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Felix Gaming
Felix Gaming Slot Machines

It’s never easy to evaluate a software firm when they don’t provide a website with extensive information on their offerings. So when we decided to take a look at Felix Gaming, we were surprised to find how little information was available to us about their products. We couldn’t find a website, and there wasn’t much of a paper trail to figure out where they came from.

However, a little research revealed some of the reasons behind this lack of information. For instance, the reason we couldn’t find them in the collections of other casinos was due to an exclusive agreement the studio had with SlotsMillion – meaning you’ll find their games only there, at least for the time being. According to a release about this agreement, Felix Gaming is based in the United Kingdom, and is run by a group with experience in land-based slots.

That experience seems to show in the polish found in their early creations for the iGaming market. While there aren’t many of these games yet, the ones we’ve played are rather fun, and if they can expand on this library in the future, then Felix may have hopes of being a bit better known throughout the gambling community.

Three Slots in Initial Rollout

Given that the announcement the Felix Gaming would be providing content to SlotsMillion came only in February 2017, and that their machines don’t appear anywhere else in the industry, it’s safe to say that this is a very new company that’s just getting started. That also shows in the library of titles that they’ve brought to the table. At the moment, there are just three slots in the collection, with no other games available at this time.

Due to the small nature of this portfolio, we’re just going to run through all three options and give you an idea of what they are like. Each of the three machines has a unique style and a very different theme, so while this may be a miniscule addition to a casino’s gaming collection, they do at least offer three varying experiences for players.

First up is Lines of Magic, a 20-line, five-reel slot machine that takes place in a wizard’s laboratory. The game is filled with bright, bold colors that are designed to evoke a mystical feel, especially when contrasted against the cool blues and oranges of the study itself. Wins are accompanied by some small but slick animations, and an up-tempo soundtrack helps keep the high-energy atmosphere going.

As for the game itself, players are asked to match symbols from left to right across the reels. Basic wins come from hitting nines through aces, though larger rewards are also available through the many thematic symbols on the reels: gems, wizards, and sevens, among others. Players can also find wild books that can substitute for other symbols or win some rather large prizes on their own.

Two special features also keep things interesting. Scatters can get you into a free spins game in which you’ll get 10 bonus plays, all of which come with a 2x multiplier. In addition, players will constantly collect potion symbols every time they appear on screen. If you can collect 35 over the course of a session, you’ll trigger a special bonus feature in which you get one free spin, during which three reels will be completely wild, guaranteeing massive rewards.

Next up is the Egyptian-themed Pharaoh’s Temple. As in so many of these games, you’ll be playing on a screen that’s designed to look like an ancient Egyptian temple, on filled with columns covered in hieroglyphics. Once again, the main object of the game is to match symbols from left to right across the reels, combining the classic card game ranks with symbols that appear in virtually every game we’ve ever seen that uses this theme: the ankh, scarabs, Cleopatra, and the pharaoh himself.

That pharaoh is also a wild symbol, and a powerful one at that: when it appears, it will expand to cover an entire reel. Hit three or more scatters, and you’ll be taken into a bonus game where you’ll be able to choose from various artifacts to unlock your prize. This is a pretty straightforward game, but one that does a good job of exploring its themes.

Finally, there’s Fruity Mania, a game that features a tropical fruit theme. Once again, the basic framework is the same, as this is another 20-line, five-reel machine. As you’d expect, this time you’re set with matching various types of fruit, such as apples, strawberries, cherries, lemons and bananas. There’s very much a “citrus” graphical scheme on display here: greens, yellows, and oranges blend together for quite the tropical look, and all of the symbols manage to be attractively sharp even though they don’t have much detail in them, which makes for an interesting contrast and a great look.

As always, there are some special features to watch out for. A tropical drink acts as the wild, and can substitute for any other winning combination. There’s also a scatter symbol (a seven) that can earn some massive prizes: up to 500x your spin bet if you hit five in a row. There are no bonus rounds or free spins games, however, so this is a pretty basic premise for a machine.

Little Information Outside of Single Partner

What struck up much when researching this company is just how little there is out there on Felix Gaming. You don’t see their name pop up much throughout the iGaming industry, which leads us to believe they weren’t doing much at all until their games appeared in early 2017.

On the bright side, their one partnership is a strong one. As we said, they appear to have an exclusive agreement with SlotsMillion, a well-respected name in online casino circles. While we can’t say all that much about the quality of their development team or their future plans to become a more public part of the iGaming industry, this union at least suggests that they are worth taking seriously.

Fun Games and a Promising Future

Right now, Felix Gaming offers up just three games for users to play on, and only on one solitary site. That’s not much of an offering for players to get excited about. After all, you’ll only choose to play these machines if you want to SlotsMillion; even if you do, that casino has well over a thousand other slots, which might just cause these games to get lost in the crowd. While the creations of this studio are solid, after all, they are hardly among the best in the industry, which makes it unlikely that you would choose this particular website just to play Fruity Mania or Lines of Magic.

That said, these titles are definitely quality products, and show that this company has the ability to make good games that are a worthy addition to any casino site. If the group starts to make more games, or they expand their offerings to more websites, they might be a name that players will want to become more familiar with. On the other hand, their limited selection and reach right now makes them just an afterthought that the average player doesn’t have to worry about much for the time being.

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