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Nevada’s Online Gaming Regulations Modified

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 Nevada’s Online Gaming Regulations Modified

It has been only six months since Nevada launched its two online poker sites and Ultimate Poker and the board is already discussing changes to the regulations. Unlike other states like New Jersey, Nevada is not really looking beyond online poker at present, but has some significant changes to be discussed in the agenda, with regards to the existing online poker regulation. According to AG Burnett, Nevada board’s chairman, the state wants to focus on online poker first. Even for that, the state board has taken a slow and steady approach.

At present, the Nevada Gaming Control Board has granted extensions to three casinos with online poker licenses and is planning to make changes to the existing online gaming regulations.

Extension Request by Casinos Accepted

Earlier this month five gaming companies, including three casinos in Las Vegas, had applied for extension for further testing of their gaming platform and software. Following that, the Nevada gaming Control Board met and approved the extensions for Boyd Interactive Gaming, MGM Resorts Online, PNK LLC, Z4 Poker LLC and GNLV Corp, the parent company of Golden Nugget.

The board accepted the companies’ claims that the online poker software used by them had to be reviewed and subject to further testing to offer the best online poker experience to Nevada residents. Earlier, when Ultimate Poker was launched, players were not very pleased with the standard gaming features on the site. By getting an extension, the board hopes that these five companies will not have to deal with such issues when they finally launch.

Another advantage that these five companies have over the two that have been already launched is that when their online poker sites are all set to go live, the online poker and casino sites in New Jersey and Delaware would be up and running. Considering the governor accepts the request to allow players from other states to access Nevada’s poker sites, these five companies could have a larger online poker player database. At present, the two online poker sites have a mere 500 players between them.

Geolocation Service Restricts Nevada Online Poker to Residents

Ever since online poker went live in Nevada, and have been relying on Geolocation services to ensure that the site is accessed only by players in the state. The state uses the mobile phone tracking technology to determine the location of the player. Players outside the Nevada state limits are notified and explained through pop-up messages as to why they cannot access the site.

Recently, both the online poker sites in Nevada were affected due to the service outages in the state. The sites were unable to use the geolocation services on October 21 and 23 due to the “network infrastructure maintenance” performed by AT&T. Along with the casinos, players were also badly affected due to the disruption in service. Due to the outage, players who registered for tournaments were unable to participate in them and had to deal with pop-up messages informing that they will not be able to access the site as their location cannot be verified. had to cancel ten of its tournaments because of the outage and kept its players informed about the disruption in services on forums.

Nevada, which turned 150 years old last week, had only 500 players accessing its two online poker sites. In the next six month’s time, the state will have more than three online poker sites competing with online casino and poker rooms in New Jersey and Delaware. At present, the state is gearing up for celebrating its anniversary. Las Vegas, on the other hand, is also preparing to host the popular Life is Beautiful festival.

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