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JTG Online Slots

JTG, or JAPAN Technicals Games Ltd., is a slot provider that claims to offer games based around the theme of “Easy and Fun”. Based in Hong Kong, the company was only formed in 2018. This means that they currently have a very small library.

However, the games they do have are impressive and we think they have plenty to offer players. The details available on the JTG website is currently a little limited but offers enough information for players who want to take a look at the games.

You can find trailers for the games, information about how to play them, and free demos. We would appreciate a little description about the company itself but it is clear that the games are the focus for JTG and they have certainly addressed that well.

Join our team as they offer an expert review of JTG and what they have to offer the world of online casino below.

Modern Graphics and Immersive Gaming

Load up JTG’s games and you will get to see their commitment to beautiful graphics. Their games feature uniquely designed symbols as well as stunning dynamic backgrounds that shift right in front of your eyes.

We also loved the inclusion of catchy soundtracks. This is just one extra step which we feel ties the game together and helps to properly immerse a player. JTG clearly care about every aspect of their games. They are determined to continue to launch titles which meet the high standards they have already set for themselves.

Games Everyone Will Love

As of writing, JTG only has two games available for us to play, with another two in development. Nevertheless, we enjoyed exploring both these games and we are certain new players will find plenty to love about them.

Battle Dwarf is an amazing mix of slots mechanics and fantasy adventure games. Anybody who loves old school adventure offered by games like Final Fantasy or Dungeons & Dragons is going to love this game. There is a cast of lively fantasy creatures including a goblin, a troll, a dragon, and the titular dwarf.

Land a bonus scatter on the reels for it to lock in place and grant you a free respin. Lock in three scatters to enter the Bonus Battle. This is a simple instant win game but the way JTG present it makes it into a lot of fun. Defeat the creatures to earn free spins and the chance to rake in big wins with the Treasure Rush Bonus.

The second game we tried from JTG is Hawaiian Dream. This game is based on the popular Japanese pachinko game but also features some classic slot motifs like the 7 symbols. We love the Polynesian masks used as the symbols, plus the chilled Blue Hawaiian cocktail symbol which will grab you a free respin when you land 3 on a payline. Line them up for multiple chances to win; the more respins you get, the higher the rewards!

If you land the 7 Rush symbol, you will unlock either the Hibiscus Rush or Ultimate Rush free spins. There is also an instant win game where you could either unlock one of the free spins or a multiplier win of your bet.

Distinct Enough to Stand Apart

We did notice some similarities between JTG’s slots. They are both 3x3 slots which feature respins and instant win games. However, we feel that this is something we can forgive JTG for as the games are currently the only two in their library.

The games are thematically distinct enough that most players will probably not even notice the similarities. We doubt that many players who enjoy Hawaiian Dream will also want to play Battle Dwarf and vice versa.

If these two games are anything to go by, we can expect that the other games which JTG produce are going to be of the same quality. They have also managed to score a partnership with the Golden Hero Partner Program. This will allow them to focus more on developing their games as Golden Hero can help them to distribute them to operator networks and other online locations.

Designing games is clearly what JTG are best at. This partnership will allow them to make this their priority while others take care of the technical aspects of pushing out slot games.

Built for Mobile Play

Something we are always happy to see from slot developers is a commitment to mobile casino gaming. With so many people now accessing their games through mobile devices, it is extremely important that game developers are meeting this demand.

JTG are happy to add this level of functionality to their games and have included mobile compatibility as standard with their slots. You will be able to play their games no matter which device you are using, from tablets to laptops and more.

Plenty of Potential

We thoroughly enjoyed seeing what JTG has to offer and we are certain that they are going to be able to make quite the impact on the iGaming market. Though they only have few games at the moment, the ones they do have are expertly designed. JTG deliver on their commitment to easy but fun gameplay.

We never felt lost while testing out the game mechanics. We thought the differing themes really helped each game to shine in its own way.

If we had one gripe it would probably be that they only have the two games. Though another two are announced on their website, there is no information about when they will be released. Since the website also lacks a news section, the only things we know about these new games are their names and a single image to let us know what the reels might look like. JTG could benefit from providing more information to update their fans and let them know when new games are on the way.

Overall, we found JTG to have some amazing games. Don’t let their lack of time on the market put you off. They have already designed some amazing games which we can see a lot of people enjoying very much.

If you are searching for a slot which is simple to play without ever sacrificing on fun, you should see what JTG has to offer you.

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