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Concept Gaming
Concept Gaming Slot Machines

Every great game that has ever been created began life as little more than a concept – a thought in someone’s mind that was eventually fleshed out into an entire finished product. Perhaps that’s the genesis of the name of Concept Gaming, a small online casino software provider that is based out of Cardiff, Wales.

The company was first established in 2010, when a group of experienced industry insiders partnered with Microgame to establish a company that could fill many roles within the iGaming world. Since then, the company has developed a wide variety of games, both in conjunction with other studios and on their own. They are also known for providing a robust software platform that is dynamic enough to be included at a wide variety of gaming sites.

Today, this studio works with a number of clients, including both individual operators and studios, to deliver content to the industry. They are known not only for their slots, but also for their ability to create customized titles for various sites – whether that means exclusive titles for a big name casino, or special mini versions of games for a bingo website.

From Conception to Design

Perhaps the most significant creation from Concept Gaming has been their software platform. Known as Pulse, this unique, secure software system was created based on state of the art software itself, including PHP, MySQL, and Erlang. The idea behind the platform was simple: after decades of experience in the land-based sector, and several years of seeing how games were delivered over the Internet, the team realized that the process could be greatly improved for clients.

The result was Pulse, a package that is designed to be able to run on as many server hardware configurations as possible. It has been successfully installed on both Linux and Windows, and offers a number of great features to clients. Primarily, they can know that the software makes it extremely simple to integrate games into existing collections, and that the platform will be secure, stable, and robust. Pulse has proven to be easy to integrate for clients, making it an easy choice for many bingo sites that have wanted to add extra gaming options for their customers.

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Slots with Friends

As we noted above, Concept Gaming is known for working well with others. Over the years, they have been known to partner with some notable names throughout the industry, including the Betsson Group, Tivoli, Parlay Games, Xpro Gaming, and Win-United.

It may be through their work with Parlay that they have become best known throughout the online gambling industry. The companies worked together to produce a number of different slots, and these games still make up the bulk of the slot machines that have been developed by Concept.

It’s possible that you’ve played a few of these titles before. They include slots like Hollywood Reels, Bikini Beach, and Club Spin, all of which are available at many different sites throughout the world. Many of these games offer similar action, with five-reel, 20-payline formats and standardized bonus rounds being common. However, they still tend to stand out thanks to their production design: the themes of each game are well explored, with art, animation, and sound all being used to full effect in order to draw players into each game.

But Concept has also created other games under their own name. These can appear on sites that utilize their entire Pulse platform; in other cases, they may be exclusives that are made especially for a particular client. These include titles like Fruit Loot, Secret Agent, and Slot Monsters, many of which offer more innovative gameplay and more special features than some of the company’s earlier creations.

A Slew of Innovations

Concept Gaming isn’t just a company that is focused on slots when it comes to their game creation, though. They have built up a collection of 60 games in total, about half of which branches out into other areas of the casino. These include table games like blackjack (available in a multi-handed format) along with roulette and keno. They’ve also been one of the top pioneers in the world of virtual sports betting – creating a top-flight virtual football program that allows gamblers to bet on simulated matches.

Much of what Concept is most proud of, though, has to do with how they make games, rather than exactly what those titles are. For instance, they’ve recently converted their library over to HTML5 from Flash, allowing these games to be delivered for desktop, mobile, and mini-game play automatically based on how each individual player connects to them. They have also created a “Micro Bingo” product that can be launched from inside some poker clients from Microgame (a company that specializes in the Italian market), allowing players to enjoy both games at once.

They have even come up with versions of their games that can be launched from directly within a live dealer environment. Available through the XPRO software, these 20 titles can not only be played right alongside live table games, but you can also continue to play them even after you’ve left the casino if you like.

A Versatile Solution for Operators of All Kinds

Given that they seem to be able to come up with just about anything a client may need, offer up a platform that is easily integrated and can support games from a wide range of suppliers, and offer up a pretty diverse collection of their own, it is little surprise that plenty of operators have turned to Concept Gaming to provide them with software. While this is hardly one of the most prolific companies out there, it is certainly one that has gained the attention of some very well-respected casinos and bingo sites.

If you’re a player who is looking for the latest, most interesting games on the market, you’re probably not going to find them from Concept. That’s not really a knock on the company; the games they’ve made are fun and entertaining enough. It’s just that they’re not going to break ground in terms of gameplay while they’re working so hard on providing superior service in all other aspects of the business. Even if these games aren’t going to set the iGaming world on fire, though, this is still an excellent developer, and they add a lot to any site which chooses to work with them.

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