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Jade Rabbit Studio
Jade Rabbit Studio Online Slots

Only formed in 2018, Jade Rabbit Studio might be a small company but they have big promises to uphold. Their team claims to have over 30 years in the iGaming industry. This should mean that they know exactly what goes into making high-quality games.

They have three clear goals listed on their company website; a mission to be the industry benchmark with an emphasis on the player experience, a vision to become a leading and well-regarded design studio, and a strategy to attract the best talent possible for their slots development.

They have started to work towards these objectives with their clear and informative website. It is easy to navigate. You can also find information about both the company and their games. With few games out at the time of writing but the promise of more on the way, Jade Rabbit has all the tools they need to make an impact on the market. Keep reading to find out more about this exciting brand.

Simple Web Design and Impressive Slots

Jade Rabbit has kept their website sleek and minimalist. The only color is the jade banner with their logo at the top of the screen. Everything else is kept black and white. This simple approach is refreshing compared to the websites of other brands. Jade Rabbit would instead rather let their games talk.

They use their Instagram account to reveal concept art for their games. This is a fantastic idea as it allows consumers a sneak peek before the games are released. These snapshots reveal high-quality artwork. With those goals of becoming a leading game design studio, these releases help to prove that Jade Rabbit is completely serious about what they do.

Free to Play Jade Rabbit Studio Slot Machine Games

Watch Out for These Amazing Games

This slots developer currently only has one slot game released. They do, however, have a strict plan to release more. If they are able to stick to this schedule, Jade Rabbit will be releasing one slot every month. To be able to build up a portfolio so rapidly again confirms that they are committed to their ambitions. Many smaller slot developers have months between their releases. It would appear that Jade Rabbit has the resources to be able to keep developing at a rapid rate.

Like many other small developers, they are releasing slots which fit into some of the most popular genres of games. For example, their only available slot, Black & White, is a medieval-themed slot.

Based on the previews available on Jade Rabbit’s website, they aim to develop classic slots with a twist. Most of these games appear to be 5-reel slots. They also have some interesting themes for these upcoming games. Seasons Greetings appears to be a creepy twist on some of the most-loved holiday icons. Based on the preview, symbols look to include distorted versions of Santa and the Easter Bunny.

The game which looks the most interesting is Lucky Spinner, due to be released in December 2019. The symbols for this game include many of the common images of luck from around the world. They include a maneki-neko, a shamrock, and a horseshoe, among others. It is the reels of Lucky Spinner which are the most appealing feature. On first inspection, one would assume that it is a typical 3-reel slot. However, the reels are arranged in a diamond shape instead of a square. This suggests that it is actually a 5-reel slot with a 1-2-3-2-1 row arrangement. Since this is not a typical arrangement for a slot game, one can expect the game to have a few more twists up its sleeve. Jade Rabbit has put together a game which is intriguing from the first glance. Based on what they have provided so far, there is little doubt that this game will not live up to the expectations of players.

Friends in High Places

Though they are a young brand, Jade Rabbit has already managed to secure some impressive collaborations. Their first is with GiG (Gaming Innovation Group). GiG is a high-profile partner for many brands within iGaming. They have worked with big names like the UK operator Betfred and plenty of other small developers like Jade Rabbit. Through their mentorship, this small studio can learn what they need to do to be able to compete with some of the biggest competitors on the market.

The other major collaboration Jade Rabbit has entered into is with the slots developers Leander Games. They are already a popular slots brand with a dedicated fanbase. Jade Rabbit released their slot ‘Black & White’ in partnership with Leander Games. Drawing on the resources available to them through Leander Games will teach them how to develop high-quality slots.

Both of these collaborations will help Jade Rabbit to meet some of their goals. Their aim to make the best slot games possible can be achieved through the lessons learned with Leander Games. Meanwhile, their ambitions of becoming a leading design studio and strategizing to create the best network possible can be achieved with the help of GiG. Both of these partnerships will serve Jade Rabbit well.

A Mobile Future

Jade Rabbit has their eyes fixed on their future. They are ensuring that their games are going to be enjoyed for many years to come. There has been a definite trend in the world of online casinos towards mobile gaming. More and more consumers are accessing slots through mobile and tablet devices. Therefore, if the slots development studios want an audience, they need to ensure that they are producing mobile compatible games.

This is a challenge Jade Rabbit is happy to meet. ‘Black & White’ is already a mobile-compatible game. Their other games are also displayed inside phones on their website. This would suggest that they intend to make all their other games mobile compatible too. Being able to ensure that their games are available across all devices, be it iPads or Android devices, is the right strategy. They will be able to reach as many potential players as possible; no matter what gadget those players are using.

Jade Rabbit Studios – A Designer to Look Out For

This is an ambitious slots designer. Their aspirations are going to be difficult to achieve. However, they have everything they need to meet any difficulties head-on. The collaborations they have entered into so far are with industry-renowned companies. With some careful planning, they will be able to use these connections to their advantage to help achieve the goals they have set themselves.

The next step for Jade Rabbit is to release the games in their schedule and build up a credible social media presence – something they are lacking at the moment. With both of those tackled, Jade Rabbit could easily establish themselves as a future top development studio. Make sure to add their games to your watchlist.

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