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Old Nevada Casinos Getting New Makeover

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 Old Nevada Casinos Getting New Makeover

Las Vegas has been home to some of the best of casinos from as early as the 1930s. While some of these older casinos of the Sin City have perished with time, some have managed to survive under multiple managements and after being revived a number of times. Even those that exist are finding it hard to keep up with the newest and biggest casinos. Considering that, some of the older casinos in the city are being given a complete makeover. One such casino in Nevada is the Hacienda Hotel and Casino close to Boulder City.

Hacienda to Become Hoover Dam Lodge

Formerly known as the Gold Strike casino, the Hacienda was opened in 1958 but most part of the property was destroyed in a 1998 fire. The hotel soon reopened in 1999 as the Hacienda. The hotel is going under new ownership very soon and shall be closed for renovation for a week during the holiday season, according to a news report. It is being acquired by the Nevada Restaurant Services for an undisclosed amount.

The Nevada Gaming authorities and the Clark County Commission will both be reviewing the sale in December and once the sale comes through, the Hacienda will open as the “Hoover Dam Lodge”, owing to the property’s proximity to the Hoover Dam.

The casino and hotel, which has close to 20,000 square feet of gaming area, more than 200 hotel rooms, meeting facilities and more will be getting 150 new slot machines and will reopen on December 28, for the new year. The casino will also have a sports bar and another gaming concept to entertain its guests. What’s more, a new in-house steakhouse and coffee house are also being added as a part of the renovation.

The CEO of Nevada Restaurant Services, Craig Estey, stated that the casino shall not be closed for long periods like six months or so for remodeling. Instead, they will be operating a part of the casino while remodeling work in the other parts goes on. This will only prolong the time taken for renovation, but the idea is to stay open for the regulars, says Estey.

The Western’s Owners Want to Retain Rights to Offer Gambling

The Western, which was once the biggest bingo parlor in the world, lasted just over 40 years, before closing down in 2012. The current owner of the hotel and casino Andrew Donner, who happens to be a real estate partner and developer of Zappos backed The Downtown Project, hopes to keep the possibility of offering games to the guests alive.

The Western was considered to be the place to go in Las Vegas for cheap booze and gambling, and the property still stands tall at 899 Fremont Street. Fifth Street Gaming, which is also the company that manages the latest entrant in downtown Las Vegas – Downtown Grand, has applied for extending the gambling land use rights, to retain its rights to offer gambling. The property is located in the center of downtown and very near to the Container Park, another project being developed by Donner.

Keeping Options Open, Says Donner

If you are thinking that the downmarket casino may open up again soon, you are wrong. According to Andrew Donner, no plans to open up the casino in the near future have been made. He said that they are only lining up the options they have and in the meantime, do not want to lose the right to offer gambling services at the property.

The Downtown Project has played a pivotal role in developing a number of properties in downtown Las Vegas, but they certainly don’t seem to be in a rush to open The Western yet.

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