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Electrocoin Slots

Electrocoin is a gaming manufacturer that is based out of London. The company was founded in 1976 by John Collinson and John Stergides, and has prided itself on serving the amusement industry ever since. Rather than having a specialty in online gambling, or even the gaming industry in general, this is a group that has developed a wide range of products, from pinball machines to video games and photo booths, among other types of offerings.

Over the years, this lineup of creations has included a number of gambling games. This started on the land-based side of things, where the firm developed a number of slots and amusement with prize (AWP) machines, most of which were distributed in the United Kingdom (the company is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission). Since then, this developer has also created some online gambling games, including many in the popular and simplistic Bar-X line that has found its way from live UK venues onto some of the biggest iGaming sites in the world.

A Wealth of Partners

Over the years, Electrocoin has become one of the leading developers of amusement titles in the UK, and many of their games have been enjoyed not only throughout that nation but also around the world thanks to a robust export operation that has been providing products to their clients for more than 25 years now.

Over their many decades of experience in the industry, this manufacturer and distributor has managed to build up an impressive network of partners that represent some of the best known names in the entertainment industry. Some of these firms are better known for their work in the video gaming industry, like Sea Amusements, Konami, and Bandai Namco Games. Others are focused on pinball, like Stern and Pinball Heaven. And a few are even popular throughout the real money gambling industry, like Bar-X. Distributors like ASI and Crown Direct have also played a major role in getting these games and machines out to more people in the UK, Europe, and the Middle East.

Free to Play Electrocoin Slot Machine Games

Not Just Games

One of the more interesting aspects of Electrocoin’s business is the fact that they aren’t even just about games in general. One of their main product lines is a series of photo booths, the kinds you’ll find in arcades, amusement parks, or even at weddings and other special events. Popular models like the Nexus, Eclipse, and the Panther (the company’s best seller) have become go-to solutions for those who want to give their customers the chance to instantly create memories that will last a lifetime.

Pinball Wizard

As we noted earlier, this developer has also been an active pinball manufacturer for some time. Electrocoin has developed some of the top branded pinball machines in the industry, based on a number of different television, music, and film properties that are instantly recognizable around the world. These include titles like AMC’s The Walking Dead, Ghostbusters, Wrestlemania, Aerosmith, KISS, and Star Wars, among others.

Arcade Favorites

Electrocoin is also responsible for a number of other arcade classics, particularly games that offer skill-based or redemption features. For instance, games like Snowmaster and GOGO Chicken allow players to instantly win prizes, while others can award tickets that can then be redeemed using other machines that are designed to help count loose tickets and convert them into more durable cards.

Some of these games even offer a skill component to give players more control over their results, ranging from products designed for children like Toy Story and Spongebob Squareparts games, to more adult fare such as the Golden Tee Live 2015 golf machine. Others are more classic arcade-style video games, including versions of Dance Dance Revolution and a couple of different racing games, all of which are housed in alluring and impressive cabinets.

Slots and AWP Machines

All that said, we’re most interested in Electrocoin’s forays into the world of real money gambling. This started in the live realm, where the company has been known for making some slots and amusement with prizes games that are widely distributed in the UK.

Perhaps the best known of these games are the Bar-X line. These games can be found in a variety of venues, and offer generally simplistic gameplay (the machines get their name from the fact that bars and X’s are often the only winning symbols found on the reels). The company can also offer these in a more portable tablet-based solution. Other titles include multi-game cabinets with titles like Monte Carlo and Vegas Strip, as well as the Super Reels series of games.

A Small Online Presence

Finally, we come to what Electrocoin has done in the iGaming industry. This is where the company’s influence is the lightest, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see their efforts occasionally at online casino sites.

The most obvious line that has been ported over to the online gambling world is the Bar-X series. Several games from this line were created by this firm, and they are now available at a number of top casino and bingo sites – once again, with a focus in the UK but with roots that grow beyond that single jurisdiction. Online slots like Bar-X 5, Bar-X Magic 7, and Bar-X Bonus Ladder can be found offered by leading operators like SkyVegas and betfair, among many others.

A Favorite from the Arcade to the Casino

While there may be many companies that have become better known in various fields, few can offer up the kind of diversity of offerings that you’ll see from Electrocoin. From photo booths to some of the most popular real money gambling machines in the UK, this provider has pretty much done it all, meaning this is a group that truly has something for just about anyone. Whether you’re looking for classic AWP action or you just want to play another round of DDR, you can thank Electrocoin for providing these excellent machines to your favorite venue or site.

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