films) and smooth gameplay. Multipliers can help you earn up to 27x the normal prize values, while a free spins game offers up to 20 additional plays, with the chance to retrigger even more spins during the feature.

Other Titles

The only other game we’re aware of from Kanegama is known as Super Lucky Cards Deluxe. In this unique offering, players are dealt nine cards that are laid out in a 3x3 grid. However, the exact location of the cards isn’t important. Instead, players will need to get three, four, or five of a kind in order to score wins.

While the gameplay is pretty straightforward, the concept is enjoyable. It becomes even more interesting if you manage to get three of a kind of jacks or better, at which point you will earn up to seven free games. The deck used for these free games includes a joker, opening up the possibility of earning the largest jackpot prizes. Hit the right combinations, and it is possible to win more than 5,000x your initial bet.

Intriguing and Mysterious

Normally, we would be concerned about a company that provides so little information about itself on the internet. And to be honest, that is a concern right now with Kanegama.

At the same time, their games are very interesting: their one slot machine is a pretty impressive first entry for a new studio, and super Lucky Cards Deluxe is an innovative approach to card-based games. While we can’t give this developer much of a recommendation due to our lack of knowledge about their inner workings, we’re certainly curious to see more from them – and we wouldn’t blame you for taking a look at their intriguing machines if they show up at your favorite online casino.

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