Nevada Authorities Approve Bigger Multi-State Slots Jackpots

There is good news for slots game makers and keno companies in Nevada, for the state’s gaming authorities have given their nod allowing slot makers to offer bigger, mega prizes across states. What does this mean? Well, now slots makers and casinos can compete with interstate lotteries by offering the biggest of multi-state jackpots on slots. The prizes offered as slots jackpots, under this new regulation, would be on the same level as the million-dollar Powerball or Mega Million, according to the chief of the Center for Gaming Research at the University of Las Vegas.

What Does This Mean?

After a long wait, the gaming authorities of Nevada have finally approved multi-state slots jackpots. But what does that mean anyway? The regulation, which is applicable for land-based slot machines, allows two casinos in two different states with the same kind of slot machine to combine their jackpots and offer a mega prize to their guests. For instance, Bally’s casino in Las Vegas will be allowed to join the Bally’s casino in Atlantic City to offer a bigger jackpot to players of a particular slot. The more number of people playing these slots, the bigger the prize will be and the faster the reward will be earned.

A number of tribal casinos across the US already have such rewards, called the wide area progressives across state lines. This regulation will pave way, for the first time, for the rest of the casinos in Nevada to link up with other casinos in the country to offer bigger rewards.

Wide Area Progressives Good for Slot Makers and Players Too

The multi-state slots jackpots that have been approved by the Nevada gaming authorities will do a world of good to both slots makers and also slots players who get lucky. The introduction of multi-state mega jackpots will certainly be a huge attraction to slots players in the country, and may even stabilize or bring up the reducing number of slots players at the casinos. By allowing them to offer multi-state progressive jackpots, gaming authorities in Nevada will enable slots makers and casinos to gain more with their offerings, as most of these jackpots are triggered only when the player wagers the maximum.

The multi-state slots jackpots will allow casinos to compete with rival lottery formats like Powerball and Mega Million that are also offers along state lines. But casinos and slots makers aren’t the only ones to benefit from these jackpots. A few lucky slots enthusiasts, should they get lucky and hit the jackpot, could take home life-changing sums of money as cash prizes.

Not the Same as Internet Poker

You might think that connecting two slot machines for the jackpots is similar to connecting players through an online platform, for a common goal. But it isn’t. Internet poker involves in bringing together players from different locations on a single online platform and enabling them to play with each other in a secure and safe manner, without having to set foot into a casino. But the multi-state slots jackpots need the player to visit a casino and play specific slots that have wide area progressive jackpots. This way, they are not interacting with the other players in or outside the state, yet are competing with them for the same prize.

Nevada may have passed this regulation now but for the casinos and the players to benefit from it, the other states should also pass similar regulations, according to Peter Bernhard, the chairman of Nevada Gaming Commission. According to A.G Burnett, the Nevada Gaming Control Board chairman, this is the kind of regulation that New Jersey has been waiting for long, and hopefully, it will pass this regulation soon.