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Best Vietnam Online Casinos for 2024


Situated on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam has existed as a single unified country since 1975. More than 91 million people now call the nation home, and while it was once a purely communist nation, a series of economic and political reforms in recent decades has turned it into one of the world’s fastest growing economies – though it is still ruled by a single-party socialist government.

For many years, all gambling in Vietnam was essentially banned, including online casinos. However, that stance has softened over the years in line with many other reforms that have loosened the government’s grip over day-to-day life in the country. While gaming is still a highly regulated activity, there are some ways to place bets, and foreigners can even play in casinos. Meanwhile, there are many prime online casinos in Vietnam that operate freely in the nation despite the government’s efforts to block access to the sites.

On this page, we offer a list of the best online casinos accepting players from Vietnam. Additionally, we give an overview of gambling in Vietnam. This includes popular online payment methods, safety and security tips, and a history of the country’s gambling laws.

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Online Gambling in Vietnam 

While attitudes may have changed somewhat when it comes to certain forms of gambling, the government still offers very little in the way of comfort for those who would like to play casino games online in Vietnam. There is absolutely no licensing system in place for internet gambling sites here. Operating a gambling site in Vietnam is considered illegal, and so is playing at a site operated within the country. The government has made efforts to block such sites, and there are strict penalties that can be imposed on those who place bets illegally – though these are rarely enforced.

But despite these policies that make life hard for operators, many online casino sites accept Vietnam residents. These foreign sites include games by some of the best developers in the business, including more than a few that are well-known throughout the world for providing fair, fun experiences for players. A few of the more prominent and trustworthy developers you’ll see represented here are:

  • Microgaming
  • Playtech
  • Betsoft
  • NetEnt
  • Topgame

Our list of the best online casinos in Vietnam includes the top sites for betting online in Vietnam. They support local currency and even provide customer service in Vietnamese, English and a host of other languages.

Vietnam Online Gambling Laws 

Vietnam is experiencing economic growth, which bodes well for the future of online gambling. While operating an online casino is still not allowed from within the country, players can still participate in online casino gaming through licensed providers from other jurisdictions. 

Online casinos that operate in Vietnam are licensed in other countries and thus are beholden to that country’s regulations. Online casinos in the Philippines and in Cyprus offer their games to Vietnamese residents.

Finding Safe and Trustworthy Online Casinos in Vietnam

It’s true that Vietnam’s gambling laws are quite strict, but there are a number of legal options for online casino gaming in the country. Vietnam residents can play at online casinos licensed in other countries.

Not sure which online casinos are safe for Vietnam players? Wonder no more – we’ve done the hard work for you and researched all your options to bring you the most secure casino sites. All of the Vietnam casinos we recommend for online gaming are licensed by a regulating authority.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you want to check out how legit an online casino is. First of all, when you visit an online casino site, scroll to the end of the homepage and find the page dedicated to licensing and legal.

Another simple way to keep tabs on the safety of Vietnam’s online casinos is customer service. Licensed operators will have quality customer support available. Oftentimes, this service is 24/7 so you always have the option for video chat, email, and phone call. We recommended Vietnam online casinos that set a high bar for customer support, so you’ll get top-notch customer service.

Best Payment Methods for Vietnam Online Casinos

Online casinos available in Vietnam tend to have a variety of payment methods. E-wallet and other cashless methods are the most common. Players on our list of trusted Vietnam online casinos have a number of avenues by which they can fun their accounts. 

Debit and Credit Cards

Debit and prepaid cards are one of the simplest and easiest ways to fund an online casino account in Vietnam. The casinos on our list will typically accept Mastercard or Visa (including credit cards, not just debit).

Online Payment Services

E-wallet options are available across the online casino industry, and Vietnam is no exception. Vietnam players can usually choose from a number of quick and easy online payment methods to enjoy casinos games at our trusted and recommended sites. Here are a few of the top payment services that you’ll find available:

  • VTC Pay: VTC is a growing payments provider that’s accepted at most of our recommended Vietnam online casinos. The payment method is secure, operating within the International SSL protocol. 
  • Skrill: Skrill is a very popular payment method accepted by many online betting providers across the globe. This includes most of our Vietnam online casinos!
  • MoMo: MoMo is short for Mobile Money. It’s one of Vietnam’s fastest growing payment options and can be used at a number of the country’s online casinos. 

There are many other online payment services accepted at Vietnam’s online casinos. Check your site of choice for a full listing of payment options.

Prepaid Scratch Cards

These are simple, effective ways to fund an online casino account.  They’re especially nice if you wish to avoid e-wallet or debit options. 

Simply purchase the scratch card, use the code on it to deposit funds, and you’re all set. Online casinos for Vietnam players will typically accept this option without issue. 

More Gaming Growth in the Cards for Vietnam? 

Despite the fact that Vietnam’s resorts appear to be doing well, the overall size of the casino industry here is still rather small. This is especially true of the online space, which prohibits operators from running a Vietnam-based casino site. According to some estimates, the lack of revenue is particularly notable when compared to the country’s neighbors: figures from 2014, for instance, suggested that the nation was bringing in just 3% of the casino revenue that Cambodia’s industry produced.

While that might seem like a depressing figure, it also suggests that there is plenty of room for growth, and the government has experimented with ideas that could help expand the size of their gaming industry. For instance, there have been talks about possibly allowing locals who met minimum income or wealth standards in some or all of the gaming venues in the country. The concept was first given a trial period in 2013, and though the entry requirements are too steep for most locals to meet, they offer the possibility to keep high rollers in the area – a potentially lucrative move, since these gamblers now have to go to other nations to spend their cash at resorts.

A successful land-based gambling presence could bode well for online casino gaming in Vietnam. IF the government finds value in gaming as a whole, they could be more inclined to allow other gambling forms to be distributed to the country’s residents.

There’s also the potential for sports betting in Vietnam to be legalized. The topic has been bandied about in the national legislature for nearly two decades, and in more recent years, there has been a move towards legislation that would allow at least a limited amount of bookmaking. However, progress has been very slow. 

While all of these moves are positive steps for bettors in this gambling-loving nation, they will do little to help those who want to play similar games at online casinos in Vietnam. Given the government’s reluctance to allow any form of gaming that they can’t strictly control, it’s likely that regulated Vietnamese casino sites are still a long way off here – though if liberalization of the market continues in general, anything could be possible in the future.

Fortunately, online casino gaming is still an option for Vietnam players. Other countries offer their regulated and secure sites to Vietnam players, making it possible and legal to enjoy online gaming in the growing nation.

A Short History of Gambling in Vietnam 

To better understand Vietnam’s resistance to online casinos and similar forms of digital gaming, it’s helpful to look at the country’s colorful history in relation to gambling. 

After unification following the end of the Vietnam War, gambling wasn’t exactly looked upon kindly by authorities here. Starting in 1948 and lasting throughout the 1980s, communist leaders insisted on a ban on the practice, viewing it as a purely capitalist pursuit that offered far more harm than good for society.

Over the years, however, attitudes softened. This is likely due to the fact that illegal gambling was commonplace in the Vietnam, a situation that still exists today. With so much money being gambled illegally, it seemed to make sense for officials to collect at least some of that revenue, and over time, some limited forms of betting were approved. Vietnam-operated online casinos and their counterparts like sports betting remained outlawed.

For instance, there is a state-run lottery system that offers several regular drawings. Parimutuel wagering also made a comeback, with horse racing becoming quite popular in Ho Chi Minh City and greyhound races flourishing elsewhere.

But perhaps the biggest change in the nation’s gambling culture came in 2003, when the government began to offer licenses for resort-style casinos. This was a major step for the nation, but it didn’t come without a catch: the new casinos would only be open to foreign visitors, or anyone else who could produce a passport from somewhere other than Vietnam itself.

Today, there are at least eight casinos operating in the country, each of which bars local gamblers from entering. The largest, the Ho Tram Resort, is a full-scale integrated resort that features restaurants, a luxury hotel, golfing and other amenities, and has also hosted major poker tournaments such as events on the Asian Poker Tour.

But the restrictions on Vietnamese individuals have hardly stopped locals from finding ways to gamble. Many travel to neighbouring Cambodia or to other Asian gambling havens, such as Macau and South Korea, in order to place their bets. And still others engage in illegal gambling activities in the country, a practice that is extremely widespread despite government efforts to stop it.

The Vietnamese people gamble in a variety of ways, some traditional and some that are popular throughout the world. Cockfighting has long been popular here, along with contests between Siamese fighting fish that take place in small glass jars. Betting on soccer is also a major (if unauthorized) industry, with some estimates suggesting that $1 billion a year or more is bet on football matches.

Play at a Vietnam Online Casino Now

Our list of the best casinos open to players from Vietnam gives you a one-stop shop for safe, legal, and fun gambling. Enjoy our carefully researched and curated list and rest assured that you’re playing at only the best of Vietnam online casinos. Be sure to try Club Vegas 999 Casino which our VSO team has been especially enjoying of late! 

Vietnam Online Casinos – FAQ

While operating an online casino from within Vietnam is not legal, online casinos licensed and regulated in other countries are allowed to accept players from Vietnam. There are a number of sites from countries with regulations in place to protect players, ensuring a safe betting experience. Check out our guide to online gambling in Vietnam to learn more about gambling safely and legally.

On this page, we’ve listed the best online casinos that accept players from Vietnam.

Additionally, you can check out our best online casino page for more information on how we choose which sites to recommend. Our teams dive deep into licensing and regulations to guarantee our recommendations are the best you can find.

Yes. Online casinos that accept players form Vietnam are real money casinos and allow you to cash out your winnings. We recommend sites that protect you and your money so that you can enjoy the gaming experience. Our top sites also use withdrawal methods with fast speeds, so that you can get your cash in just a couple of days.

Online casinos offer a wide variety of payment methods. This makes it easy for you to get in the game! Vietnam online casinos feature a number of options, including debit/credit cards and online payment services. Prepaid cards are also available.

Yes. This is a factor we take into consideration when choosing which sites to recommend. Our best online casinos for Vietnam players include mobile options, typically accessible from your phone’s browser.

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