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Gaming Corps Provider Review

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Gaming Corps has been operating since 2014. With offices in Sweden and Malta, they are committed to producing high-quality slots.

The Gaming Corps slots demos showcase everything this brand is capable of. Their games are utterly beautiful and would look amazing next to any from more well-known developers. They focus not just on the impressive list of Gaming Corps slots but on traditional video games too. This brand is determined to be able to offer a complete gaming experience to any player no matter their taste in games.

Making Use of Multiple Art Styles

Gaming Corps has an incredibly professional website with all the information we could want to know about them. Everything is laid out well and is incredibly easy to find. Anyone searching for more information about Gaming Corps games of any variety would have absolutely no issue doing so.

Of the Gaming Corps slots games currently available for the general public, they have some stunning graphics. The team here has obviously put a lot of time into developing their artistic flair and it has created some beautiful games that will no doubt stay with players for some time. With both a kooky artistic style and a wonderful style reminiscent of art nouveau amongst those on offer.

A Variety of Games to Try

There are several Gaming Corps slots free play options at their site so our experts took a look at a few of the games available to play. Though few are currently available for free play, there have already got pages ready for them when they are launched.

The first game that captured our interest is one that is still in post-production. It is based on the 2006 fantasy film Pan’s Labyrinth. It will have 10 paylines and an RTP of 96%. From the sneak peeks we can see on their site, it uses that beautiful art nouveau style to create a game filled with whimsy and wonder.

Symbols released thus far include Ofelia and the Faun. We cannot wait to see what bonus features will be included in this slot.

The other game that caught our eye has a theme we have seen in many of the best online slots; Vikings. This Undead Vikings uses a stylized cartoon design. Lower-paying symbols are standing stones carved with the card suits while higher-paying ones include Odin’s ravens and more.

This slot promises instant wins, symbol multipliers and free spins for players. If other online Gaming Corps slots are as detailed as possible, it is clear that these games are going to prove to be incredibly popular amongst many types of players.

Not Just Slots

One of the best things we discovered when investigating the online slots from Gaming Corps is that they do not just make slot games. They also have a range of mobile games available for download too.

These games have cute themes and simple mechanics, and they can provide a lot of fun for anyone who decides to give them a try. What we like about them is that this proves that Gaming Corps has a mindset that goes beyond just making a terrific slot.

While other developers express this through making casino games, Gaming Corps has chosen to do so with mobile games. As players, we hope that this means that Gaming Corps will be able to develop some unique and useful new styles of slot machine feature. The slots world is always eager to find a new mechanic. Approaching slot development through the lens of video games could potentially lead to such a thought process.

Compatibility at the Forefront

With development of video games as another key part of their business, it is safe to say that the Gaming Corps slot machines are also compatible with mobile devices.

This is another reason why it is so good to see them developing mobile games. They understand what is needed to make a game work on a device like a smartphone or a tablet. Therefore, they should always be able to stay on top of some of the issues that can arise when developing programs in this medium.

Check out What Games Corp Has to Offer

The games on offer from Gaming Corp thus far are a testament to what they can offer as a team. The fact that they can develop both mobile slots and other games for smartphones side by side means that they will be able to tackle changes in this medium with little to no effort. Their game themes are completely beautiful, and we are certain that many players will fall in love with their slots. If you are looking for some stunning games that offer plenty of bonus wins alongside that theme, you would do well to see what Gaming Corp can show you.

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